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[Sagacious Turkey] If you have any ideas for Mr. Influence paste em here...

<img:" alt="Mesothelioma Lawsuit".gif>

Always in trouble?

This looks like a job for... MR. INFLUENCE!!!

eat acid!

tickle a mental patient!

pimpslap a mob boss!

swing on power lines!

tell a mass murderer he's too afraid to kill you!

spend the night with Micheal Jackson!

paint yourself black and walk in front of the KKK!

tickle an elephants foot!

poke an angry gorilla!

play with bazookas!

french a pirahna!

pick a fight with a dragon!

try to fly off the empire state building!

give me all yer money! ill take gooood care of it...

pet a rabid coyote!

take heroin and wash it down with vodka!!!

try to brush a kobra's teeth!

kiss an aligator!

dress as a chicken and go to the mall and peck people for a scene in ur jack-ass movie.

Don't run with scissors; hedgeclippers are bigger!

Don't run with hedgeclippers; cluster bombs are bigger!

Grow a handlebar moustache!

Hunt bear cubs with a scalpel!

stick fireworks up your nose and wait for a tingly fealing

Tell your cat to walk backwards, tie a 5 inch bit of blue yarn to your right little toe and do a vairal backfilp into a pile of pink jelly.

swim with great white sharks in a suit made of meat

eat my other cousins

Laugh while having ketchup

Play with blow torches!

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1.[Sagacious Turkey] president... yay for me!!! YAY!!!
2.[Sir Soapy] some soapy guy... 
3.[Stormy Sky] Badest chick in school.   
7.[radagast the brown] he'd have joined if he wasn't banned!!!
8.[Rolo] le blah..
10.[Thing From Another World]
11.[spitfire_35121]I hope you don't mind if i changed some thigs?!!
12.[Radagast] Hum yes, much admiration to this page, hope my contribution is worthy!
13.[daydreams of happyer times]
14.[Mystii] umm. what can i say? lol
16.[daydreams of happyer times]
17.[Mystii] i've been waiting for a members section for this wiki!
22.[JasperBoy05] I know who you are Mr.bad turkey
23.[Fallen Child Athena] love me?
24.[Blvd. of broken dreams] Hey Evil Twin, remember me???????o.O
25.[Lethan]yno what? this is fun!

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2004-08-19 [miss la la la]: this is funny

2004-08-19 [pyromonkey]: what tha hell dose this shit mean?

2004-08-19 [Djinn]: hahaha he said dose ^^^

2004-08-19 [sara(:]: dustin u r soooo crazy!

2004-08-20 [Sagacious Turkey]: yer mama...

2004-08-20 [AlLiSoN =)]: vghjyghjgfhj

2004-08-20 [Sagacious Turkey]: vghjyghjgfhj?!!!

2004-08-20 [duktape]: urmm

2004-08-20 [Sagacious Turkey]: interesting...

2004-08-20 [duktape]: yeap

2004-08-20 [darkfarielady]: i feel like crap, i wanna die

2004-08-20 [Sagacious Turkey]: the do what mr. influence tells you and you might... ^_^

2004-08-20 [i_am_robbie]: mr influence gave me a boner .. . .. . .

2004-08-20 [Sagacious Turkey]: ick...

2004-08-20 [Sagacious Turkey]: hack it off with a rusty knife!

2004-08-20 [i_am_robbie]: but y? haha it was a good thing ..

2004-08-21 [Sagacious Turkey]: define "good"

2004-08-21 [Sir Soapy]: boring place ya got here garfield...

2004-08-21 [forbidden]: This seems....intresting...

2004-08-21 [duktape]: uhhhh i think im gonna leave cuz this wiki is 2 weird...later

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