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Elftown Things

The Crisis CenterIf you need help and you have tried everything come here

lost if you just don't know where to go become a lost member

The Hall of Fame
Where the names of the Illustrious Citizens are engraved in Golden Letters for their Contributions to Elftown.

<img:lilo_di3.JPG> Ask-Lilo
This is Elftown's answer to Woodwork's Klimpen's corner, but harder, faster and bitchier.

The elftown_chronicles are up!!!
Feel free to edit its pages and especially for grammar, spellings and events. It is supposed to be a summary of the history of Elftown... ^_^

The Town Herald
Find out about the town's Newspaper and how you can be a part of it ;)

Here you can add information about your private forum and whom to contact to be added to the forum.

Elftown Stuff
Here you can post your postcards and graphics for everyone to use!

Compete against your fellow Elftowners to be able to show off your skills publicly on Elftown.

The Letter Shop
Send secret letters across Elftown to fellow Elftowners, You can send letters as a secret admirer or as an anonymous person.


Elfwood Things

A page about Elfwood merchandise

The Official Elfwood eZine pokes a twig into Elftown. What do we want for the next issue? What can you do for us? (Updated: 16th October) Woodworks October issue is out!



Unions created by members for members.



Interests 2

Pages for discussing specific interests (including religion, anime, poetry and music), sharing tips and ideas, etc.


Plugs and Praise

Pages for asking for comments, giving comments, etc.


Elftown Academy

Learn or teach various subjects in the Elftown Academy.


Very Miscellaneous and Very Miscellaneous 2

Miscellaneous miscellanous pages :-)


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2005-10-30 [elfy13495]: anyone talking or what?

2005-11-02 [kamaria]: hmmmmm ahh yes the pinapple it is evil

2005-11-02 [Ailil Mac Mata]: *runs in circles for no reason*

2005-11-03 [kamaria]: BANANA! *chases u with a rubber band*

2005-11-10 [Ba'alzamon]: hi Dangerous Ventures

2005-11-19 [bitch4lifelikeu]: or shall i say i luvVvVvVvVv boys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2005-11-21 [kamaria]: thaaaaaatttssss gooooodddddd i hope ur not lezzzzz

2005-11-21 [Ailil Mac Mata]: what........the.........frigg?

2005-11-21 [kamaria]: some [erson just came on and was like "i luvvuvuvuvuvvv boys" or was that a guy...shit now i have to investigate

2005-11-21 [Ailil Mac Mata]: 0____o?

2005-11-21 [kamaria]: BANANA

2005-11-21 [Ailil Mac Mata]: AAAAAAGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

2005-11-21 [NightTheOwl]: The Letter Shop- check it out ^_^ make a letter too i'm kind of desperate >.<

2005-11-22 [irulan]: Since The Letter Shop isn't an official wiki, it should really be moved to one of the subcategories and not listed directly on this page.

2005-11-22 [NightTheOwl]: Well I talked to [Hedda] and said he can make it one and sure might be useful in the future and he also said to put it in the wiki index on Miscellaneous which is this page

2006-03-31 [hottybaby90]: Hey everyone!!

2006-04-14 [NightTheOwl]: [hottybaby90] this page isn't to chat and spam!

2006-07-06 [angel_of_love66]: hey people hows it going?

2007-06-06 [Cassius]: everyone join elftown elders!

2008-04-02 [kanashii-shinzo]: I don't know how to get into the role play pages some one help me?

2008-04-18 [emonotgoth]: is any1 there? im so bored right now and my teacher has blocked my inbox :'(

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