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Week One:


"The Four seasons" ~ Vivaldi


Week Two:




Week Three:


"Protective Shell"



Week Four:


"In disguise"



Week Five:


'Wiccan law'


Week Six:



Movie "Imagine me&you"


Week Seven:


"Rock on the rocks"


Week Eight:




Week Nine:



"Little creepy girl
With her little creepy face
Saying funny things that you have never heared
She will go and set the world on fire"


Week Ten:

'Empty / Grave / Last'

"Last Blessing"
'To his empty grave the last Blessing was send'


My own theme 1:




My own Theme 2:




Micky portfolio~micky Portfolio 2

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2009-06-17 [Iuna]: I really like your photos ^^ haven't said it yet :P

2009-06-17 [*micky*]: Euhm...I don't think so^.~ Thank yous!!

2009-07-19 [Chimes]: :O You have one of those cool doll things!

2009-07-20 [*micky*]: It's a Ball Jointed doll yes^^ Thanks she is really cool^^

2009-07-21 [Chimes]: I want one. ;_;

2009-07-22 [*micky*]: Hahaha they are quite expensive though xD...Mine is from Fairyland^^

2009-08-18 [Cillamoon]: Fairyland? that at Disneyland by any chance?

2009-08-18 [*micky*]: If you want to believe so^.~ No it's an online company who sells dolls like Jade...

2009-08-18 [Cillamoon]: HOW CUTE ARE THESE!!!! *wants & drools*

2009-08-18 [*micky*]: Ooop what did I do *hides her devils tail* That's just one company hea;P There are lots more^^ Here is Jade's photobucket: They're still pretty pricie...xD

2009-08-18 [Cillamoon]: SWEET!!!!! *clicky!*

2009-08-18 [Chimes]: - I like these.

2009-08-18 [*micky*]: ow yes dream off doll is pretty...:) But then again they all are!! Really if you start with one...There's no turning back xD

2009-08-18 [Cillamoon]: Oooohhhh *clicks* COOL!!!

2009-08-18 [Chimes]: Those ones are stupidly expensive.

2009-08-18 [*micky*]: I KNOW! xD But o so beautifull:P

2009-08-22 [Chrysilla]: I like your fruit <img:44166_1164145221.gif>

2009-08-23 [*micky*]: Thanks:) I wass just peeling of a apple when it hit me xD

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