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Or, more properly, MERFOLK, Aquaean or Seapeople

A Mermaid helps a stranded sailor on the open seas
Images Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast

The term 'mermaid' is often used to describe the female gender of aquatic humanoids that have fins instead of legs and feet.
Often, males are called Tritons, though a more powerful race of the same name actually hail from the elemental Realm of Water, Aquaea.
Sometimes the merfolk are associated with Sirens, or Sirine, but the latter is a Sylvan, a True Fae.
Merfolk can have two tail fins or one. Some have octopus tenacles, and still others are more eel- and crab-like.
Gantra, or Mersharks, are sometimes deemed outcasts because of their aggressive, determined natures. Small gangs of these merfolk rule certain portions of the open seas with an iron fist.

The term 'Aquaean' is actually the preferred name of the humanoid merfolk race, especially in Jashnia's seas. Tritons, though often present in oceans and seas alongside the Marid races (See Genie), enjoy blending in with the Aquaean folk, but have a distinctive set of two flippered feet. Tritons are elemental-blooded, and native to the material realm after countless centuries of life there.

For other aquatic races and cultures, see Merfolk.

A Triton

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2003-10-04 [I Was A Teenage Werewolf]: mermaids are half humans half fish(usually a tail and fins instead of legs and feet) and male mermaids are called mermen. tritons are a tow-tailed merman.

2003-10-30 [xido]: definitely needs more than this. Could this content be moved to a new page, Merpeople, or is Merfolk preferred? A Triton is actually a slightly differing species, but related. What is a 'Tow-Tail'? There are also some interesting terms and nicknames for some meric cultures, and I would like for the siren, sahuagin, and the locathah to be featured on this page as well.

2003-11-09 [I Was A Teenage Werewolf]: oh, sorry, i ment two-tailed

2003-11-09 [I Was A Teenage Werewolf]: sirens are women(sometimes known with tails like mermaids, other times known with angel-like wings)who lure sailors with their suductive singing so that the sailors lose control over their ship and it crashes into the sharp rocks around the sirens home.

2003-11-09 [Angel Dreamer]: *prods mac*  sirens also have their own page for a description

2003-11-10 [xido]: *prods Angel*.....what are you always poking people for????? *pokes and prods back a LOT*

2003-11-10 [Angel Dreamer]: cause i can *pokes back*

2003-11-23 [I Was A Teenage Werewolf]: lol, oh, thanx, didn't know that

2004-07-14 [Kayne]: *has a comment*

2004-07-14 [Angel Dreamer]: is that your comment, or are you asking permission to comment? if its the second, just take your cue from those two loons and let 'er fly ^_^

2004-07-14 [Kayne]: I just said a comment but now I'll do a comment with a bit of intelligence : *pokes everyone*

2005-02-03 [Anduraja]: YES!!!!!! finaly a mermaid page....true it needs sum owrk but i can cope.

2005-03-20 [Mia the mermaid22]: I collect mermaids not live ones and I wish I was a mermaid.

2005-03-20 [Mia the mermaid22]: I am writing a story two one about Atlantis and one about Corie and I need more characters.

2005-03-20 [Angel Dreamer]: please keep the idle chatter down; this is a page for information

2007-08-03 [FireGypsy]: What about us real mermaids?

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