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Nagi yawned, rising with the sun as he always had. He sat and stretched before leaving his bedroom for his morning ritual--a hot shower to wake him up. He left his bedroom in a slight grog, shutting and locking the bathroom door behind himself. "Weird dream..." he remarked as he started his water.

Nagi sighed in relief as he ruffled his already tattered black hair. He opened his bedroom door, stopping in the doorway in shock. "Um...?" he blinked.

Anka blew bubbles from a plastic pipe, leaning back in her reclining chair, "Nagi, how kind of you to join me. Thought we'd start our session a little early today, care to sit down?" She patted the seat beside her, a length of black leather couch that was cushioned on one end, thick red drapes hung over the windows and a stick of dragonfruit incense burned, sending lazy tendrils of smoke into the air. Yaryck chittered contentedly from beneath her seat, munching on several chocolate chips.

"Now Anka..." Nagi tried to take in the situation, "I know my room was a little bland but isn't this a little much? Couldn't you have just printed off some pics of bands or dragons or something?" he asked as he tossed his towel into the dirty clothes. He froze as his thoughts deepened, "Why are you up so early? And what session?"

Anka giggled, "I needed somewhere to set up shop. I figured you asked advice and needed to be listened to the most, so why not start here?" She blew on the pipe, frowning when nothing came out and opened a small red bottle, pouring some of the contents into the pipe, "I couldn't sleep anyway." She added with a shrug, "You're the only one I know who gets up this early. So... sit!" She patted the couch again.

"Alright, I'll humor you," Nagi smiled, amused. "Where is all of my stuff, anyhow?" he asked as he settled on the couch.

"Tossed it in my bag." Anka shrugged nonchallantly, whirling the chair around to face him, "Now where to start..." She flipped papers around in her hands and pulled one out, a picture of the group of them goofing off, "What do you see?"

"I'll just take that response as a girl thing," he said to himself. He leaned forward, "Well, I remember that day. And I see you, Lulu, Nami and was just over the summer..." he blushed as he adverted his eyes from the picture.

"And what are you thinking that's got you blushing so deeply?" Anka pulled a pair of lens-less glasses down over her eyes as she marked a few things down on her paper.

Nagi stared blankly at Anka. "We both know Nami's the reason for me blushing," he said simply, not following Anka's new mannerism of advice giving.

"Yes, I know this.... But go into detail, are you thinking of your future again, what's on your mi-" Anka fell into a fit of giggles, "I can't do this anymore.... Trying to be studiously serious and it just isn't me." Yaryck leapt up onto the back of her chair nonchallantly and curled up.

Nagi sighed, "You're never going to leave the future thing alone are you?" He blushed and shook his head, "And no just yet another awkward moment passed that still didn't let me tell Nami that I love her..." he sighed again, slouching on the couch.

Anka pulled herself back up into the chair, straightening her glasses, "You should stop being so embarrassed. Things aren't going to go anywhere between you two if you don't stop hiding from your true emotions. Take a deep breath and give her a call, go visit her, something!" She held up a blurred image of Lulu, nearly impossible to discern who it really was, "What do you see?"

"Courage isn't my thing unless it involves me doing something...incredibly...stupid..." he declared, scratching his cheek. "And I see..." he paused, squinting his eyes, "Somebody behind a window being sprayed with water?" Nagi asked as he tilted his head to the side.

"Haha, not even close." This time she held up a photo of herself, in the same condition as the previous photo, "And this one?" Anka asked briefly, "Also... don't doubt your courage, don't doubt yourself... You're an amazing person, bro, you shouldn't hide it."

"Uh...a person who was photoshopped to look psychadelic?" Nagi guessed as he exhumed the picture. "Thanks, but we have both seen my eloquence at its best..." he muttered, referring to his ability to speak French fluently without stutter, before Nami could understand him, "And that died when my crush learned the language better than me."

"You're not really paying attention here, are you?" Anka held up the last photo, Nami, even blurrier than the first two, "Last chance to gain some points." She said with a faint grin, "French is a beautiful language, I do believe Nami learned it so she could figure out what the hell you were talking about."

Nagi closed his eyes and leaned backwards, more relaxed. "Nami. And it appears that she'll never know what I said," he announced confidently. "At least not until I can learn another language she doesn't understand yet and she'll eventually write down what I'm saying and look it up and then she'll know....that'll work, right?"

"It is Nami." Anka grinned, "How'd you guess?" She set the photo down with the other two and leaned forward, elbows resting on her knees, "Unless she knows how to spell the words it's unlikely for her to be able to look them up. You might inspire her to learn another language."

"Uh..." Nagi blushed, "Do you really think with as obssessed as I am that I wouldn't know it's Nami?" He snapped his fingers, "I could send her notes in another language! So spelling isn't an issue..." he stroked his chin thoughtfully.

"I was proving a point. The first was Lulu, the other was me." Anka settled back in her seat, "And that's cheating, if you're going to tell Nami how you feel... Do it in a language she knows so she doesn't have to look it up."

"Oh, come on..." Nagi whimpered. "I've tried and it's gotten me nowhere." He shook his head, "And what point did you prove just now?" he wondered.

"That you'd know Nami anywhere, that you most assuredly love her." Anka stood, slipping the papers into her bag and turned thoughtfully to the desk, "She's my next stop. Should be waking up in another hour so I've gotta hurry if I want to surprise her." She grinned wickedly as she stretched her bag and eased it over the desk nonchallantly.

"W-what do you and Nami talk about?" he asked quickly.

"That's doctor, patient confidentiality." Anka winked as she proceeded to bag the chair and went for the drapes, "This is gonna be a bit bright," She warned.

"I knew you'd get me on a technicality..." he whispered, shaking his head. "Return my room so I can collapse onto my bed and think of more useless schemes that'll get me nowhere..."

"Well, get up so I can take the couch." Anka replied, turning to him, "Then we'll get the room squared away."

Nagi stood up, watching her closely as he ran through his every scheme to tell Nami how he felt. "I'm hopeless. You know that you or Lulu is gonna tell her first with my luck," he said thoughtfully.

"Nah, we'll just keep pestering you both." Anka replied with a wink, bagging the couch and reaching into her bag, "Now where is it..." She muttered, arm sinking to her shoulder in it's contents.

"Huh?" Nagi blinked. "What was that?" he asked, not sure if he'd heard her correctly. He was taken aback when he took another good look at Anka, "And just how deep is that bag?"

"Not telling." Anka stuck her tongue out, "Aha!" She grunted, struggling as she crouched low to the floor and pulled the bed to the floor, "I really haven't figured out the depth... It seems like it's never-ending." She brushed her hair from her forehead before reaching back in, "I'm quite curious myself..."

"Use that during hide and seek and be the world champ," Nagi suggested. He snapped back to the other part of their conversation, "And why aren't you telling me? I'm your brother!"

"Hehe, I've had the thought but we don't play anymore, remember?" Anka reached back into the bag, "I love you Nagi, but some things aren't to be discussed between the two of us." She gasped, "Oh shi..." She started as the bag closed up over her face and fell down towards her ankles.

"That did not just happen..." Nagi tried to convince himself as he slowly approached the bag. "Ermmm..." he poked his nose in, "Anka?" he asked, listening to his voice echo in the entity.

"Nagi, heeeeelp me!" Anka reached her hand out from the bag, groping blindly, "I can't hold on much longer!"

"Got ya!" Nagi declared as he gripped Anka's hand, starting to pull her out of her purse. "What the?" Nagi blinked in confusion as somehow he was yanked into the bag too.

"Oh hell, this is brilliant," Anka muttered, crossing her arms as they fell through darkness, "Any bright ideas?"

"Well...somebody is bound to come looking for us..." Nagi shrugged. "We just have to hope that Lulu knows how to stop this ridiculous bag depth..." he sighed as he assumed his meditative pose as they continued falling.

"Oh!" Anka slapped her hand against her palm and rummaged in her pockets, "You're a genius Nagi, now if only I could find my phone..."

"My phone was in my room charging. Did you put it in here?" he asked as he steadied his breathing.

"Noooo... I figured you'd want it if Nami called. Phone's not in my pocket it's in the bag somewhere." Anka moaned as they landed on the cushioned bottom of the bag.

Nagi blushed, "Of course I'd want it if Nami called...but why would that matter?" he asked as he straightened his posture, his eyes still shut.

"Because you care about her and it would've been tedious to try and dig it from my bag as you can see." Anka stood and brushed herself off, "Sheesh, I didn't realize I put so much stuff in here."

"Any chance you can tell me that this is just a weird dream from me staying up too late talking to Nami on the phone and waking up an hour later?" he asked as he looked around.

Nope, this isn't a dream," Anka muttered, "Strange as it is. Hopefully we won't be stuck down here too long... There's not exactly a buffet to keep us fed and hydrated."

"We need to start preparing for weird stuff like this happening," Nagi said as he gave up the thought of calm meditation, standing and stretching. "Well, we can look for a cellphone and call Lulu or Nami and see if one of them can help."

"That's about our only option... Sorry, Nagi, didn't think this sort of thing would actually happen." Anka muttered sheepishly as she stretched.

Me either, but we've had other things happen that are just as weird..." he reminded her. "So...let's hope Nami doesn't peg me as a lunatic when we find one of our phones..." he sighed as he started off in a random direction.

"I'll go this way... It'll be faster if we split up." Anka muttered, running her fingers through her hair, "Hopefully anywhere... meet back here in about an hour? That should be plenty of time."

No way to tell time without a cellphone," Nagi said sheepishly. "But if I don't find either cellphone in a reasonable amount of time, I'll turn back."

Anka nodded briefly, "You're right, I've got a watch, but for whatever reason when I wear it the battery runs down to nothing pretty quick." She glanced at the thing on her wrist, "And it most certainly has no use when it's dead." She grumbled.

Nagi shook his head, slipping his hands into his pockets and slouching (despite his usual good posture) as he continued walking back to their meeting point. "Anka?" he called out. "I didn't find anything!" he announced, hoping she could hear him.

"Over here!" Anka called, her voice echoing from further in, "I found it, there's just one small problem..."

"Good. After the life-sized objects making a forest I could go for something small," he said quietly as he walked toward Anka. "What's the small problem, sis?"

Anka leaned against a large, rectangular object, "We're the only things that're small in here." She muttered, patting it, "I need a boost up."

Nagi took in what he saw, taking a cautious step back as he swallowed hard. "You're...serious? The phones are this big?" he asked. "Dialing is going to be a bitch..." Nagi said as he knelt on the ground, holding his hands out like a platform for Anka.

"Thank goodness for speed dial." Anka replied, using his cupped hands to boost herself to the surface of her cell, "Here, I'll need you up here..." She leaned over the edge and held out her hand for his.

"Yeah, somebody still has to hit send," Nagi agreed, taking her hand and using the phone button as a foot hold. He growled as Anka pulled him up, "I don't think this qualifies as brush burn."

"You okay, bro?" Anka asked as she collapsed backwards, pulling him the rest of the way to the surface of the phone.

"Plastic burn?" he questioned as he lifted his shirt to stare at the red mark that ran down his chest and stomach. "Other than that, yeah..." he shrugged

"Ouch." Anka stood and glared down at the buttons, "Okay, looks like we're gonna have to jump on the buttons to get them to move properly." To prove her point she jumped onto the power button, the brilliant light lit up the area directly around them as it powered up.

Nagi covered his ears, flinching as the sound of her phone turning on echoed through the air. "If this were a normal situation...I'd sue Verizon for their phones being so loud..." he uttered.

"Hehe..." Anka giggled, "Jump on 1, Nami should be awake by now, and even if she weren't she'd answer. Got any idea as to what we're going to say?"

"Come to my house to see us as action figures?" Nagi shrugged. "We'll just sound frantic."

"Frantic'll do it." Anka sighed, positioning herself over the send button, "Ready?"

"Yeah..." Nagi said as he bent his knees readying to jump. "Just say when."

Now." Anka muttered, bending her knees as she waited for him to bring Nami's number up on the screen.

Nagi nodded and jumped into the air, bringing all of his weight down on the button. "Please tell me that was enough..." he crossed his fingers as he watched Anka.

"It was plenty." Anka cried jubilantly, "Get down to the bottom!" She leapt onto the send button and moved to the top, pressing her ear against the speaker.

"Oh, right," Nagi said as he did a few somersaults, landing on the mic.

"Come on, Nami... Pick up!" Anka hissed under her breath as she waited for their friend to pick up.

"She loves me...she loves me not, she loves me, she loves me not..." Nagi reiterated a few times as the phone continued to ring.

"Anka..." Nami yawned, "I just went to bed...what is it?" she asked slowly as she fought to stay awake.

"Now, Nagi!" Anka called to the other end of the phone, "Better make it good, she's tired!"

"Not just Anka," Nagi started as he fumbled through his thoughts. "Nami, please come to my house now. It's an emergency and I'll make keeping you up last night up to you but I need you to get something out of Anka's's in my room..." he looked to Anka for approval of his explanation.

Anka nodded briefly, "That's a good start, guess we're saving the fact that we're trapped in the bag til later." She managed, drawing in a deep breath.

Nami breathed, "Okay, but after this can I sleep?" "

"Yeah, I'll sleep with you," Nagi said quickly, blushing and shaking his head, "Sounded better in my head...but you know what I mean...."

Anka giggled, amused, "She can sleep as long as she wants, it's the weekend." She muttered, stretching her legs as they began to cramp.

"Err...thanks bye..." Nagi said quickly. "End button?" Nagi asked.

"Why...would he...?" Nami stopped midthought and shook her head. She got dressed and moseyed to Nagi's house.

Anka leaned against the end button, "Wonder if less information was better in this situation." She frowned thoughtfully as she gazed up towards the opening of the bag, a distant speck above them.

"I don't exactly want my future wife to think I'm the only one off the rocker. I mean I have a chance if we're all crazy together," Nagi said thoughtfully.

"It'll definitely be interesting for her to reach in the bag and pull the pair of us out." Anka chuckled briefly, "How long you figure she'll be?"

"However long it takes to walk here," Nagi shrugged. "So a few minutes..."

"Anka's bag..." Nami uttered as she opened Nagi's door all the way, immediately finding Anka's bag. "Damn it...I forgot to ask Nagi what he wanted and what he wanted me to do with it..." she sighed. "I'll just take Anka's bag to them..." she said as she reached for it, getting yanked into it head first as well. "Waaaahhhh!" she shrieked as she fell, landing in Nagi's arms. "What in all the hells?" she asked frantically, clearly awake now.

"Guess we shoulda told her, strike two..." Anka stood, stretching tiredly, "Onto the next option?" She wandered to the third button on her phone, "We'll have to figure something out now... Since obviously nobody's touching the bag now without getting sucked into it."

"Uh, Nami...sweetheart..." Nagi blushed, "We don't really know..." he said nervously. "But we're gonna have to figure it out before we burn all of our lifelines."

"Sweetheart?" Nami blushed, forgetting about their current predicament.

"Hello, can we focus here?" Anka snapped her fingers to get their attention, "I need somebody to hit send when I get this button pressed, the other needs to stay at the reciever." She wiped beading sweat from her forehead, "It's hot..."

"Yeah, we're like six inches tall and on an electronic device...of course it's hot," Nami said simply as Nagi set her on her feet. She approached the send button, "So let's make this quick and get off of the phone?"

"Sounds good," Nagi said quickly.

"Ready?" Anka crouched, her cramped legs protesting the motions as she leapt into the air and came down hard on the button, "Ow, damn..." She muttered as she pulled herself slowly back to her feet.

"Okay..." Nami stomped down onto the send button with all of her weight. "Was that enough, hun?" Nami questioned, crossing her fingers.

"Looks like its ringing." Anka nodded briefly, crossing her fingers as well as she worried.

"The hell do you want so early, Anka?" Lulu moaned as she picked up on her end, "It better be good."

"Hey, Lu!" Nagi drew in a deep breath, "Know anything about magic bags that are bigger on the inside than they are on the outside?" he questioned, trying to make it sound casual.

"What?" Lulu scoffed, "Nagi, why're you calling me on Anka's phone? And please... don't tell me you're buying into that magic crap like she is..." Lulu pleaded.

"We're doomed..." Anka moaned, slapping her forehead.

"Yeah, we're dead alright..." Nagi sighed. "She thinks I'm either insane or joking..."

"Tell her I'm here too!" Nami pleaded.

"Lulu, just come to Nagi's house, don't touch my bag until we come up with a plan." Anka called, "You'll understand when this is all over."

Lulu sighed, grumbling, "Fine, I'll be over in a few. If you guys are fucking with me I'll never forgive you."

"Lu, we couldn't make this up..." Nagi sighed, shaking his head.

"Lemme get dressed." Lulu replied before silencing the phone and scurrying to her closet, she threw on a pair of jeans and a corset before rushing out of her room, hairbrush in one hand and makeup kit in the other, "Be back later, daddy." She called.

"So... how're we gonna get this situation figured out?" Anka asked nonchallantly.

"Well, Nami touched the bag and I touched you and... I don't know how you got yanked in..." Nagi racked his brain.

"So it's a chain reaction?" Nami guessed.

"I dunno, I was looking for your dresser and bam! Suddenly it decided I was on the menu." Anka shrugged, frowning, "It's never happened before."

Lulu brushed open Nagi's bedroom door a few minutes later, "Weird, where's all of Nagi's furniture?" She mused as she approached the bag, she whipped out her phone and dialed Anka's number, mildly surprised when she heard the ring from inside the bag.

"Who is it?" Nami asked.

"Please don't be Lulu..." Nagi chanted over and over.

"Answer the phone, may as well." Anka sighed, "Preferably before she decides it really is a joke and tries to find my phone." She covered her ears, the sound of it was nearly deafening.

"Lulu? Don't touch the bag," Nagi warned her.

"The hell?" Lulu muttered in surprise, "You guys were serious, weren't you?" She peered suspiciously at the bag, resisting the urge to prod at the bag with her booted foot. "Okay, I'm gonna lower something in for you guys to grab," she said as she grabbed a broom.

"YAY!" the three chorused.

Lulu pushed the broom handle into the bag, immediately getting sucked into the bag with the broom still in hand. "NOOOOOO!!!!" she squeaked as she shrank, falling on Nagi, the broom cracking her over the head.

"Good morning," Anka said dryly.

"Cool, got a broom for my doll house now," Lulu muttered.

"Great, our last hope is here, shrunken with us..." Nami sighed.

"If we can stack everything," Nagi started before he shoved Lulu off of him, "We might be able to get out."

"How do you expect us to do that?" Lulu asked.

"Uh, well, your people did the impossible before," Anka said sheepishly.

"I don't get the joke," Lulu replied.

"The Jews built the pyramids," Nami said as she started walking. "And we can try the same thing."

"Oh! A bed!" Lulu grinned.

"Yeah, my room's in here," Nagi rubbed the back of his head as he looked around at what they had to work with.

"Oh! Where's the porn?" Lulu asked as she knelt down to the bed, looking under it.

"There is none," Nagi blushed, crossing his arms over his chest and turning away from Lulu.

"That must mean it's on the laptop," Lulu observed, snapping her fingers and dashing for the table with Nagi's laptop.

"Lu, more important things than finding Nagi's porn collection," Anka reminded her.

"So he does have one," Lulu grinned.

"No, no, no I don't," he argued.

"Lu, if Nagi did have a porn collection, why would you want to see it?" Nami asked.

"Everybody appreciates hot naked men," Lulu grinned.

Nagi sighed, "All of that for a gay joke?"

"It's called a set up," Lulu blew a raspberry as she walked past Nagi. "I'll get the end table," she announced.

"Okay, I'll pull my bed to the side," Nagi said as he grabbed hold of the frame and started dragging his bed to one end of the purse.

"Maybe we should move the desk and stack it on the bed?" Nami suggested.

"Alright, give me a hand," Anka said as she grabbed one end of it.

"Alright, we've stacked everything up," Nagi sighed, exhausted and ready to collapse.

"Yeah, so we can try..." Nami started dozing off again.

"And climb out," Anka finished Nami's sentence before shaking her awake.

"Alrighty, me first!" Lulu said enthusiastically as she dashed up the stack, the others right behind her. The top of the bag was almost near them as they climbed single file up the contents of Nagi's room. "Wha?" Lulu flailed her arms frantically as the end table she was standing on started to wobble.

"Great, we're gonna die..." Nami whimpered.

"Not if we slowly move back down," Anka said softly as she started to retrace her steps backward.

"Good idea," Nagi agreed, waiting a few seconds before he followed after Anka, Nami immediately following him. The three reached the ground in time to watch Lulu tumble down, the bed breaking her fall.

"No!" Lulu cried, pounding her fists off the bed. "What are we going to do now?! If it's not stable to hold us...we'll be..."

"Trapped in here forever?" Nagi asked as he settled on his bed.

"Well, until we starve," Anka corrected him.

"Always the optimist," Nami muttered as she sat between Nagi and Lulu.

"We can't just lie down and die!" Lulu said as she hopped to her feet.

"Speak for yourself," Nagi said as he laid backwards. "I got zero sleep last night."

"Me too," Nami muttered as she curled against Nagi.

"You're just gonna go to sleep?" Lulu asked.

"We'll think better later," Nami replied, yawning.

"How can they just?" Lulu stopped when she saw Anka fall onto the bed.

"I'm not sleeping. I'm trying to think of a way out," Anka said as she shielded her eyes with the back of her hand.

"And you're resting your eyes?" Lulu guessed, rolling her eyes.

"No, I'm wondering where you bought this purse at," Anka said as she opened her eyes, waiting for an answer.

"Mystic Warehouse," Lulu said sheepishly.

"Thought so," Anka smiled. "Well, too bad there's not an off switch."

"Yeah," Lulu sighed, hanging her head.

Several hours later Anka gave an exasperated sigh, "I'm starving..." She muttered, rising from the bed, Lulu had curled up next to her and was snoring lightly. "I know there's a candy bar in here somewhere..." Imagining the larger proportions of anything else in the purse she crawled to her feet and began her search, licking her lips hungrily at the thought of an oversized bar of chocolate.

Nagi sat up tiredly as he felt a shift of the weight on the bed. "Hmm?" he rubbed his eyes, "Anka left?"

"Somethin...some...thing...choc...lit..." Lulu whimpered as she snored.

"Chocolate?" he questioned as his stomach growled hungrily.

"What do you think I said? Did I stutter?" Lulu snored.

Nagi raised an eyebrow at her, "I don't know if that qualified as a stutter."

"Shut up, virgin..." she muttered peacefully.

"She even fights in her sleep," Nami noted as she roused. She sniffed the air, hopping to her feet and rushing forward, "I smell chocolate!"

"Oh! Awesome," Nagi drooled as he dashed after Nami.

The pair followed their noses to an oversized hershey's bar that Anka had managed to rip the paper and foil back from, she was currently battling a corner, gnawing on it and trying to break off a bite sized piece to no avail. "Hey guys, look what I found!" She cheered.

"Is this real?" Nami asked dreamily.

"Is any of this real?" Anka countered, "Come on, there's plenty for all of us... At least we won't starve if we get stuck in here for a few days."

"...and it's chocolate," Nagi said as he broke off a piece for Nami and then another for himself. "So, how we getting out?"

"Don't know," Nami said as she took a bite.

"Off switch?" Nagi shrugged.

"You think it'll be that simple?" Anka asked as Lulu meandered over, rubbing her eyes tiredly.

"What'll be that easy?" Lulu asked with a yawn, tearing a chunk of chocolate off and devouring it.

"An off switch in the bag." Anka made a face, "We've been all over and haven't really seen anything though..."

"There has to be something...maybe a black hole..." Lulu said quietly between bites.

"Okay, you're too groggy," Nagi muttered.

"Maybe we should retrace our steps?" Nami shrugged. "Work off this chocolate anyhow..."

"Could it hurt?" Lulu asked.

"I suppose we could split and look around again..." Anka muttered, climbing down from the bar of chocolate and licking the melted chocolate from her fingers.

"Split up?" Lulu suggested.

"Not like we can really get lost." Nagi shrugged.

"Meet back here in an hour, sooner if we find something?" Anka suggested.

"Sounds good." Nami nodded.

"Everybody!" Nagi called. "I think I found something!"

The girls ran to Nagi's location, winded when they stopped. "What? Is? It?" Lulu breathed.

"Look," he pointed upward to a switch. "Ever see a switch in a normal purse before?"

"Great job!" Anka sighed in relief, hugging Nagi.

" do we get to it?" Nami asked sheepishly.

"We can either try stacking things again or test the strength of one another and get lift one of us as best we can towards the switch..." Anka muttered tiredly, "I'm gonna catch my breath first..."

"Stacking again?" Lulu looked around slightly panicked, "Everything is so damn heavy... And falling was scary..."

Nagi crouched really low and sprung toward the switch, missing it by a few inches. "Any chance?" he asked as he hit the ground again.

"You were close..." Nami whispered.

"So the bed alone...?" Nagi asked.

"We can start small..." Lulu huffed. "And build up...but you're the tallest..." Lulu pointed to Nagi.

"Alright, let's get Nagi's bed," Anka agreed.

They ran for the bed and dragged it slowly across the purse, sweating and puffing for breath as they did so, it was heavier than it had looked to be sure...

"Ready, Nagi?" Anka asked as they eased the bed into place.

"Ready..." Nagi muttered, crawling onto the bed and crouching, he leaped, his fingers groping for the switch, closing around it briefly before sliding free, "Dammit..."

"Shirt off," Nami said quickly.

Nagi blushed, "What?"

"Well, you need better grip," Nami blushed.

"Try it!" Lulu urged.

Nagi shrugged, slipping his shirt off and using it for grip as he leapt for the switch again, his shirt getting caught as he fell back onto his bed. "Damn it..." he growled.

Anka stroked her chin. "All we need to do is put enough weight on the switch to pull it down..." she said as she wandered away.

"Wonder where she's going?" Lulu asked.

Nami shrugged. "Maybe we should hop up one at a time?" she asked as she stepped onto the bed. She hopped up, barely catching the switch. Nagi hopped up behind her, watching Nami safely hit the bed. He hopped down out of defeat too.

"What are we going to do?" Nagi asked.

"We're going to use your clothes to make a chain. And we're all going to pull all of our weight down onto the switch," Anka said as she tossed a pile of Nagi's clothes onto the bed.

"Nifty," Lulu remarked.

Nagi tossed a few pairs of jeans into the switch's crevice, making sure they had good leverage. "Okay, everybody..." Nagi grabbed a pantleg and began dangling. "Hop on and hope this works..."

Nami crouched and leapt, wrapping her fingers around the pantleg opposite Nagi, her momentum swung her into him and both nearly loosed their hold on the pantlegs. "Here I come!" Lulu cried, taking a running leap and hopping from the bed to one of the other pantlegs, the switch moved a few inches then stilled.

Anka crawled up onto the bed, drawing a deep breath, "Hope this works." She gulped, bouncing a few times awkwardly to get a little momentum.

On her way down she crouched her legs and sprung upwards, her fingers groping for the final pantleg, with the four of them dangling there it began to slowly ease downward, until suddenly they were caught in a whirlwind, banging against furniture and having the loose clothes whipping by them. At last, dizzily, they were lying sprawled on the floor amidst the jumble of furniture and random items that had accomodated Anka's purse.

Nagi stood, touching a wall. He patted it a few times, "I...think I'm the right size."

"Hopefully," Nami muttered as she caressed the carpet.

"Now, for your session," Anka grabbed Nami and her bag, dragging her out of the room.

"Huh?" Lulu asked. "Mine's now! Damn it! Nami took my turn!" Lulu stomped out of Nagi's room.

"How do they fit everything in their purses?" Nagi asked as he settled onto his bed.

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2010-03-27 [wicked fae mage]: A little here and there.

Oh, Justin said that he'd have Lulu knock the bag over, the object used naturally getting sucked into the bag.

I also thought of an on and off switch/remote xD

2010-03-27 [Ravendust]: that would be poor Lulu's shoe, which is attached to her foot xD

oh? Interesting xD

Also, there was an episode that played with Michael Jackson... xD

2010-03-27 [wicked fae mage]: Oh yeah xD
Haven't seen that one in a while. There was one with all dead celebrities too.

2010-03-27 [Ravendust]: when I made that comment in my head the voice was Michael Jackson from the South Park episode, hence the desire to say blanket at the end xD.

Oh! Maybe Lu can get sucked in and they think their situation hopeless until one of them finds an inscription and a rather large button? :-?

2010-03-27 [wicked fae mage]: Lol xD
That'd be interesting

2010-03-27 [Ravendust]: hmm, I actually like the thought xD

2010-03-27 [wicked fae mage]: Lol would you like to continue?

2010-03-27 [Ravendust]: just don't know how to start it xD

2010-03-27 [wicked fae mage]: Lol well, have her start with something smart like using a broom or something to knock the bag over getting pulled in and everybody else getting crushed by the bristles of the broom...her naturally having a soft landing

2010-03-27 [Ravendust]: lol nice thought

2010-03-27 [wicked fae mage]: Thank you...wheels turning...despite lack of food >.>

2010-03-27 [Ravendust]: mmm... me wants nummies now e.e

2010-03-27 [wicked fae mage]: Philly Cheese Steak!

2010-03-27 [Ravendust]: mmm... actually I'm thinking tomato soup with noodles :-?

2010-03-27 [wicked fae mage]: That's what I candy carrots.

2010-04-11 [Ravendust]: heehee, nice post <3

2010-04-11 [wicked fae mage]: Thanks, I thought more effort that failed would make it funnier

2010-04-11 [Ravendust]: yeah, especially since they're exhausted and hopeless now xD

2010-04-11 [wicked fae mage]: Yup...weird internet issues here...>.>

2010-04-11 [Ravendust]: icky, my cold thing moved into my chest... ><;;

2010-04-11 [wicked fae mage]: That sucks...I have a pounding migraine

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