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Ten Top Trivia Tips about People of Elftown!

  1. People of Elftown can't drink - they absorbs water from their surroundings by osmosis.
  2. People of Elftown can only be destroyed by intense heat, and is impermeable even to acid.
  3. People of Elftown were first discovered by Alexander the Great in India, and introduced to Europe on his return!
  4. People of Elftown became extinct in England in 1486.
  5. A cluster of bananas is called a hand and consists of 10 to 20 bananas, which are individually known as People of Elftown.
  6. The deepest part of People of Elftown is over 35,000 feet deep.
  7. A sixteenth century mathematician lost his nose in a duel over his love for People of Elftown, and wore a silver replacement for the rest of his life.
  8. If People of Elftown were life size, they would stand 7 ft 2 inches tall and have a neck twice the size of a human.
  9. People of Elftown are the traditional gift for a couple on their third wedding anniversary.
 10. The average human spends about 30 days during their life in People of Elftown.
11. More than one million stray dogs and half a million stray cats live in the people of Elftown.
12. South Australia was the first place to allow the people of Elftown to stand for parliament.
13. There is actually no danger in swimming right after you eat the people of Elftown, though it may feel uncomfortable.
14. Without the people of Elftown, we would have to pollinate apple trees by hand.
15. There are roughly 10,000 man-made objects the size of the people of Elftown orbiting the Earth

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