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Lemirian Tactics


TURN 19!


The Catfolk Clans (Yellow)
The Damned (Grey)
Skarrad (Purple)
Scauro (Green)
Telsana (Light Blue)
Orrick (Dark Green)
Ki'ariros (Orange)
Sif'eksi (Turquoise)
Nerva (Red)
Caessen (Blue)

Sections -

LT - Races

The Peoples in the World.

LT - Regions

Lands to conquer.

LT - Doctrines

Training for your armies

LT - Economy

Fund your empire.

LT - City Managing

Lead your people

LT - Magic

Bending reality to one's will

LT - Technologies

Equipment for your armies.

LT - Battlegrounds

Test your mettle

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2011-05-13 [Veltzeh]: By the way, what's the distance between places like Newdon and Serena? Or Kisaki and Deepwood?

2011-05-13 [Duredhel]: They're adjacent :3.

2011-05-19 [Roma]: -cough-

2011-05-19 [Duredhel]: Finals >,<... but ok ok, I'll start with this. We'll pretend we're starting a new turn.
Tekkon and Lep, if you're out there, please let me know if you'd like to continue with this. I'm dropping Majikseb cuz he's gone.

2011-05-20 [Lepellier]: I'm alive. And sure, I'm up to continue. I will let you know I won't be around much this weekend to post, but I'm in.

2011-05-20 [Veltzeh]: So should I update everyone's resources and stuff right now or will we start by announcing our buildings and stuff?

2011-05-20 [Duredhel]: Resources and stuff come first :>

2011-05-20 [Veltzeh]: Okay, I'll make a mock-up update of my own stuff first, then you check it and if it's right, I'll update the other ones. Is that good?

2011-05-20 [Duredhel]: Sounds good :>

2011-05-20 [Veltzeh]: Okay, I forgot to stuff taxes there. Is this order correct?

Turn change, at the start of turn:
1) Resource shipments arrive, resources are produced, population changes.
2) Resource changes take place (taxes, upkeep (food and money)).
3) Units and agents who finish training will become available.

2011-05-20 [Duredhel]: Yush :O

2011-05-20 [Veltzeh]: No wait, still more. :D
Does upkeep (food) change between steps 1 and 2 because there are more people?

2011-05-20 [Duredhel]: Nah, upkeep is done at the very end of the previous turn. So the new people don't consume food the turn they.. uhm.. "arrive"

2011-05-20 [Veltzeh]: But new people pay taxes. XD

2011-05-20 [Duredhel]: Ah, I had not counted on it.... maybe new people don't pay taxes either? >,>

2011-05-20 [Veltzeh]: Yup. This looks pretty good now:

Turn change, at the start of turn:
1) Resource shipments arrive, resources (food, timber, minerals) are produced, money is taxed.
2) Upkeep (food, payment money).
3) Population changes.
4) Units and agents who finish training will become available.

2011-05-20 [Veltzeh]: I put the religion conversion with the population change. But now I wonder how to determine how many people convert from certain religions. Like in Mount Mist, the conversion was 22 percentage units and three religions lost 4 percentage units and one lost 10. So yeah, why did one lose 10 and the others 4?

2011-05-31 [Veltzeh]: Proood.

2011-07-30 [Stephen]: I r confused. ;-;
Pretty picture, lots of colors. :D

2011-07-30 [Mortified Penguin]: I know, right? I like the map, but they keep deleting my comments when I post here... :(

2011-07-30 [Stephen]: That's not very nice of them! D:

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