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Character Name: This character has given up all former identity, but characterizes himself with the use of a single symbol, which is said to translate from an odd and ancient language to mean:

Karma Manifest

Or, as he prefers to be called by those who know him, merely


Age:Nearly as old as Therian
Appearance:rather young-looking and charismatic, with no obvious scars or features outside of his common clothing, but below his daily garb is a thick mass of oriental-style animal, elemental, and tribal tattooing that covers most portions of his chest, back, shoulders and upper arms, upper legs and at his feet and ankles.
He has a line of kanji-style glyphs riding up the back of his neck, a piece of the line being the large symbol by which the silent killer remains dutifully guided by, in a mental form of control over body and spirit.
He was once scarred very horribly from years in slavery, but the most of them are on his back, where he was often whipped, and are covered by the tattoos.
Below his facial scarf is an odd sight: a distinct line of shadow shows that his nose and upper mouth are not real, but is instead a portion of a vain aristocrat's face, made to fit his own, after using the man's money to attain the procedure that gave him an extraordinary sense of scent, but that requried a metal plate be placed inside his face. The fake nose fits over the plate, and does not decay, but does leave a rather obvious line where it overlaps his own face. He nearly always publicly covers this portion of his face with a scarf or warpaint (during certain times).
He has dark, naturally tanned skin, and a transitorily shaved head, which sometimes grows out to be a dark brown, nearly black. A thick jawline beard grows on his face, and he sometimes hacks this off in preparation for some new task along with his cranial hair.
Deep-set dark green eyes, nearly brown in spots, hide in his seemingly furrowed brows.
Without the scarf or mask, a grated metal plate sits in the place of his nose and upper mouth, with iron teeth and jaws replacing his own beneath the skin of his lower jaw, which had been broken in the fight with the aristocrat just killed by him.
Equipment: Clothing:
Dark browns and greens, as well as black, particularly for tasks. Thick, fine boots, and a fine black/brown-green reversible cloak, with flap-covered pockets on the green side for storage of items.
Armor: choice of
Black and grey padded cloth armor vests and headpieces  or
Thick, black leather-strap armorings that cover the torso, upper arms and lower arms with separate bracers, sides of the legs and ankles, along with tough, sturdy boots. Metal circlets hang from some of the clasps, and thick iron studs line the chest and contours of the armor.
Daggers (16)
Greater Kukri
Light Crossbow
Acids and poisons
Talismans and smoke bombs (12, 19)
Skills: General Mercenary/scout for hire, Assassin for hire and bounty hunting on personal/ethical tasks, especially.
Stealth, subterfuge, stalking/tracking, death attacks/sneak attacks, and gaining information are the highest of his strengths, but remaining efficient in atypical or technical environments is not a very strong point for the man.
The assassin has studied the ways of the Renshunan culture, learning the most effective ways of mastering one's own body.
This man is also long-living, the closest to immortality that any mortal has really ever gotten, outside of Therian, and a handful of blessed and cursed others. This is due to a set of rituals cast upon his body, and a series of alchemical mutations done with the vast amount of money made from his occupation as a hired killer.
Both extended lifespan and extraordinary sense of scent were granted to him, with the latter being to the degree of three times that of a common canine. It was necessary to remove a portion of his face for the procedure, but he had a new nose and pallet made to fit his face below his scarf, which he often wears to cover the lines in his face. He also paints his face in war paint on occasion, covering the lines in the process.
The common surface emotion is concentration, which sometimes appears as anger or even apathy, but he does occasionally reveal an emotion besides that of silence, and in the reverie of a particular role model of his, he shows this, as well as other times.
The assassin is a fine and efficient killer, as well as strategist, except when in a totally new or unusual environment. He's fine with a plan, but doesn't often act in accordance with it, finding last-minute shortcuts and consolidations that may change his overall outcome.....  This lands him straight into trouble sometimes, although the primary planning is indeed helpful.
He has a bad habit of being in the right place at the wrong time, and the wrong place at the right time. He also has a tendency to skip out on a job, and pull a last-minute change of pace, which has many on his trail for being a hired traitor.
History:In becoming the rather lesser-known of the hired killers, he has mainly only worked with local Jashnian contractors, on missions with little to no real challenge. Rather than be well-known, he has chosen to be the more Robin Hood-style killers, with ethical and cultural concepts leading the vast majority of his intuitions and making his actions. Giving to the poor after killing for the rich is always a favorite foul play of his. He does occasionally hire himself to a more aristocratic contractor, then does his job for personal benefit, and upon being paid, turns back and swindles the pompous swine for all that he's worth, and giving most of it back to the ones most harmed by the primary task. He prefers to be a catalyst for fate and karma, and enjoys helping the lower class. Before giving away the stolen profits, he often buys things he finds helpful, including exotic transportation and nose-jobs to acquire extraordinary senses, etc.
Upon finding out about the lands beyond the physical world of Jashnia, the unnamed assassin found himself baffled with the sheer complexity of things outside of his knowledge. Slowly, he has been teaching himself about the many different worlds and realms of this reality, and become a bit more informed on the sceme of many places, but he still fails to be able to keep flexible in his proceedings on terms and turfs outside of his own experiences on Jashnia. This is why he seeks the knowledge of who he refers to as the "true sage" of the maverick ways.
Born and raised in the Ganye plains, the human child was originally named Gregory MacElland, and was enslaved by the drow crusaders of Ionnya when he was seven years old.
Living for five years as a slave, he was a rebel, and was served many back-lashings, which are mostly covered by tattoos, the flesh being numb and scarred from his beatings.
In his thirteenth year, after learning quite a lot about one of the most distinguished killers of the drow's court, a human woman named Therian, he had the opportunity to see her in person.
At a royal dinner held in the drow lord's lair, he was issued to take the place of a dead slave to serve the patriarch Vayen himself at the royal dinner. As the result of a folly on his own behalf, he was sentenced to die like the slave he took the place of.
He attacked a guard as he was being moved, and ran, making it much farther away than most.
Seeing himself as being disgraced, Vayen ordered Therian to kill the boy in the most merciless way, and to bring him back the boy's body, maimed and battered. After having just received a relatively bad beating for a past offense, she complied, but upon finding the boy rather easily, she found sympathy for him, and took his shirt and a shoe from him, and told him to flee, whereupon she killed a boar for its heart, and gave the flesh to a butcher, smearing the blood upon the boy's clothing.
She returned to her lord, reporting that she had enraged a boar to maim him to death, and after it had destroyed his body, she had to kill the boar to get to him, and that she had sold it to a local butcher, and tossed some coins onto the table for its body.
Vayen, satisfied after with her seemingly instinctive compliance in contrast to the most recent insubordination, smiled at her thoughtless compliance, then issued a warning to all the local slaves about rebellion, posting the boar's heart on a stake below a royal post in the slave courts above ground.
Gregory escaped, but only made it far enough to be kidnapped by a sailing captain, which shipped him around the world as part of his crew.
He fleed once more in Renshunan, where he found sanctuary in a local monestary, learning the ways of the samurai, and losing his name.
He sought work as a hired killer, being extremely good at his job, after having killed many fighting sailors in underground brawls.
He found a way to gain extended life, in a way similar to that of a lich, where his youth was kept intact within a small box (carefully hidden), giving him life as long as the box remains intact.
A veeeery long lifetime of hired killing while on Jashnia has given him the money and experience to do things that many men could not. Clever to the ways of his world, he sought the most ingenius people to help him claim the things he wanted.
He soon found himself in the company of those not from this world, doing jobs on other planets and even other realms of existence at times, and has for many years felt an urge to uphold a promise made long ago to an idol of huge importance to him. Seeking her for weeks, he found her by chance on a fleet of ships. Searching for her from high above the surface, in a slowly-orbiting ship of the Faunerian, he found her asleep in a high crow's nest on the main galleon of the war fleet she found herself sailing amongst. He followed her and her close companion on the outskirts of town in Diaioh, Tearra Réhm.

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