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These are all old, I'm shrinking them.

<img0*50:stuff/Kaimee_jacket> <img0*50:stuff/Kaimee_whoremakeup> <img0*50:stuff/kaimee_swingbub> <img0*50:stuff/kaimee_reading!> <img0*50:stuff/kaimee_thinkybub> <img0*50:stuff/kaimee_goddamnit> <img0*50:stuff/kaimee_goddamntree> <img0*50:stuff/kaimee_yellow> <img0*50:stuff/Kaimee_sock> <img0*50:stuff/kaimee_rakuka> <img0*50:stuff/Kaimee_ha.jpg> <img0*50:stuff/kaimee_roommess1> <img0*50:stuff/kaimee_roommess2> <img0*50:stuff/kaimee_bedhair%20XD> <img0*50:stuff/kaimee_chinX).jpg> <img0*50:stuff/kaimee_librarian_ohgod.jpg> <img0*50:stuff/kaimee_bored.jpg> <img0*50:stuff/Kai_raku11.jpg> <img0*50:> <img0*50:stuff/kai_mirror.jpg> <img0*50:> <img0*50:stuff/kaishawl.jpg> <img0*50:stuff/kai.pjs.jpg> <img0*50:stuff/kai.hair_gah.jpg> <img0*50:stuff/kai_fox.jpg> <img0*50:stuff/kaimee_eating.jpg> <img0*50:stuff/kaimee_binishouse.jpg> <img0*50:stuff/kai_bwkate.jpg> <img0*50:stuff/kai_sillyfurjacket.jpg> <img0*50:stuff/kai_puterinbed.jpg>

More recent things...

Half a face for isi :P Only half! Mwahaha! Me glaring at puter trying to turn off webcam which is forever set to 'on' >.<
Muchly snoozy sleepy blurry middle of teh night photo.


TO BLUE OR NOT TO BLUE? :O (Kaimee went crazy)

For ittai - trying to find non messy photos of my.. habitat... >.>

A boy.. ignore that, that's my bed and my wall with my... crooked pictures.. damn. Messy.
A wall and some pillows and a pillow kitten :D

Another bed bed :O

Shelves! :O Stuff! Blurry!


For anyone "lucky" enough to catch me online drunk the other night... no idea what I think I'm doing with my hand... and a special one for isi...
<img:stuff/kai_drunkies.jpg>  <img:stuff/kai_drunkiestaketwo.jpg>

This is akaime on no sleep and lots of data entryand lots of tired burning eyes of deadness. But my hair smells good. Like sleepng.

I am supposedly tidying after having a crazy frenzy and rearranging things and now I have to put them back because, well, I am a crazy person. But instead I am lazy, and so I am photographing thec only thing I have tidied so far, which was some towel folding.
P.S How lovely is my lovely new frame for my peaceful lovely poster? Past 1am I am allowed to say lovely up to 5 times in a sentence.


I am feeling hayfevery with a little red nose. There are flowers everywhere and a beautiful spill of cherry blossoms against my window, carpets of yellow, orange and purple daisies on every inch of grass, and climbing roses blooming on the walls, but it all just makes my face hurt.

Ignore zis..

I'm clearing out my iphone photo albums and these are the only two photos that weren't of penises so I thought I'd share.
That's a lie actually, I think I took one of a wall too.

On second glance I realise that angle makes my boobs bigger than my head. Christina-Hendick-ed!
Anyways, taken with the super awesome funtastic Hipstamatic app, the smart and graphical way to keep me spending money on a single app! :D I have 5 lenses, 3 flashes, and three types of film :D


Couldn't resist posting this, really fun silly interview of me and another red haired designer in my city...


Awww, just came across this and realised it wasn't on this page! Tiny baby Pushka :D


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2007-05-30 [Sunrose]: :x

2007-05-30 [ally]: Amg tell me ><

2007-05-31 [Kaimee]: I'm not so sure about a bald kaimee, or a naked clothesless kaimee, but in general kaimees are very useful. We uh.. you know, do stuff. So who has me now? Sunny? What aaare you going to do with me? O.o

2007-05-31 [Isilando]: I could tip her ; )

2007-05-31 [Kaimee]: tip? O.o

2007-05-31 [Isilando]: tip.

2007-05-31 [Kaimee]: tip how?

2007-05-31 [Isilando]: By either verbal or textual communication? O_o

2007-05-31 [Sunrose]: Or put money in my pants I suppose.. :p

2007-05-31 [Isilando]: Hahahahaha xD

2007-05-31 [ally]: Or why not just leave it on the table? :p

2007-05-31 [smakeupfx]: the tip or the pants?  (hehe, sorry, it was too good a setup!)

2007-05-31 [Isilando]: I'll leave the money wherever sunny's pants are : P

2007-05-31 [Sunrose]: om :P

2007-06-14 [Pillowthief]: Whoa, yum stuff...

2007-06-17 [Kaimee]: What, them or me? :P

2007-09-15 [Orpheu]: Not only beautiful but talented as well. *bows to the fairy girl*

2007-09-15 [Isilando]: She's a bitach

2007-09-16 [Kaimee]: Shutup isi, someone loves me xP You may not disillusion them!

2007-09-16 [Orpheu]: Well no one is perfect so It's all good.

2007-09-16 [Kaimee]: I am perfect >.>

2007-09-16 [Orpheu]: Lets agree to disagree. :)

2007-09-21 [smakeupfx]: hey, is that a new half a head? :-)

2007-09-22 [Kaimee]: yes it is a new half a head! =^________^=

2007-09-22 [pixish]: I wanted to see the right half ;_;

2007-09-22 [Kaimee]: The right half of my head? O.o I will make a right half photo for you miss mish just as soon as I can xD ...which will be after I get home.

2007-09-22 [pixish]: thank you :D *feels speshal*

2007-09-22 [pixish]: I cannot hear ;_; I have no speakers on teh weekend :p

2009-01-21 [Skydancer]: Must arrange a new photoshoot, and flood the most excellent watchers with your most excellent self. :)

2009-01-22 [Kaimee]: hmm?

2009-01-22 [Skydancer]: You should do a new up to date most fabulous photoshoot, you certainly have enough fans. :)

2009-01-22 [Kaimee]: I don't do photoshoots though :)

2009-01-22 [Skydancer]: Sad, you should. :) but we all have to make our choices and follow our hearts and our muses.

2009-01-22 [Kaimee]: I like spontaneity :)

2009-02-04 [smakeupfx]: Spontaneously photoshoot?  :D

2009-02-07 [Kaimee]: I have never before encountered one :P

2009-05-12 [Isilando]: Kaimee bedroom in 5 words:
books, cats, macs, bed, boy.

Optionally photos of Itay hanging from walls <3

2009-05-14 [Kaimee]: oh fuck you xP Well where are the photos of itay then? I see typography, drawings of astronauts and photos of factories.

2009-05-14 [Kaimee]: isibabe, when you post crap I will feel free to delete it :)

2009-05-14 [Isilando]: And then appear to be talking to yourself, that's cool too : p

2009-05-14 [Kaimee]: Pandering to my own ego is what this page is all about. That, and my cat. I don't see why comments should be any difference. And if you must fawn with your ittai love I think you should just PM him xP

2009-05-14 [Kaimee]: *panders*...

2009-05-14 [Isilando]: I'm not the one PMing Itayyum : )

2009-05-14 [Kaimee]: Neither am I?

2009-05-14 [Isilando]: Not right now, yes >.<

2009-05-14 [Kaimee]: Well gee, you never ever talked to ittai in a pm? :O C'mon... all that stuff you said about his bronze skin..? You mean you haven't told him how you really feel? x)

2009-05-14 [Isilando]: We had a kid with Itay, but you wouldn't know that, would you? You only talk to him for his bronze skin and eyes like the breath of the dessert >.< You don't really care for him D":

2009-05-14 [Kaimee]: Hmm... maybe the kid is grown up by now, that would combine the best of the two of you...mmmmm.... >:3 Can you like, email his ipod or something and tell him to talk to redheaded strangers? (Your child is a boy, by the way) (not a girl) (a boy).

2009-05-14 [Isilando]: I'm not hooking you up with my son : p If you want itayyum and isi awesomeness combined you'll have to achieve it otherwise : p

2009-05-14 [Kaimee]: Is this about this sammich thing again...? *Makes suspicious eyes* look, I already told you the answer to that! :O

...maybe later.

2009-05-14 [Kaimee]: And is Zephy involved? xP

2009-05-14 [Kaimee]: Actually that would be three O.o Cancel that.

2009-05-14 [Isilando]: There are enough sammich requests queued up as it is >.< Stop involving more and more people >.<

Although... yes >: D

2009-05-14 [Kaimee]: It was you who involved ittai! :O

2009-05-14 [Isilando]: Because of your endless appetite >.<

2009-05-14 [Kaimee]: What, and of course ittai will satisfy it? xP

2009-05-14 [Isilando]: totally ; )

although I wouldn't know : p

2009-05-14 [Kaimee]: what? But I thought you would know all about how ittai satisfies? Did the stork bring your baby!? >.<

2009-06-05 [Kaimee]: Who's even watching this page anyways? O.o You creepy stalker watchers... >.>

2009-06-05 [Linderel]: *is creepy stalker* *meows*

2009-06-05 [Sunrose]: lawl :P

2009-06-06 [Kaimee]: :O

2009-06-08 [smakeupfx]: *shuffles feet*

2009-06-08 [hanhepi]: *coughs*

2009-06-08 [All_Most PUNK]: For some reason, the other day this wiki loaded in such a way that the number of watchers (15) was right next to the number of Fans (0) and it looked as if this wiki had 150 creepy stalkers.

2009-06-08 [smakeupfx]: I invited all my creepy friends (well, some are just smarmy)

2009-06-08 [Sunrose]: :D

2009-06-09 [Kaimee]: I'm glad it's only 15 O.o;;;

2009-06-09 [smakeupfx]: Quality, not quantity, you have very nice stalkers *mangiggle*

2009-06-09 [Kaimee]: Ones who mangiggle at that! :O

2009-06-10 [smakeupfx]: Mangiggling is the new Black

2009-07-24 [pixish]: Pretty!
I alos like your twig :P

2009-07-25 [Kaimee]: This page takes too long to load. I think I shall decimate all old photos soon.
I like my twig too x)

2009-07-25 [pixish]: You could just archive them according to year or something :P

2009-07-25 [Kaimee]: Uhm... then I would be one of those people who organises their wikis, and has dividers, and archives, and crap. I don't need extra things I have to organise in my life. Bureaucracy is going to eat my soul as it is :P

2009-07-25 [pixish]: x)
You can always go back in the wiki history to find the pictures anyway :P

2009-07-25 [Kaimee]: Yes! That's true! :D

2009-07-25 [Sunrose]: I like the girl :O

2009-07-25 [pixish]: x)

2009-07-25 [Kaimee]: What girl? :O

2009-07-25 [pixish]: I'm assuming she means you, dorkus :p

2009-07-27 [Kaimee]: Oh right, well, I totally knew that. I also knew that she was a lesbian :O

2009-07-27 [Sunrose]: amgamg :O

2009-07-28 [Kaimee]: I knows you secret :O

2009-07-28 [Sunrose]: oh noes what will I do??? :o

2009-07-28 [pixish]: take pictures and sell them on the interwebz :o (duh)

2009-08-01 [Isilando]: i don't even get to keep as a secret one of them >.< ONE OF THEM!

2009-08-02 [Sunrose]: Hmm? :P

2009-08-03 [Kaimee]: Hahahaha. No. Because that would make you a kaimee stalker :O

2010-01-06 [Linderel]: *does not ignore*

Ish pretty, as always! Naughtyface :o

2010-01-06 [Kaimee]: Nah, is chubby cheeks leading to fatness says isi :P Not to mention dopeyness and drunkness he says. Daft.
Is actually in a series of those split second photos the camera takes all together. Of course, I look quite dopey in most of them too :P

2010-01-06 [Linderel]: Balderdash! Codswallop! Falderal! etc.

2010-01-06 [Kaimee]: I will admit to the dopeyness xP

2010-01-07 [Sunrose]: Don't listen to isil, it's cute :P

2010-01-08 [Kaimee]: Really? aha. Isi is just jealous of my hair in that case. I knew it all along. It shall stop being miniature.

2010-01-08 [Sunrose]: He's just being isi, I don't know why you even believed it :P

2010-01-08 [Kaimee]: Because I'm crazy hormonal from change of medication probably xD I got all teary because I only had the end pieces of bread left this morning, it's slightly ridiculous :P (But the end pieces of bread really are awful. I hate them.)
Last night I made a layer cream cake and my brother ran into me and made me make one of the frosting flowers I was piping onto the top slightly wonky, and I cried "You ruined it! It's ruined forever and it's all your fault! Throw it away! Throw it in the rubbish, it's ruined!" and then in a calmer voice "also, I am a crazy, crazy bitch."

2010-01-08 [Sunrose]: Oh well, at least your crazyness can be reasoned with :P

2010-01-08 [Kaimee]: It can, it can also be put to good use, because I just got incredibly crazy-frustrated with loading this page, and tidied it. There are still far too many things to load, but my vanity likes them too much.

2010-01-08 [Kaimee]: Hehehe, I love how even my "organisation" is different unmatching sizes and shapes. I'm so rubbish at tidying.

2010-01-08 [Isilando]: //( ^_^ )\\

does that even look like chubby cheeks?

2010-01-08 [Sunrose]: It looks like your butt been raped by two vampire stakes..

2010-01-08 [Kaimee]: //(    *    )\\

2010-01-08 [Sunrose]: That's just a very misplaced anus >_>

2010-01-08 [Kaimee]: and I don't think those are vampire stakes.. O.o

2010-01-08 [Sunrose]: They could be cellulitus dimple things, pancake butt LOL

2010-01-08 [hanhepi]: the page loads muuuuch faster now kaimee. thank you:D <3

2010-01-08 [Kaimee]: is ok, I'm not sure what my brain was thinking about before, letting it take that goddamn long each time. I almost deleted the lot, except of course, my vanity stopped that from happening >.>;

2010-01-08 [Sunrose]: Understandable :p

2010-01-08 [Kaimee]: I feel like picking fights with you for agreeing with me, so I'm going to go raid the oven and then sleep :P Nuhnight miss-stupid-face xP

2010-01-08 [Sunrose]: Give it your best shot bish, sleep tight :P

2010-01-08 [Kaimee]: *splutters sleepily at you* Call me bish why dontchu... >:O

2010-01-09 [Sunrose]: What ya gonna do bout it? :p

2010-01-10 [Kaimee]: Well, sulk, and ..yeah, sulk. Hmph.

2010-01-10 [Sunrose]: Oh :P

2010-01-10 [Kaimee]: But I may also splutter on you :3

2010-01-10 [Sunrose]: That's fine :P

2010-01-11 [Kaimee]: Don't accept my spluttering >.< You're ruining it!

2010-01-11 [Sunrose]: Oh noes :P

2010-01-12 [Kaimee]: Since this is my vanity page and Lerune's diary has made me reflect on my own sheer awesomeness, I'd like you all to take a moment to consider it also xP

2010-01-12 [Sunrose]: I'll take that into consideration :o

2010-01-12 [Kaimee]: Looking at this pages comments I have come to the conclusion that you're stalking me worse than isi :O

2010-01-13 [hanhepi]: *considers it*

yup, you are pretty dang awesome. :D

2010-01-13 [Sunrose]: I'm just better at it on Elftown, I'm pretty sure he beats me outside of it :P

2010-01-13 [Kaimee]: yeah, that's very true actually, although he has informed me recently he's going to cease his kaimee-stalking activities :O He has better things to do! Can you believe it? :P

2010-01-14 [hanhepi]: what on earth is better than stalking Kaimee???

2010-04-19 [Kaimee]: nothing.

2010-04-19 [Sunrose]: Boobies whee :P

2010-04-19 [Kaimee]: it's quite an awkward angle isn't it, my neck could be broken x)

2010-04-19 [Ittai]: Looks fine to me

2010-04-20 [Sunrose]: It looks like a missionary angle :P

2010-04-20 [Kaimee]: Like a servant of the word of Christ angle? xD That is what you meant, yes? :P really, if that's missionary then I must be way taller than I think I am xD A person would have to be quite far down... ok yeah, I'm ok with that angle now. /end monologue.

2010-04-20 [Sunrose]: They could be sitting up for the picture-taking =P

2010-04-20 [Kaimee]: Why would I be wearing clothes? I have awesome lingerie that doesn't get to see the world except during sexing sessions, no way would I deprive it of it's chance to shine :O

2010-04-20 [Ittai]: הילדה מאבדת את האדום שלה. האמת היא שהיא שצילמה באדום סתם בכדי להסיח את דעתנו מן העובדה מטרידה זו.

2010-04-20 [Kaimee]: I believe my hair is still very much red :P

2010-04-20 [Ittai]: אותה הערה גם בהקשר לכריות שלך

2010-04-20 [Kaimee]: Yes, there are very large pillows behind me :P What about them?

2010-04-20 [Ittai]: misshaped ad uneven :)

2010-04-20 [Kaimee]: definitely, I mean sheesh, they look bigger than my head

2010-04-20 [Ittai]: So they appear to be

2010-04-20 [Sunrose]: Maybe it was a quickie :P

2010-04-20 [Ittai]: It must have been a quickie, otherwise we would have behold the long foretold awesome 600 ozzy dollars worth of new clothing

2010-04-20 [Kaimee]: I think my face would be happier after a quickie though.

2010-04-20 [Sunrose]: Point :P

2010-04-20 [Ittai]: Well, all photos of you and by you portray a frowning half-dead ozzy, yet a frowning half-dead ozzy with unimaginably gorgeous red hair, BUT not seeing you doing anything but your constant frown, well, I cant imagine what is your happy face actually.

2010-04-20 [Sunrose]: You forgot about the tree climbing pics, she's smiling there :P

2010-04-20 [Ittai]: I was waiting for you to point that out, my good predictable sunny. :) The tree climbing photos obviously were not taken by her I wrote "photos of you and by you".
Also, she was young and drunk back then so unfortunately these cant be counted.

2010-04-20 [Sunrose]: Then you should have written that more clearly such as 'photo's taken by you of yourself' rather than leaving it open for interpretation ;)
That's sad, I thought you would have a more vivid imagination.

2010-04-21 [Kaimee]: actually, several of these photos are taken by various other peoples, and I am still frowny in them :P Maybe I'm just a biatch? :O

2010-04-22 [Ittai]: A biatch? you? nah... :)

2010-04-23 [Kaimee]: The smiley face indicates lies and sarcasm :O

2010-04-24 [Ittai]: So infact you should be smiling quite alot.

2010-04-25 [Kaimee]: I do when I'm talking to you :P

2010-04-25 [Ittai]: I dont wanna play with you no more. :(

2010-04-25 [Sunrose]: Every time this page has loaded, I end up at the drunken pics in the middle..

2010-04-26 [Kaimee]: maybe this is telling you something...

2010-04-26 [Sunrose]: I'm open for suggestions :p

2010-04-26 [Ittai]: Eh.. odd.. every time this page has loaded, I end up on her pillows. How do you explain that?

2010-04-27 [Kaimee]: Ahem. Which pillows? You must mean the ones with the adorable kitten on them, of course. I'm sure you mean those.

2010-05-05 [pixish]: Michael says there should be more boob pictures :P

But he's a pervert <3

2010-05-05 [Sunrose]: xD

2010-05-08 [Kaimee]: there are no boob pictures :O ...only hints >.>

2010-05-10 [All_Most PUNK]: There should be!!!

2010-05-10 [Ittai]: Oh, I concur :O

2010-05-12 [Kaimee]: I don't drink these days, and so there are substantially less instances of me taking my clothes off in public, so you're unlikely to get any boob pictures :P

2010-05-12 [Kaimee]: Actually I'm considering getting a boob job. It's possible I may be really really proud of my boobs at that point. I tend to show off new purchases.

2010-05-12 [hanhepi]: you should put up a picture of your boobs now though... purely so we can have a before to compare to your after of course.

2010-05-12 [Sunrose]: Your boobs are already bigger than your head, you're practically the new Heidi Montag! :P

2010-05-13 [Kaimee]: Who the fuck is Heidi Montag? O.o And they aren't bigger than my head! :O I think... they're bigger than my face I suppose. I'm not sure about the whole head.

2010-05-13 [smakeupfx]: Sunny is always making trouble with the crass talk hehehe

2010-05-13 [Sunrose]: :P
As long as there's no proof of that, I will assume they're bigger than your head..

Heh :P

2010-05-13 [Ittai]: It's true.. google is the reason I still have a job. :)

2010-06-25 [Kaimee]: you two talking about my boobs concerns me :P

2010-06-25 [Ittai]: What other features should be discussed of then? O_o

2010-06-25 [Sunrose]: The hair I bet :P

2010-06-26 [Kaimee]: Well duh, you need to ask? :P

2010-06-28 [All_Most PUNK]: It would be stranger if they were discussing your liver.

2010-06-29 [Ittai]: liver alone. :)

2010-06-29 [Sunrose]: Original :p

2010-06-29 [Ittai]: stuart (second killer) "Scream"... :P

2010-06-29 [smakeupfx]: man does not live by liver alone... ;)

2010-07-04 [Kaimee]: ... I see you all went insane. Fantastic.

2010-07-04 [Ittai]: Right-right! :O back to what we really here for...
Dont she have the most amazing hair? and such deep color, absolutely goregous! *faints*

2010-07-04 [Kaimee]: That's right, I will ignore your sarcasm and take the compliment seriously, as I believe it should be >:P

2010-07-05 [Ittai]: :O me? sarcastic? nooooo

2010-07-05 [Kaimee]: noooo? Oh, ok then :P I'm sure if you made an ittai's page of... him it would be photos of your hair too xP

2010-07-05 [Ittai]: My hair is not as fabulous and exciting.. :)

2010-07-05 [smakeupfx]: who's is? ;)

2010-07-05 [Sunrose]: But you do have a red beard :D

2010-07-05 [Kaimee]: *is going to go to town on that at some point*

2010-07-05 [smakeupfx]: umm,  i really just don't know what to say to that XD

2011-05-16 [Linderel]: KITTEN! *flail*

2011-05-17 [Kaimee]: She's bigger now, but still freakin adorable <3

2013-04-20 [Kaimee]: Took me a little while to remember this page. Anyone still around? :3

2013-04-20 [Sunrose]: Ovcourse..

2013-04-22 [Skydancer]: We do look in from time to time. :)

2013-04-23 [Kaimee]: Hello there you two :)

2013-04-23 [Chimes]: :3

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