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This wiki contains applications of members that are currently inactive. If you see your application on this page and want it moved back, please leave a comment on this wiki.



[Kayne] - Kayne's Campaign
[Jimbaliah] - Jimbaliah for Elftown Crew
[Khayman] - Campaign for Khayman
[Saba Nyx] - Saba Nyx's application
[Cougar] - Cougar for crew
[Sotalean] - Sotalean's try
[Lyndarsia] - Lyndarsia's Wonderful Application
[MissTricky] - Ice Queen's Campaign
[Jacco] - Jacco's application form
[Your Favorite Stranger] - Awaiting Ignition's Resume
[Blasphemous Rumours] - Blasphemous Rumours for Guard
[That Fuzz] - Another Application? Yes.
[SpiralDragon] - SpiralDragon Apply's to the crew!
[Firenze] - Firenze for Whatever!
[akhirah] - Akhirah's Appy
[particle boy] - Solitaire's Submission
[Poindextra] - Be Smart; Vote Nerd
[ArchangelGabriel] - Lobsang's Campaign


[Vader] - Vader for crew
[~Angelo~] - Angelo's Campaign
[Nehelania Moonrain] - KurosCampaign
[Solitiaum] - Sairahiniel's Campaign
[Nait] - Nait's Campaign
[savonalora] - savonalora's campaign
[Taresuke] - Taresuke's Crew Application
[Shadow-ofDeath] - Everyone Loves Computer Nerds - Campaign
[Fashionably Restrained] - Vote 4 Pedro!
[silverflagon] - Campain for guardhood
[Allthatjazz] - Marimba's Campaign
[FiSHr.] - Nocturne's Apply
[I'm gone gone gone] - Mechanical Angel's Application
[predator elder21] - Predator Elder For Crew
[Guardian] - Guardian for Crew
[~Vash~] - Vash for Outlaw Guard! X3
[Lord Kügenheim] - Lord Kügenheim's Campaign
[Death's Die-Ary] - campaign for bringing elftown back
[a faerie tale] - Kat's Campaign of Campaign-ness
[Crimson Angel]-Crimson Angel of Death's Application
[Hobbit teen]- Hobbit teens resume/campaign
[Wednesday] - Wednesday for Elftown!
[Lin-tastic] - The Unoriginal Application
[Ronan Callaghan] - Ronan Callaghan Will Inprove Elftown
[---deleted account---] - Digital Shadow's Campaign
[-tsukasa-] - If hedda's to hot.Get out of the kitchen
[idyllicday] - Idyllic Ideas
[Particle Girl] - Butterflies and Hurricanes Application
[Pyro Mac] - Pyro Mac's Campaign
[Lynyrd Zeppelin] - Lynyrd Zeppelin for Guard
[NightTheOwl] - Oscuries For Crew
[Ultiem] - Ultiem for crew
[frogster] - Frogster's campaign
[Nazarath.93] - nazarath'campaign
[Mikhul, the Bard] - Mikhul, the Bard - for crew!
[Jewl] - Resume and Application of Jewl
[Eyden13] - Eyden Crew Application Updated: 12/24/11
[DarkJenni] - MorbidMistress's Application
[Roma] - Roma's Crew Application Updated 6/24/2011
[XxTsomexX] - XxTsomexX for Crew!


[Cupid_lover01] - The Smart Sam Campaign Page
[Shiorysm] - shiorysm campaign
[I NeED mONeY] - weallneedmoney
[Exiled] - SKULLHEAD's Campaign
[lenardo] - HBK_forever's campaign
[optomistic schoolgirl] - Elect baby19
[j-ho] - j-ho For Hire
[yurina] - Yurinas Application
[|●Twisty Krysti●|] - Kiss The Cook's Resume
[shadow#1] - shadow#1's application
[Devil Warrior] - Devilwarrior
[Rioan] - Rioan Resume
[boy of the year] - goku 94 application
[Dark Necromancer] - Austin's Therepy Sessions For Free
[Black_Roses] - roses for crew
[jimmy-bob] - jimmy-bob for guard
[i want some one to want me] - *death* before* wishes* for guard
[Shattered_Fears] - Shattered_Fears for elftown guard
[LeriSuccubus] - LeriSuccubus's Elftown Crew Application
[synergtggtrrgf] - Korlique as Poem King
[donezo] - heart of the corrupts campaign
[bluefarie] - bluefarie's guard page
[deletedguy] - hijack182's campaign
[Like Sun Through The Rain] - X~CrIsS cRoSs~X Resume
[Suicidal Moon] - Suicidal Moon's Application
[OMERTA] - Dragon Teen's Application
[thisfleshatomb] - thisfleshatomb for elftown guard
[Captain Roadie Of Jingles] -wanna be a gaurd
[defiant link] - Defiant for Gaurd
[your naked night] - sexy matty for crew
[Saiyuki Nano] - heartless demon's application
[aurodi] - _white wolf_'s campaign
[Xeroh Kanoe] - Ryu's application
[jbrady] - Jbrady
[$T0®M] - The apply of Storm
[Harms_Way] - Titanic's application
[Drop Dead Serif] - Serif will win =p
[Nuada] - Shrimpo44's application


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