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Week 1: Wild

Week 2: Dark Fairytales

Is there a reason we don't see this couple in Disney movies? Are only the fantasies of particular audiences adressed by our usual perception of fairy tales, or is it because the 'other' audiences' fantasies and fairy tales are specific to their culture and therefore don't need to be blended with the dominant majority's views (in the name of the accursed political correctness)? Diversity is not blending all the colours together into big brown lump, diversity is about the different colours laid next to each other to form a beautiful rainbow: separate and pure, but equal.

Ink on paper. No reference.

Week 3: Paradise

Week 4: Flower Vase

Seeing. There are many different ways of seeing, and many techniques to teach yourself seeing. I have to wear glasses, otherwise everything is a blur. But glasses frame what you see, it makes borders for everything, nothing is ever seen all at once, something always remains outside the frame, on the edge, in the corner of the eyes. Sometimes I take off my glasses to have unbiased viewing, to see the big picture, to see the colours and shapes and the overall view presented to me. It gives me perspective.

I train myself to see, through photography and drawing. I see photographically very well: I compose images even when I walk down the street or eat my breakfast. I notice things that I would like to have pointed out to me - for that is the main duty of photography since its inception: to point and say "lo" and nothing else, no explanations. But I don't see very well drawingly yet. I don't see lines, shades, contours - I can't differentiate with importance very well. So I practice by drawing what I see. What line is more important than another, what is exactly the right shape to portray this object while reducing it to as little as possible. It is not a recreation of the object, it is a re-imagination. And the detail. I focus on detail. I go closer to really see what there is in front of me, and I try to forget what I know is in front of me. I can only see three fingers in a person's hand from where I'm standing, but I know there are five. I have to reject the notion of five fingers to really see afresh. I have to reject what I know in order to see like I've never seen before.

Is it possible to combine these two ways of seeing?

Photoshop, two layers in total. Photo reference.

Week 5: Natural

Week 6: Gaelic mythology

Week 7: Masks

Should you close your eyes when you kiss? Should you lean back? After how many dates are you allowed to or expected to kiss? What if you don't want to?

The entertainment industry gives us roles to play, directs us on how to love, how to show our affection. The gestures are normalised, we are given expectations to fulfill and things to expect in return. But who gets to choose what is the right way? Life isn't a stage after all, and we are not all actors, and these masks we wear get terribly uncomfortable after a while...

Ink on paper and GIMP, after Rhett and Scarlett.

Week 8: Season

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2008-10-22 [The Scarlet Pumpernickle]: PrettY! It's like a photoshop watercolour!

2008-10-22 [iippo]: That's what I kinda wanted (although it could be more watercolour-y)

2008-11-20 [Linderel]: I love the masks one.
The last sentence in the description reminds me of a poem I once wrote in Finnish...

2008-11-21 [Anvikit]: Have you seen the previews for the new
"Princess and the frog" movie from disney?

2008-11-22 [iippo]: Hadn't, just went to see the teaser on YouTube (how did we ever live without YouTube?) Interesting timing. When I was drawing the fairytales, I was thinking of this animated movie of an African tale, the name of which annoyingly escapes me. There was a lot of hubbub around it when it came out (because there was full frontal female nudity in it - but they were tribespeople, so it was like natural nudity)
I'm... a bit torn about Princess and Frog (though excited that there's a new olden style Disney movie coming out), though the sound of a comic, manic, jazz-singing alligator sounds awesome - could he be awesomer than O'Malley in AristoCats? :D
Thanks for the tip Anvikit.

Lami, for a moment I thought "shame the poem is in foreign because I'd like to read it" before realising that I can read Finnish XD So if you don't mind showing it, I'd like to see it :)

2008-11-22 [Linderel]: Haha. You're becoming thoroughly English? :P
It's on FP Calann, the one entitled 'Näytelmä'.

2008-12-01 [Duke Devlin]: Wow.. I love your Flower Vase one. :) <3

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