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iippo's Lab

Here's all sorts of stuff that are in the works right now. As you read, please share any and all thoughts you have. My isolation is seriously damaging to my professionalism. I need exchange!
This thing is inspired by this thing:
Don't forget: I have no need of your God-damned sympathy either.

The main body of work right now is a series of fifteen self-portraits done in colour pencils on these old crummy wrapping papers (think chipshop paper, but old and yellowing, and y'know, clean). I kind of have an obsession with those papers. There's five head five bust- and five full body portraits, they all all dressed in white. Using a lot of renaissance masters as reference/inspiration (especially Botticelli and Giotto, also Whistler because of the white y'know... But a lot more from all periods too). Each of the drawings focuses on one body part (hands, ears, back etc...) and that body part is either obscured or out of frame.

I'd almost-finished all of the drawings, but I'm now reconsidering: some of them should look "unfinished" (like only have outlines, only be a sketch, only have one colour or one detail fully finished etc...) and since I don't like how some of them turned out I'll redo them and leave them looking unfinished.

There's also a research write-up, like a reflective report that I'm doing at the same time (just like back in uni :3) It looks a lot at femininity and femaleness, about the female figure throughout art history, at the male gaze; also about religion and faith; perfection and eternity are big themes there too.

The plan for final display is both online and IRL. IRL it'll be exhibited in this box made out of white curtains, divided into four rooms like:
|     |     |
| 2   | 3   |
|     |     |
| 1   | 4   |

You go in through an opening at the front to room 1 and go clockwise through the curtains, and then come out through an opening in room 4. Each room will have 3-4 drawings inside. Online I had a thought that the drawings will be accompanied by sounds of me talking, kind of like voicing of thoughts, what's going on in her head -type thing. I'll try to be as honest and unpretentious when I do the recordings. I plan on basing a lot of them on that aspie test I did and the results of it (it really was an eye opener to realise that the inside of my head and how I react to the world around me is some how inherently different than "normal" people's... But this was a new though so I have very little more to say about that. One of them will probably be me singing Brad Paisley's Litte Moments from memory, the way my brain gets a stuck record (I get the lyrics wrong, I sing the same part over and over and over, I go in a circle, etc...) So somehow on the online presentation you click on the portrait and the sound will start playing. Maybe there will be a more linear YouTube version where the portrait is displayed on the video for as long as the sound plays, and they'll be in sequence of the rooms.

This project has been more like therapy than art. I've been really secretive (I still am not showing the drawings to people) and private about it.

I'm also really interested in the "next movement" in art. I think pomo is done and it's become pointless by now (it wasn't pointless at the beginning, since we did become too cynical for modernism - but cynicism will only take you so far before you reach self-destruction). The Tate and Nicholas Bourriaud are talking about an Altermodern and I'm very interested in that. I'm also looking into the Renaissance because there is talk of a Mormon Renaissance (which actually works really well with the Altermodern stuff), so that's something I'm also writing about. Perhaps either to publish with Dialogue or Sunstone or somesuch, definitely with MormonArtist too.

I've seen some criticism against Altermodern, saying "why go back to 'somethingmodern' can't we move on from modernism already?" A friend of mine expressed the thought that pomo is like the wave washing to the shore, it's thin and it can only go so far until it has to recede back to where it came from, to get something with more depth. A kind of a return to modernism. There is also some interesting discussion going on about the relationship between art and science, and a call for people to understand that the two are not mutually exclusive and will in fact help one another in a dialogue. I also read an observation about how our time is completely dependent on science but no one understands science. And in my mind I was comparing that to the modernist "gentleman" who dabbled in sciences and had a very thorough understanding of the sciences of his time. Also, it's time to end the polarised differences between science and religion too: the two are not mutually exclusive and we need to let them coexist without both trying to discredit the other one (this is me being mad at both of you, Richard Dawkins and Fundie Christian flat-eathists! >:C start being nice, the lot of you! D: )

Hamlet and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead.
I'm going to stage a play where both these plays are played at the same time on the stage (y'know how they cross over a lot? Those scenes will be in the middle of the stage and RGAD-only scenes will happen in the left section of stagge and Hamlet-only scenes in the right section of the stage). I'm currently in the process of reading through the texts over and over and seeing how they'd fit together. I need to figure out a way to write them out somehow on one page alongside one another so that they'll stay in sync well. Maybe I'll do it on a wiki with boxes like these, this might work... :3

Hamlet is gay. Need to decide if he is actually mad or not.
R&G are opposites, like a cat and a dog. They are necronauts.
King has Elsalvadorian accent whee v=b, Queen has a Swedish accent, says "roosencrantz" and "yust" instead of "just"
Masks, readers, bodies, puppets, subtitles (overhead like in the opera?)

NumberPedia is also something very important going on right now :)

Username (or number or email):


2012-03-05 [SilverFire]: This divide between srs art and illustrative arts is really confusing me at the moment. Are we allowed to be both? Should I remove my old anime-style & fantasy illustrations from my DA art gallery, or move them to a separate account because they some how drag the fine-art stuff down? I mean, DA is more for illustrative art anyways. And sometimes I feel 'eh, this doesn't seem very professional, perhaps I should have separate galleries' and then I think 'but I'm NOT very professional, and the only thing I've ever consistently been is eclectic. So.. why the hell can't my gallery show that?" Especially since my ultimate goal in life is to be a polymath. <_< But then I was thinking "weeeell, do you see any other modern/contemporary artists doing this? THey have their formal body of work, and 'hey, here's a fantasy doodle Emin did!' and no, you don't. <_< Why not? Is their creativity really that restricted that they can now only think in fine art terms? Has art school bashed all other forms of creativity out of them?

2012-03-05 [iippo]: Yeah, isn't it awful? :/ It's almost like... "if it's a picture of anything done with any kind of skill, it's not cool enough to be art." But it's really weird because Fine Art, Illustration and Design are usually in the same building in art school, often you share lectures and what not, and everyone and their uncle these days are saying how awesome and important crossover between disciplines is (when I did the Impressionism evening gig with the music students everyone was like "yeah assum!" - but no one came from the art building over to the music building when it was actually on, except the artists involved -_-;;; ) - but then, you shouldn't do what the other ones are doing oh no. Especially "stepping down" from Fine Art to illustration is like a taboo. :/

The fact that a lot of artists are using craft techniques is a good step in the right direction. But heaven forbid if anyone in Car Design wanted to use oil paints or anything but 3D programmes or the clay stuff.

BAS will probably struggle with this quite a bit, people putting us into a box and thinking "oh no, not me..."

2012-03-05 [SilverFire]: I also get the impression that as an artist, you're supposed to cultivate an aura of mystery and aloofness. Real artists only eat, sleep, or worry if somehow it's related to their work (or their work is related to it).

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