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2010-02-14 19:48:31
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Igloo Building

Vi build an igloo today! Right in the centre of Linköping University!

The sun was shining so the -10C to -12C wasn't so bad.
Zidrune, Hélène , Jana, Doğan, ?, Daphné
And with Hedda in green
Building material.
Hu and Azami
Vojta and Marta finally arriving! Only 1 hour late.
First brick done!
The quarry is taking shape.
Only the roof is missing... Tiny detail!
The quarry made some really big roof blocks though.
The roof is coming along nicely.
Done! Only some polish to do. Which would have been a great job for the Polish, but she was too busy freezing or something.
Maybe it isn't that perfect in shape, but damn I'm proud of it!
Vojta and [Hedda].
It's hard to take good pictures inside though.
We actually fitted 14 people in there though!
Posing in the quarry.
Igloo! Well, it need a better front to be good to sleep in, but see this more like a party igloo. It's really not meant to be slept in. It's too high and not long enough for that.

We tried and actually fitted 14 people inside the igloo!

See More Igloo building when we extend this with one more room!

/ [Hedda]

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