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2003-05-18 22:43:43
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The Elftown icon-competition

Mayor [Hedda] has decided it is time for an icon competition. This way, when you bookmark Elftown in your browser, you will have a beautiful icon besides the URL address to identify it better and quicker.

Icons that are not selected to be Elftown logo may be in the next voting and icons that have won before may compete again.


- Icon designs must be a PNG file (I don't know how to convert or use other formats. Sorry... No, don't tell me about Windows-programs to solve this "problem". /Hedda)

- Size must be 16 x 16 pixels

- Maximum number of colours is 3 (may be more if you play with shadings of the same colour, but if you use many different ones it becomes too messy, so keep a balance)

- Theme is free, but must have relation to Elftown

- Finished designs must be uploaded to Tech section (see Navigation Bar) after asking [Hedda] for permission. You can also use your own drawing-upload-place if you want.

*DEADLINE has been set: all entries should be in by MAY 16th!*

Note: The Elftown Crew will decide, maybe with help of a poll, and if the winner just has a lot of friends that vote, a better winner will be choosen after a discussion among the crew.



Submitted icons

[FaeryMagic] has done three versions:




And these are from [yesidiaz]



[Kaileighblue]hope this is ok on my own page


[Maedilynn]'s -put to the right size by [May-lea]-




[pinnie de woeh]'s entries




[silverflagon]'s pathetic entrys.



[surtur]'s far more pathetic entries

<img:elftown_icon_2_1.png> Leaf, no anti-aliasing for transparency

<img:elftown_icon_2_2.png> Same but with external anti-aliasing

<img:elftown_icon_2.png> Old

[Cherries]'s entry
Look at the current elftown Favicon. (I did that one)

[raph]'s three entries:




Ikons from [Scorch]:





Ikons from [Farkeld]:


Icons from [Laokin]


Icons made by [GatoNegro16]





[May-lea]'s icons






Username (or number or email):


2003-04-04 [Maedilynn]: Okay so I've uploaded my icon. Now do I put it on this page?

2003-04-07 [Lady Di]: ya, the "maximum number" thingy doesn't make any can you have more than a maximum of 3 colors?

2003-04-18 [Supera-Bitcha!!]: Yeah you can have more colors, but it's on your own risc. If you have too many colors it can screw up the balans

2003-04-19 [lothloriena]: lol ha ha cool :P

2003-04-20 [FaeryMagic]: So, um.... Where do I upload my entry???

2003-04-20 [Radagast]: exactly what I'm thinking

2003-04-20 [Anonymous]: It says it in the rules : Tech (Look at your navigation bar for the Tech button)

2003-04-22 [efilnikufecin]: I'm goin more for a neutral like icon, such as the ET over a leaf, done by [FaeryMagic].

2003-04-23 [silverflagon]: I've changed the hand holding a crystalball for a new simpler picture, this one is much easier to see, at least I think it is :)

2003-04-23 [silverflagon]: Sorry that should read Oekaki, stupid keys are too close together when we are tired!

2003-04-24 [silverflagon]: It is possible to paint a picture and save it as a png. file using an oekaki board! Once the picture is finished and posted, just right click on the picture. Choose the option, save picture as, and you should get the choice to save it as either a bmp. or a png. file. I hope this helps?

2003-04-24 [Surt]: Do you not realise that you can edit your previous comments?

2003-04-25 [silverflagon]: I do now, sorry for doubling up, I will amend them, smacks own fingers, ouch LOL!

2003-04-26 [glass]: URGENT: Whos judging???

2003-04-26 [silverflagon]: Cherry it's in the note up top of the screen, Elftowns crew will judge and there will be a poll. I'm not certain about who it is refering to as the Crew though, does that mean all members or just the admin. As just a guess. I would say it means the admin staff!

2003-04-26 [skylie]: Dead line has been set, guys. In case you miss it in the news and the top of the page, it's May 16th. ^_^ Good luck.

2003-04-27 [Super Hans]: Hey I think the best so far is FaeryMagics middle ET with a leaf one! It's great! Hope it wins!

2003-04-28 [silverflagon]: They all hurt my eyes when i strain to see them except for the leaves by surtur.

2003-04-29 [Nita]: Let's just put them all in some visible place and tell everyone to use their own favorite. But there should still be a default one, I guess...

2003-04-30 [someperson002]: i like [surtur], hey they're simple and no offense to anyone, but i think the leaves are cute and the best looking. maybe if they had a little E or something. Godd job to everyone though! ^_^ mine would just suck...

2003-05-16 [silverflagon]: Some one has done a great job of separating them, they look a lot better! Thanks to who ever did it!

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