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International Byhålenytt Tuesday 2009-07-28

IB fights holy war against record companies

On a Earth-shaking campaign of extermination, IB has filed a report to the Swedish Konsumentombudsmannen (Consumer Ombudsman) complaining that a Donald Duck comic was spreading buy-CD-advertising: (In Swedish)
In our honorable quest for self-glorification and power-hunger, IB will go on with the campaign to stop paying for music. Everyone who is against us is against us! Music will be produced way too much regardless of what we do, but you can decide if you want it free or if you should have to ask Lars Ulrich for permission every time you headbang.

By the way: UK music industry revenues were up 4.7% in 2008 and the total spending on music 3%.
Sales of recorded music fell 6%, digital was up 50% while physical dropped 10%, but concert ticket sales grew by 13%.
And these greedy bastards want to demolish the Internet to even more increase their profits:

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2009-07-30 [Viking]: IB's competitors seem to employ hot babes. Therefore, they are better =P

2009-07-30 [Hedda]: Yea, I should hire her!

2009-07-30 [Hedda]: (The comments above are about IB2009-07-29 that accidentally landed on this page.)

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