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Asexuality is not only a biological function in which frogs can reproduce within their own bodies. It is now being recognized along side the LGBQT's as a recognized sexual orientation. Asexuals are those of us who lack sexual attraction. Not necessarily sexual drive.

Aven as this website is often referred to is where young, confused, potentially asexual individuals can come and learn definitions, discuss gender, chat about relationships and potentially find out that they are not so different.

Aven is a safe and very welcoming online community that uses categorized forums to answer questions, has a chat function and also uses wiki pages to teach sexuals, asexuals, romantics and aromantics the semantics of being asexual.

There are also a number of asexual lovers on avens and it is a wonderful place for people looking for non-sexual relationships on a mental and intellectual level. It's also very open and welcoming to all kinds of people! Aven is a wonderful and helpful community that has helped me find myself and just might do the same for you!
/ [There Is No Cure]

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