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2009-12-24 05:37:12
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This idea came to me from the Secret Santa that we hold every year on Elftown. I'm wanting to somehow find a group of willing participants who don't mind sending a little holiday card joy to somebody across the world, country, state...universe even!


Here is the list, sign your name and any preferences:
1. [wicked fae mage]~I celebrate Yule, but am in a Christmas household. No preferences for my card.
2. [*Phoenix*] ~ Christmas!
3. [Silver Moon] Same as [wicked fae mage] but I prefer Yule
4. [moira hawthorne] Yule all the way... be naughty
5. [Ravendust] ~ Same as [wicked fae mage] :3
6. [Lirerial]---> Same as [wicked fae mage]!!
7. [Rook.] ~ I celebrate Christmas because I am a proud Christian :)

This wiki is now closed and I am shuffling the order of the participants for us to all make our uber cards! :0]

But I'll end sign up on the 16th and you will receive your assignment then and you can play around with your card until you're done, hopefully Kwanza (26th) will be the end of it, and next year I'll start it earlier.

Holiday Greeting Cards

Username (or number or email):


2009-12-24 [wicked fae mage]: Yes, yes. *sighs*
And they both manage to sleep with me.
Keeping me up with darting around the room, knocking stuff down and then trying to be cute.
But they have cool markings xD

2009-12-24 [*Phoenix*]: Sorry about that. Ya, I messed with it a bit and faded and stuff so it doesn't quite look like the original picture...

Awww. He sounds like a cute kitten. I understand though because I have 4 cats and mine, Morris, we found at my grandma's house and she lives on the lake so he like to drink the water out of the tree stand...They've all learned to stay away from the tree though because we've had them for a couple years...Although my dog was bad! She had a really hard tail and she's start wagging and it and BAM! an ornament would crash to the floor....*sniff* we don't have to worry about her this year...*sniff*

2009-12-24 [wicked fae mage]: *huggles* Animals are better company than most humans and we tend to miss them more, too.

2009-12-24 [moira hawthorne]: Loki's tail (our dog) is a major hazard to nearly everything... at that height... he has taken quite a few ornament off the tree so far... mostly playing with the kitten,... and general happy tail wagging... but Bond CLIMBS the tree and nothing is safe! but it not just the tree the has come under attack... he attacks everything! all the other wrapping and ribbons and boxes and stuff...

eventual he may learn that this stuff tho they only come out once a year are 'no mess with stuff'

2009-12-24 [wicked fae mage]: Sen'jin and Gracey like ribbons >.>

2009-12-24 [*Phoenix*]: lol. Cute, funny, and annoying all wrapped into one! What a great gift! lol!

2009-12-24 [wicked fae mage]: Lol, pets are just uber.

2009-12-24 [*Phoenix*]: Yes sire!!!!!!

2009-12-24 [moira hawthorne]: well peeps its 3am here.. in the frozen snowless north.. I need to head to bed... because Yule is a crazy 2 weeks and I need my rest to keep up to a very excited 9 yr old boy... I hope Bond will come sleep now too and not destroy anything while I cant stop him

2009-12-24 [wicked fae mage]: *grins* I should dress my kittehs up as santas and take pics xD

2009-12-24 [moira hawthorne]: eirikr and i put hats on Bond and Loki... Bond attacked his... Loki just gave me his... 'oh... this again' look

2009-12-24 [moira hawthorne]: bed bed bed

2009-12-24 [wicked fae mage]: G'nights my naughty faes =]
I'll be crawling into the flower to rest myself soon

2009-12-24 [Silver Moon]: same here goodnight

2010-03-14 [Hobbit teen]: I celebrate Hanukkah and Passover :)

2010-03-14 [Silver Moon]: I never got my card...

2010-03-14 [moira hawthorne]:
it was posted in [Holiday Greeting Cards@wii]
To: [Silver Moon] From: [Ravendust]

2010-03-14 [Silver Moon]: *Hugs* Thanks I love it!

2010-12-22 [moira hawthorne]: 2010 card...

Letter number: 77232697
From: [bigscaryhat]
To: [moira hawthorne]

You are making a card for [wicked fae mage] for Holiday Greetings

1. [wicked fae mage]~I celebrate Yule, but am in a Christmas household. No preferences for my card.

Merry Yule!



2010-12-23 [*Phoenix*]: I was never told who to make a 2010 card for...

2010-12-24 [Lirerial]: same...

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