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This burly humanoid stands about 6 feet (1.8 m) tall. it has hairy skin, feral eyes, and a flat nose ans chin.

Hobgolblins are larger cousins of goblins. They are far more aggressive and organised than their smaller relatives and wage war with other humanoids, particularly elves.

Hobgoblins' hair color ranges from dark reddish-brown to dark gray. They have dark orange or red-orange skin. Large males have blue or red noses. Hobgoblins' eyes are yellowish or dark brown, while their teeth are yellow. Their garments tend to be brightly colored, often blood red with black-tinted leather. Their weaponry is kept polished and in good repair.

Hobgoblins are a military breed: they live for war and believe strongly in strenght and martial prowess as the most desirable qualities for individuals and leaders alike. A hobgoblin leader is likely to be the biggest and strongest in the group, maintaining authority by enforcing strict discipline. Hobgoblins are ofter leaders amon tribes of goblins and orcs, whom they bully and treat as inferiors. Hobgoblin mercanaries sometimes enter the service of wealthy evil humanoids.

Hobgoblin society is organized into tribal bands, each intesively jealous of its reputation and status. Meetings between rival bands are likely to errupt in violence if the troops are not restrained. Only an exceptionally powerfull leader can force them to cooperate ffor any length of time. Each bands has a distinctive battle standard and carries into combat to inspire, rally, and signal the troops. Hobgoblin gangs and warbands are almost exclusive male. Bands and tribes include females who help with defense. Noncombatant hobgoblins are children to young to figth effectively.

These creatures usually make lairs in places that either boast natural defenses or can be fortified. Cavern complexes, dungeons, ruins, and forests are among their favorites. Typical lair defenses include dences, gates, guard towers, pit traps, and catapults.

Most hobgoblins worship Maglubiyet, who is also the patron deity of goblins.

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