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2005-02-15 03:53:42
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Sango: Awwww!!! That is just the cutest thing I have ever seen!!

Raven:*smiles slightly*

Yudan: It's not funny! *standing*

Goten:*hugs Yudan*

Sango: It is so funny.

Yudan: *had a raises eye look but hugs goten and rolls eyes then grins evily and grabs him and messes with his hair*


Sango: *rolls eyes and shakes head* (I wish my little brother was still aorund to do that)

*Goten tries 2 run away*

Yudan: *saw sangos face practically reading her mind, and ran into a tree not paying attention* Ow. *rubs head*

Sango: *kneels down and helps Goten fix his hair* Your head feel ok, Yudan.

Yudan: I'll survive. (she looked so sad i got so side tracked)

Sango: Should hope so. *stands* It would be very embarrassing for you to be defeated by one little tug on your ear. (I can't look sad anymore. I won't cry anymore.)

Yudan: *sensing something wrong, getting to her feet* Sango? Is something bothering u?

Sango: It's nothing. *whispers* Later. We'll talk later when the child cannot hear. (I would not want to trouble him)

Yudan: *nods head aprovingly and sits

Goten:*sits nexed 2 Ravens feet and she picks him up*

*Vegeta flew nexed 2 goku*

Yudan: *says underbreath* Great him...

Goku:Raven watch Goten i need 2 go! *both fly away*

Sango: *scratches head* what was that all about?

Yudan: Most likely a battle.

Goten:i wanna help!

Sango: you'll be able to help someday. Don't grow up too fast!

*Goten lays his head on Ravens shoulder and pouts*

Yudan: *smiles, sitting against tree looking up*

Sango: *smiles* (He is so sweet.)

Goten:Raven can i be a TeenTitan?
Raven:when ur 13
Goten:thats a long way away!

Yudan: Years will pass faster if u don't think about the time. (did i just sound wise! holly shit!)


Sango: Basically: Train hard and live your childhood while you can. You have all the time in the world to be a superhero. (So much like Kohaku...The resemblance in scary, in everything but looks.)

Goten:me and my freind are learning how to fuse!
Raven:-.- u wernt suppose to tell!

Sango: It's Ok Raven. That's very good!

Goten:ya were good at it!
Raven:u mess up
Goten:only twice!

Sango: *giggles* You must be very talented then!

Yudan: *sighs bored*


Sango: *smiles* With that attitude you'll be a hero in no time!

Goten:REALLY??! dose that mean i get a kool costume to?

Sango: *giggles* (Kids grow up so fast...Too fast...)

*Goten hoppes out of Ravens arms and tacks off her cape and wears it on himself*

Yudan: *sat silently and was in thought*

sango: *makes her way over to Yudan* Something wrong?

*Raven started chasing Goten to get her cloak back*

Yudan: No, just thinking. Naraku hasn't attacked in a while, seems odd to me...

Sango: *face darkens* We've been searching high and low for him, but there's been no sign. We just have to wait for him to make the first move.

*Raven catches him and puts her cloak back on*

Goten:who are you looking for? Slade?

Sango: someone else...*looks off into the sky* (I will kill him someday)

Yudan: *tightens fist* (just the thought of him makes me sick)

Goten:is it majin buu?

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2005-02-14 [~*~Desert Fox~*~]: -_- not me...

2005-02-14 [JapaneseMiko]: I use giant frying pans of doom

2005-02-15 [~*~Desert Fox~*~]: lol!

2005-02-15 [Raiya]: i have a sword!

2005-02-15 [JapaneseMiko]: My frying pan breaks your sword!

2005-02-15 [Raiya]: XP sting cant break!

2005-02-15 [~*~Desert Fox~*~]: lol!

2005-02-15 [JapaneseMiko]: but frying pan has the word doom at the end!

2005-02-15 [Raiya]: -.- oh no! not doom anything but doom *yawn*

2005-02-15 [JapaneseMiko]: yes DOOM!!!

2005-02-15 [Raiya]: *falls asleep*

2005-02-15 [JapaneseMiko]: <(^.^)> (____) ^(^.^)^

2005-02-15 [Raiya]: -.- great....i cant dance

2005-02-15 [JapaneseMiko]: you can...just nto happily!

2005-02-15 [Raiya]: XP

2005-02-15 [JapaneseMiko]: you proved that you can

2005-02-15 [Raiya]: <_< >_> no i didnt!

2005-02-15 [JapaneseMiko]: don't lie...

2005-02-15 [Raiya]: <_< >_> whos lying!?? IM NOT LYING! IT MUST BE U!!

2005-02-15 [JapaneseMiko]: sure....

2005-02-15 [Raiya]: yup

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