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2009-06-16 10:48:40
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[Hedda] for mayor

If I don't get to be mayor, god or something similar, I'll shut down Elftown.


What I've done

I've created Elftown.


What I will do?

Keep Elftown just as it has always been, but better and bigger. I will not put in language-filters or start allowing porn.


For how long?

Well, to be honest, it would be nice to have someone thinking of Elftown a lot more than me. I have other communities on my mind. I haven't found anyone that I trust that is less busy than me though. But I'll stay as Elftown guardian as long as I live, I assume.



I don't want your support. Give that to people that don't have unlimited power instead! ;-)
[your naked night] i support [Hedda] hes a great guy
[Dark Adherent] I SUPPORT HEDDA!!! WOOO! \m/ >.< \m/ Heh heh...I'm getting so smitten for this >>
[Nadie importante] Whoo! cause he's got the subtle skills to convince u:P! Hedda for head of elftown!!
[Floydian Slip] Heddas done a great job so far!!!!!
[Particle Girl]: I'm a supporter of unlimited power! :P
[your naked night] i support [Hedda] hes a great guy

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2005-07-07 [Zab]: Hedda for Mayor! Yes! ::worships:: erhm..never mind..

2005-07-09 [Particle Girl]: Hedda for Mayor!

2005-07-09 [Drop Dead Serif]: Pfft! Boo! I am rooting for the other guy....*looks around nervously, now paranoid of beeing divinely smitten....* But Hedda.... No Porn? Omg if all the 12 year olds spamming, "Want to Cyber?!" read this, ET's population will drop considerably!

2005-07-09 [Zab]: Hope they read this, then.

2005-07-11 [macus]: hum

2005-07-12 [Sagacious Turkey]: hedda...? for mayor...? phffft! He'll never make it...

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