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One of our banners!Made by [Wes Foxx]
Colored by [Zab]

Wow, you really just can't leave that button alone.. O_o

Have Fun!
Hello! I´m just trying to do a wiki-page. So anyone who wants can write here or do what they want

have_fun members memberslist.
have_fun animals Here you can talk about your favorite animals
have_fun art You can put art up here, an I might do some badges.
This is a <img:> Like the rest of Have_fun´ sirter wikis.To know more, visit safe zone

We dosn´t have to many members yet, this page is quite new, but dont let that stop you. you can always talk to us:)

Well, if someone have anything to write; go ahead!!!
And if you have any pictures; feel free to put them up here.

Please don´t delete anything but wrong-spelled words. :-)
Made by [Zab]

[Ghost the Hybrid] is a wicked_girl. rat zzz

I found some wise words a few days ago, and I´m going to put them up here in english and my translation in swedish:

If you love something,
set it free.
If it doesn´t return,
it was never meant to be.
If it does,
love it forever.

Om du älskar något,
släpp det fritt.
Om det inte återvänder,
skulle det aldrig bli ditt.
Om det kommer igen,
var en evig vän.


Like it!

If it doesn´t stand something else, all immages are taken from elftown graphics

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[aimfire]: *pokes them both.*

[Zab]: *pokes back*

[aimfire]: *pokes twice*

[Zab]: * my hand....pokepokepokepokepokepokepokepokepokepokepokepokepokepokepokepokepoke....hand wents numb....pokepokepokepokepokepokepokepokepokepokepokepokepokepokepokepokepokepokepokepoke*

[aimfire]: *tickles*

[Ghost the Hybrid]: huh??????

[Zab]: *hihihi* *tickles back* Hi Maria!

[Ghost the Hybrid]: hi zab

[Zab]: Hi.

[Ghost the Hybrid]: how are you^^

[Zab]: I´´m fine....look at the picture at...Sara´s piedestal it´s in the comment box..

[Stephen]: "If you love something, set it free. If it doesn't return, it was never meant to be. If it does, love it forever." Hmmm.... I did that with my bf and he came back...

[Stephen]: :D

[your mom goes to college24]: ....UMMM....yeeeaaahhhh

[Ghost the Hybrid]: *the saga begins of weirdal yakovic*

[Stephen]: Spam spam. :P

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