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Hara, or Wraeththu
(pr. "Ray-thoo")

Har (s.), Hara (pl.), or Wraeththu (spec.)
As a playable race

See also: Wraeththu RPG


What is Wraeththu?!?! =


Physical Description:
     The Wraeththu are androgynous beings of nearly inhuman beauty and luster. They are both male and female in a single body, either born from another har (a 'hostling') or transformed from a normal human into Wraeththu in a process known as 'Inception'.
     Harrish personal characteristics, including apparel, grooming, eye/skin/hair color all vary by organization or region, as well as personal appearance prior to inception in those cases where humans become har through a 'Harhune' ceremony.

Personality and Psychology:
     Hara can be termed androgynous (being fully hermaphrodite), or can lean toward a masculine or feminine nature in certain cases (especially in the newly-incepted), though a typical mentality is one of feminine passion with masculine drive and sexual disposition. Sexual and primal energies can be shared during the 'sharing of breath' (kissing, with a spiritual/metaphysical aspect) and 'aruna' (passionate temporary union, a binding of souls). Hara crave this passion in spirit from their inception (or in second generation hara, 'feybraiha', which is a sort of coming of age like puberty), and it sometimes becomes a central tenet of how to conduct everyday harrish society. Sexuality is seen as natural, and not a sinful act, and this change in mentality lends itself to a certain romantic, almost Hellenistic passion, which most modern human citizens would probably term debaucherous and crude.
     Despite their somewhat lusty tendencies, hara are for the most part like typical humans, except in their mentality. Being fully female and male in one body, their personality is a general mix of both emotional states, with a lean in some individuals more than others. Until a har progresses through training, known as 'caste progression', they are mostly like humans. Wraeththu who train their minds and spirits to be more in tune with Self and the Earth find themselves on the Path to Immortal Self. This form of social betterment comes with consequences, as many 'tribes' of Wraeththukind do not see eye to eye on many topics, including social betterment. Certain 'tribes' prefer to be at war with humans and each other, and in this sense have not adapted very far beyond their human predecessors. Others who have trained, journeyed, dabbled and sought for Inner Harmony become great heroes among their kind. Harrish poetry and art is akin to elven artisanship on many levels, and their melodramatic perspective on life often exacerbates this effect in social design and aesthetic elements. Hara are completely unrelated to elves in every other way. Hara are either born har or incepted. Not every inceptee lives through the process, and sometimes it leaves scars on the new har both seen and unseen. For the most part, all women die when incepted, though a similar lineage known as the 'Kamagrian' do have members who are incepted from among womankind. Hara and 'parazha' (plural of parage, or Kamagriankind) cannot mate, and taking aruna with one another creates dire consequences, where both parties depart this existence.

Abilities and RPG Information:
     Hara who have gone through Caste Progression gain many intriguing and magical abilities of the mind and spirit, and it is not uncommon for a 'Nahir-Nuri' har to show their power in a dramatic, typically harrish manner.
     Other 'castes' include: Kaimana (Ara, Neoma, Brynie), Ulani (Acantha, Pyralis, Algome), and the highest, 'Nahir-Nuri' (which are not referred to in their tiers - Efrata, Aislinn, Cleatha).


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2006-01-10 [xido]: This needs more.... obviously... So I need my two mods to get crackin on what they think should be posted. I will edit in whatever you wish, or you can both edit as you please. no pages are currently passworded, but we can make one for mods only, if you wish.

2006-01-18 [Heru]: The only information I can think of would be the base physical and mental facts that change human from hara. The only problem with this is that it is already written, on the official Wraeththu site. As I don't think copying and pasting the material would be right, what else is their to do.

2006-01-20 [xido]: hit me the page you're thinking of, and I'll connect a couple of facts and then post some Ruby pics (since I also have her permission to post here as long as I include her website) and some links on the subject from other official sites.

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