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This page is dedicated to guitar legends which is why its called guitar legends! If theres someone you think deserves to be on here tell me!

RULES: guitar legends rules They are finally here and you better obey them!
BANNERS: guitar legend banners take one pleaseee.....

People in charge people:

[.IntereSted In Madness.] creator, all powerfull (yeh w/e)
[beccalambertxxx] kinda all-powerfull but not as all-powerfull as meee!

Higher Memebrs (not in charge but are like staff members):

[Atayemi] made 2 banners thank you *bows randomly*

[Case Open] Has helped (done all the work) on the rules and has been an early member of the wiki.




1.[beccalambertxxx]----banner maker (dats y dey r so shit)
2.[.IntereSted In Madness.]-----Creator of this wiki,
3.[MakeMeFamous.] cool wiki!
4.[insane-membrane] Sweet wiki!!
6.[.!.]guitars fuckin rock!
7.[~lil~]-just joined
8.[bexxxx]----- whey guitarz rock
9. [Case Open]...... Whhheeeeeeee, go Guitar guys
10. [. . .]
11. [oi u!]i had to be on
12. [Rioan]Green Day Rox!!!!!]
13. [ryanstalker] know too much, more than you:P
14. [Atayemi] wOO rock on dudes!! My guitar kicks serious ass man!!
15. [adios everyone] awesome! guitars are the greatest!
16. [h-t-m-l] oww yey all your widhes have been granted yey
17. [Tickle Me Emo] I come from the land of rock legends. Too bad tis not infectious...
18. [Mr. Crowley] This rocks man!
19. [rahhh]
20.[Blvd. of broken dreams] Billie Joe rocks!
21. [Anthrax] YAY!!!
22. [SHALA SNIPER.]Woo Hooo
23. [BEATBOX ROMANCE.]-mint, howcome NO-ONE told me bout this wiki
24.[intell celtrino] wher i like having my way with my guitar!!
25. [chaza1] woooooooo!!
26. [jo has gone] Herman Li from Dragonforce without a doubt
27.[* Pink Cherry *]i play guitar myself and it rox!! i love guitars !!
28.[Son of Northern Darkness] Metallica are gods,
30.[passive restraints] guitars own.
31.[tenaciousJ] Guitar is great it sure is!
32.[Scream, Aim, Fire!!]

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2006-02-08 [beccalambertxxx]: stevethepig       thats his password honestly

2006-02-08 [//candy_heart\\]: lol!

2006-02-08 [//candy_heart\\]: all hail the sox! the sox of gluttonblurg will rule!


2006-02-08 [//candy_heart\\]: whos killing me?

2006-02-08 [//candy_heart\\]: THEY ARE! AHHHH

2006-02-08 [//candy_heart\\]: wow! schizophrenia! neva thought id c the day

2006-02-08 [//candy_heart\\]: well with all that randomness aside how is everyone?

2006-02-08 [beccalambertxxx]: haha, scarey argh             well im speaking on the behalf of everyone wen i say " im sooooooo bored" hehe

2006-02-08 [//candy_heart\\]: me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2006-02-08 [//candy_heart\\]: lol! i was playing hungry fish at lunch time nd i think i definatley freaked evry one out!

2006-02-08 [//candy_heart\\]: i made up a song! it goes die fishie fishe die die die fishe fishy! nd i kept singing it while i was playing then i luked up and they were all staring at me lyk ok she has gone completey crazy!

2006-02-08 [//candy_heart\\]: i dont think they're used 2 ma crazy hypa moods yet! lol!

2006-02-08 [beccalambertxxx]: haha, they are funny

2006-02-09 [//candy_heart\\]: lol! am ill! am ill! AGEN! its so unfair am hardly eva ill but av bin ill 2 in 3 weeks!

2006-02-09 [beccalambertxxx]: , aww so u aint coming 2 skl den?

2006-02-09 [//candy_heart\\]: no! yay! except its goin 2 b really borin

2006-02-09 [//candy_heart\\]: cz evry 1 else is at skool so i hav no1 2 talk 2!

2006-02-10 [Case Open]: Awwwww

2006-02-10 [//candy_heart\\]: i kno! ahhh off agen! i h8 bein ill! *sniffs*

2006-02-10 [beccalambertxxx]: bless, skl was boring,

2006-02-11 [Case Open]: Lol, yeah, as always

2006-02-11 [beccalambertxxx]: yup, its only interesting if there is a fight ha

2006-02-11 [//candy_heart\\]: lol!

2006-02-12 [Case Open]: Yeah, I know what you mean

2006-02-15 [SHALA SNIPER.]: hey everyone hows u all been?

2006-02-16 [Case Open]: Good, you?

2006-02-16 [//candy_heart\\]: ill! lol!

2006-02-16 [SHALA SNIPER.]: Awww I was ill kinda still am got sent hom for puking at school today lol! SCORE!

2006-02-16 [beccalambertxxx]: eww, but woot

2006-02-17 [//candy_heart\\]: lol! i was sent home on wednsday nd am still off

2006-02-17 [Case Open]: I have today and Monday off of school

2006-02-18 [SHALA SNIPER.]: im at my bnfs i ot friday off to come here wow!!! lol xxx

2006-02-18 [beccalambertxxx]: so lucky, well its the holidays for me now, yey *woot*

2006-02-18 [//candy_heart\\]: yay! holidays! whoop!

2006-02-18 [Case Open]: Lol

2006-02-19 [SHALA SNIPER.]: Ahh shut up! I want holidays so I can see him again I had to leve him tonight!!! :(

2006-02-20 [Case Open]: Dude, don't tell me to shut up!

2006-02-20 [beccalambertxxx]: *gasps* we are friends!!!!!! so u can all shut up, hehe o/j lv u all xx

2006-02-20 [Case Open]: Lol

2006-02-20 [//candy_heart\\]: yay! betta agen! thank god 4 that

2006-02-20 [Case Open]: Did any of you guys see the movie When A Stranger Calls?

2006-02-20 [SHALA SNIPER.]: Aww sorry I ddnt mean it bad I was just really sad cuz i just left him... its hard not seeing him!!! sorry

2006-02-21 [beccalambertxxx]: i know. lool. well love is wonderful but when you arnt woth them its hell. </3

2006-02-21 [//candy_heart\\]: lool! lol!

2006-02-21 [beccalambertxxx]: hi rachael. xx

2006-02-21 [//candy_heart\\]: hiya! urgh the holidays r so borin! i mean theyre betta than skool but am so bored! lool! lol!

2006-02-21 [//candy_heart\\]: i'll stop saying lool now! lol!

2006-02-21 [beccalambertxxx]: lol. yey i got drunk on sat nyt nd becca was sik 12 times and we are gettin drunk again at ali woods house on friday, hehe. im naughty, bi xx

2006-02-21 [//candy_heart\\]: lol! yer i heard frm becca! she sed shes neva gunna drink agen! i

2006-02-21 [beccalambertxxx]: hehe, thats wht she says!

2006-02-21 [SHALA SNIPER.]: Aww how is everyone again lol

2006-02-21 [beccalambertxxx]: well, im really happy thank you.

2006-02-22 [SHALA SNIPER.]: hehe good good whys that?X

2006-03-04 [Madboyac]: Hi, it's [.IntereSted In Madness.] someone chanmged my password so I can't get on my old username but a friend let me have his.

2006-03-04 [beccalambertxxx]: swkd. hi guppie. ow my gawsh. its been ages since we talked :0

2006-03-04 [//candy_heart\\]: i kno! hi peeps

2006-03-04 [//candy_heart\\]: omg i went into newcastle this morning nd i got lyk 5 new tops nd a new paair of jeans!!! i couldnt believe it! but oh well i guess i wont be getting any clothes for a while

2006-03-04 [Case Open]: Lucky... you actually get cloths... I have... 6 shirts... and 3 pairs of jeans... that's... it

2006-03-05 [SHALA SNIPER.]: lol i got alot clothes actually all thou they r gay!¬

2006-03-06 [beccalambertxxx]: ano, tha stuff i want is normally way expensive nd wen i get it its out ov fashion, im kinda fashion consious.

2006-03-06 [SHALA SNIPER.]: um... do u like neddy clothes or?

2006-03-07 [//candy_heart\\]: well i only have 2 pairs of jeans and 7 tops so i dont get that much more clothes than u

2006-03-07 [beccalambertxxx]: well i like all sorts of clothes. I hardly wear any of my clothes

2006-03-07 [beccalambertxxx]: i mean, i normally wear the same things

2006-03-07 [Case Open]: That's weird

2006-03-07 [beccalambertxxx]: eh? i confused my self. i like to luk different in the same clothes, hahahahaha. im bored

2006-03-07 [SHALA SNIPER.]: lol yeah

2006-03-08 [//candy_heart\\]: i always wear the same clothes 2!

2006-03-08 [SHALA SNIPER.]: hehe. naked peoples!!!!

2006-03-09 [beccalambertxxx]: hee hee, we are silly

2006-03-09 [SHALA SNIPER.]: lol yhus!

2006-03-10 [Case Open]: Naked people? Where

2006-03-10 [SHALA SNIPER.]: lol

2006-03-10 [//candy_heart\\]: lol! we're all silly! whoo!

2006-03-10 [beccalambertxxx]: who is naked? im not nacked. r u? i dont fink so. errrr wut if ur naked while at ur computer. ewwwww. heehee.     ow i just burnt my tunge on HOT chocolate. :P

2006-03-11 [Case Open]: Hot Chocolate rules man. And we're all Naked.... ~*Underneath it all*~

2006-03-11 [beccalambertxxx]: oh yer.XD

2006-03-15 [//candy_heart\\]: lol! am bored! wts evry1 bin up 2 then1! i bet evry1 got off skool cz of the snow except the duchess high skool!

2006-03-15 [SHALA SNIPER.]: mine didnt sadly!!! im not naked.. only underneatha dnin showers lol... um.. hot choc is gewd but i burnt my tongue ona chiken nugget so im eatin gand ice cream wooh oo!! Xx

2006-03-16 [beccalambertxxx]: ok, lol

2006-03-16 [SHALA SNIPER.]: thats spelling was atrocious!

2006-03-17 [//candy_heart\\]: lol

2006-03-17 [beccalambertxxx]: i understood it. :D im sepical tho

2006-03-19 [SHALA SNIPER.]: hehe... how are you all.. how was ur weekwends? Xx

2006-03-20 [beccalambertxxx]: brillient thank you, my boyfriend came up 2 c me :D

2006-03-21 [//candy_heart\\]: awww! i went up 2 yorkshire and got stuck in a field surrounded by sheep!

2006-03-21 [SHALA SNIPER.]: hahahahaha dnt say u were stuk bet u had a nice time witj those sheep :P hahaha

2006-03-21 [//candy_heart\\]: hahahahahahaha

2006-03-21 [SHALA SNIPER.]: hhehe

2006-05-11 [Case Open]: nobod's talked on here for forever

2006-05-11 [chaza1]: HEY HEY ppl how are you

2006-05-11 [beccalambertxxx]: lol, hey im good. that sheep thing is funny

2006-05-11 [SHALA SNIPER.]: Hmmyes!! I am gald it had commenced again

2006-05-12 [Case Open]: Sheep thing?

2006-05-12 [Case Open]: On the other hand, no, i don't want to know

2006-05-12 [SHALA SNIPER.]: Hmmyes

2006-05-15 [SHALA SNIPER.]: How are we all?

2006-05-15 [beccalambertxxx]: hehe

2006-05-16 [Case Open]: I'm super fantastic, how about you

2006-05-16 [SHALA SNIPER.]: Hm i'm quite alright tired and pissed of at my neighbours and puppy"

2006-05-16 [Case Open]: Don't be pissed at your puppy, your puppy is cute

2006-05-16 [SHALA SNIPER.]: Hmmm yeah he is I just gave hima big hug and kisses then he was chewing my fingers because he is teething! Aww

2006-05-18 [//candy_heart\\]: awww i luv puppies..........their cute

2006-05-18 [//candy_heart\\]: even wen they r teething

2006-05-18 [//candy_heart\\]: lol am bored nd there is no1 2 talk2

2006-05-18 [beccalambertxxx]: im talking, puppys are even cuter when they are teething

2006-05-18 [SHALA SNIPER.]: Hmm yeah hes so sweet at the moment his colours are comign through and stuff.

2006-05-19 [Case Open]: Awwwww, I want to see a picture

2006-05-19 [//candy_heart\\]: awwww cute i rememba wen ma dog was a puppy his paws weere realy big compared 2 the rest of him nd he kept falling over! lol!

2006-05-19 [SHALA SNIPER.]: Thats what mien eas like about amonth ago.. i'll see about a picture likes" Xxx

2006-05-22 [//candy_heart\\]: lol

2006-05-22 [SHALA SNIPER.]: heheheh I was going to take some this morning but I cant use my phone and my digi cam ia terrible!

2006-05-22 [Case Open]: Poop, well hurry, it's drivin' me nuts!! I love puppies

2006-05-22 [SHALA SNIPER.]: Hehehe.

2006-06-03 [SHALA SNIPER.]: Ahh Speak!

2006-06-05 [beccalambertxxx]: wow. hi every1

2006-06-05 [SHALA SNIPER.]: Notice that all of us talk on the same wiki's?

2006-06-05 [Case Open]: Yeah, basically

2006-06-06 [beccalambertxxx]: lol, and we all have different conversations, thats kinda funny. hehe

2006-06-06 [SHALA SNIPER.]: Aye!

2006-06-07 [Case Open]: Like... the owner of this wiki dissapeared, he was SO NICE, I miss him

2006-06-07 [SHALA SNIPER.]: Hm yes

2006-06-07 [beccalambertxxx]: i dont think he has a computer anymore...

2006-06-07 [SHALA SNIPER.]: hMMK

2006-06-07 [Case Open]: I know, he doesn't.

2006-06-07 [SHALA SNIPER.]: Tis shit then... never spoke to him mysef.

2006-06-08 [Case Open]: You were way too late of a member

2006-06-08 [SHALA SNIPER.]: hmmyes

2006-06-08 [beccalambertxxx]: if you met him in real life you would think.........'blank' he is a very random person

2006-06-08 [SHALA SNIPER.]: 'blank'?

2006-06-08 [beccalambertxxx]: nothing, speechless

2006-06-08 [SHALA SNIPER.]: lol

2006-06-09 [Case Open]: But he's a very COOL random person

2006-06-15 [oi u!]: guppie dosnt cum on here any more cozhe dont lyk u lot.......

2006-06-15 [beccalambertxxx]: NO, i asked him today when we were walking home and he said somebody changed his password and he cant get it back

2006-06-15 [SHALA SNIPER.]: Alrigt then..

2006-06-16 [Case Open]: Um.. I thougth we established that we were kinda going to speak in ENGLISH on this site..... hmmmm, somebody didn't read the guidelines!

2006-06-16 [beccalambertxxx]: what?  english? huh?

2006-06-16 [Case Open]: [oi u!], I can't understand a word they said

2006-06-16 [beccalambertxxx]: oh right, lol. well he is a baboon anyway, thats how he cant type.

2006-06-17 [Case Open]: lyk, omg, dat gurl was totly hott, she was lyk wkd, ya knw?? Strait up bioch.

2006-06-17 [Case Open]: *Rolls eyes* Damnit I fucking hate that

2006-06-17 [beccalambertxxx]: what girl? huh?

2006-06-17 [Case Open]: Lol, EXACTLY!

2006-06-17 [beccalambertxxx]: Okkkk

2006-06-17 [Case Open]: You can't understand it, or... anything! It's pathetic...and didn't we not even like guppie?

2006-06-18 [//candy_heart\\]: i'm confused

2006-06-18 [beccalambertxxx]: so am i, dont worry. lol

2006-06-18 [Case Open]: Lol, don't worry, me too!!

2006-06-19 [//candy_heart\\]: lol yay am not the only one *does a little dance*

2006-06-19 [//candy_heart\\]: am sorry am weird i shall hang my head in shame

2006-06-19 [SHALA SNIPER.]:


</subMissing: </sub>

2006-06-21 [Case Open]: ..alright then. *Picks your head up* never hang your head, hold it up high for being weird, that's what I do every day *Smiles and lifts head up high* I'M WEIRD AND PROUND!

2006-06-21 [Case Open]: And your not weird, just so you know ^^

2006-06-21 [SHALA SNIPER.]: Me?

2006-06-22 [Case Open]: no, candy heart

2006-06-22 [beccalambertxxx]: how you have the best weekend?

2006-06-22 [SHALA SNIPER.]: Went to london to see foo fighters and stuff...

2006-06-24 [beccalambertxxx]: oh cool. and im guessing it was a good gig

2006-06-25 [SHALA SNIPER.]: yyaaaahhh

2006-06-25 [Scream, Aim, Fire!!]: guppy add me to ya wiki

2006-06-25 [beccalambertxxx]: guppy dont come on this anymore

2006-06-26 [Case Open]: Ha, because um... guppy got some brains and realized he wasn't welcome. But anyways, I hate the Foo Fighters, I don't know why, they get annoying, but that's just me own personal imput

2006-06-26 [beccalambertxxx]: lol. nice

2006-06-26 [SHALA SNIPER.]: lol ok then

2006-06-26 [Case Open]: God, I feel so fucking sick

2006-06-27 [beccalambertxxx]: aww no, whats up like?

2006-06-27 [SHALA SNIPER.]: -does face-

2006-06-27 [Case Open]: *Giggles*


2006-10-01 [beccalambertxxx]: yeah, dis wiki is kwl, it's a good wiki

2006-10-01 [SHALA SNIPER.]: aye

2006-10-02 [Case Open]: Lol, now all we have to do is think of something to say! Anybody have any new favorite bands?

2006-10-11 [Mr. Crowley]: hmm, any new? nope, just discovered some old ones:p

2006-10-11 [Case Open]: that's cool

2006-10-12 [Mr. Crowley]: oh yeah!^^
in my opinion, the best bands are the old ones^^

2006-10-12 [SHALA SNIPER.]: I am into metal now haha lol.
So good though.
Ehh indie alot aswell.

2006-10-12 [Case Open]: I'm not much of the metal.

2006-10-13 [SHALA SNIPER.]: Lol, it's all my boyfriends fault.
I just like the sound of the guitars and the voice os sometimes great cuz, well there are so many diffirent types of metal. :] x

2006-10-13 [Case Open]: Ahhhh

2006-10-13 [Mr. Crowley]: yeah, metal's the best:)

2006-10-15 [SHALA SNIPER.]: lol,.

2006-11-14 [beccalambertxxx]: i dont like metal...i like punk pop or rock pop that kinda stuff!

2006-11-14 [Case Open]: Pop never goes with punk or rock.... ever.

2006-11-15 [Mr. Crowley]: pop punk and rock pop?
you should get your head checked...

2006-12-31 [beccalambertxxx]: ryt.....

2007-01-03 [SHALA SNIPER.]: hmmkayy!

2007-01-05 [Case Open]: We need the owner of this page back.

2007-01-14 [IAmTheWarlus]: Im back, I found one of my old accounts that I made waaaaaaaaaaaaay back and I only found it when I got an email saying I had a message!! So, yeah Im back

2007-01-14 [Case Open]: YES! OH MY GOD I'M SO HAPPY.

2007-07-31 [Madboyac]: Why, thank you! Did this wiki die or something? I forgot my password (again!)

2007-08-03 [Case Open]: Well.... People just kinda stopped messaging on it. It's quite sad really. I sure hope it didn't die, because... that would suck! lol

2008-01-02 [Mr. Crowley]: I think it did:p

2008-01-03 [Case Open]: OH NO! *Shakes you* WAKE UP!!!

2008-01-08 [Mr. Crowley]: something has to be done:p

2008-01-09 [Case Open]: haha, most definately!!

2008-01-09 [Mr. Crowley]: but, what to do...?:p

2008-01-10 [Case Open]: Hmmm... we'll give you a guitar!

2008-01-15 [Mr. Crowley]: sounds awsome!:p

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