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2008-06-17 01:08:07
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2006-08-28 [Pumkinhead]: o........k

2006-08-29 [Lothuriel]: This is awesome!! You are such a clever one!!

2006-08-29 [NOOOPE]: WOORT!

2006-08-29 [Hello Sunshine]: Only a few weeks til my digi cam comes in, hun! I'll post my pic once it gets here!

2006-08-29 [NOOOPE]: yus!

2006-09-09 [~stephanie~]: you guys r wacked out frogs dont have feelings u should start a program for abused and abanden children and dont worry so much about fuckin toads

2006-09-09 [NOOOPE]: ....... wow. Here's an idea, how about you do it instead and let me have my fun, ok?

2006-09-09 [Hello Sunshine]: ...That comment absolutely made my day. For one thing, this is a fun wiki. Why bash it when there are tons of others just like it? Hmmm? Answer me that, hun. Secondly, haha, I doubt M really cares about what you think. I know I don't. =P FROG FACES RULE.

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