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2008-07-31 16:29:44
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Faces for Cheap


Here's the dealio amigo, I will draw your character's face, and neck and maybe shoulders for a euro/equivalent, donated to elftown, in my name, so I may one day have pretty colors.

What style will it be in, you ask, with narrowed eyes. I'll make some examples later, but basically, if you don't want anything specific, I'll do what I feel like or what I think fits. I do not, however, do anime and will not even if you put a gun to my head. I also would prefer not getting anime like characters to draw, aka flawless young people with a vague description of their features. Those are hard to draw 'cause they are boring and I am easily distracted.

You want something more than a face, you fool?

The reason I'm doing just faces is 'cause the less complicated and quickly done a commission is, the more likely I am to do it. Therefore, in doing just faces, you are guaranteed your pic will get done. BUT, if you want more, many factors come into play, like, how easy it'd be for me, if it sounds fun and if I know you. So I'd say stick with the face or message me.

**** Style examples would go here ****


Submit Character Descriptions Here

Don't have one? Feel free to use M ap


* A Few Notes: Send a euro to elftown after I've finished your character and you're satisfied. If you don't like how the image turned out, tell me and I'll change it. Also, it would be wise to note if you picked a style that was more realistic or had more detail, more detail means more chances the image'll look different from how you imagined it. So, uh, be warned.

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2008-08-01 [Nocturnaliss]: Hmmm... I may have to hire your services in the near future. Sounds like a good trade to me :D

2008-08-22 [Lady of Lore]: So M, the euro converted to the US Dollar is about $1.50, you're taking comissions of faces for $1.50 donated in your name to ET is that correct? (Makes sures I gots it right)

2008-08-22 [NOOOPE]: I kinda abandoned this idea... but, bleck, if you're up for it, I guess I am as well.

2008-08-22 [Lady of Lore]: :p If you dont wanna you don't have to ^_^

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