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2009-03-04 02:06:50
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Herrgårn Tuesday 2009-03-03

I'm missing names here! Press box-edit or make a comment, please! I have to sleep and feed my cats.
Sonic very sleepy, but she can't help staring at the camera
Lilo in the sofa
Hedda and Oliver's friend.
Oliver [@fb646215237] and Mostafa.
Ankatrin (German) and Martina (Italian) beauties.
Spaniard and Chile-guy and Hedda.
Marcin and them.
Alexander and Joakim
Fadri [@fb581740159] and Manuel (Is it [@fb37008766]? More likely it's [@fb568371512]).
Girls and Rhys
Swedish party-hats!
Erik and Tjaša
Alexandra (Sasha) and [Hedda]
Friends of Sofie, I guess.
And even more people!
It isn't like one want to miss a photo opportunity with Sofie...
She has a big one!
Mat and girls.
Jafer is here as usual.
Hedda and Franzi
The nice Australian who gave me a what-ever-it-was.
Apparently Marc is the most sexy thing in the world right now... No comment! Oh, too late for that. Just don't read the previous.
Lost names and Dileg.
It's a map over Rome!
Salih is having a birthday!
And Dileg, Turan and Hedda
And all of them.
Birthday babes for Salih!
Oliver is forcing people to play a boring game...
Big queue to go home.
It's really big!

/ [Hedda]

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