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2009-02-25 02:09:14
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Tuesday 2009-02-24. Lilo, Ättestupan in the honour of Daniel Westling's engagement and then HG. 
Lilo was just sleeping with her paw in the air, but I was laughing so hard when I saw it that she took it down.
She's really trying to sleep there on her box on top of my monitor.
Jakob at Ättestupan.
Helene and Lotta
Lotta and Tore
Dinners at HG
Marcin eating some vegetarian.
Kamil [@fb1224244403] and [Hedda]
Marcin's vegetarian meal.
Marcin and Marcin!
My fish. Pretty good, but it looks boring. I got loads of vegetables with that though.
David (Austria), Yesim [@fb577954025] and Dilek
Christer, Dilek and David.
Jafer, Medhi and Vinote
Alfonso [@fb711104706], Rubén [@fb1231027193] and Christian?
Carlos and Hedda
Max and Hedda
Sabrina (Swiss), Sarah and Max
People drinking champaign in the blur.
Guy telling me to go to Platens tomorrow.
Nicola. One of the 2 non-Spanish people that later on were on HG at 02 o'clock.
Julien and friend
Pink guy
Beer drinking girls!
[Hedda] and Elinora.
When you try to close a party, suddenly there are 4711 Spaniards there singing load. It always happens!
Like this!
Or this!

/ [Hedda]

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