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2009-05-06 02:16:35
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HerrgĂ„rn 2009-05-05, also known as the cenco de mayo. But I found no Mexicans who wanted to drink mayonnaise with me... 
At 20:30 HG was crowded! I had to queue to get in!
People everywhere! At dinner time!
Huge Spanish gang.
Paul [@fb1102119791] with some polish and other stuff in the background.
That's a nice dress. I want one too!
Hedda trying to look American.

The most "American" guy I could think of was McCain and he looks like that but about 4711 years older. But it's similar, isn't it?
And she doesn't look like McCain. Not even when he was young!
William on his last HG Tuesday!
And that would be Jens. People in the queue thought I knew him... Which I apparently do... Not that I remember it though.
Duvel! Seriously! I mean


Tautvydas [@fb1551379737]
Erik, guy and Simon
Ian, girl, Yen and Jafer
Erik with and excuse to hug a girl...
Christophe [@fb625078212] trying to write his name to me. It wasn't correct even when I tried to do it, but I got it right now anyway! Seems like I have to go there to party on Saturday...
The Bex-bar at HG. (The second floor beer bar).
A blue margarita! Fancy!
Dileg and guy.
At the place of Emil, Doncho and Maxim
That would be Sarah (Spelling), Turan and someone.

/ [Hedda]

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