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Character name: Elian

Home world: Earth, thousands of years after global warming finally reached it‘s peak, melting the ice caps, and changing the world as we know it. The surface is flooded, it’s oceans having melded into one gigantic body, and the few land masses that survived, all swamplands and marshes. Monstrous sea creatures evolved from it’s once varied ecosystem, becoming the top predators easily with their girth and raw power. What few people remained after this catastrophic shift were forced to adapt and evolve quickly, forming around the treacherous terrain.

Race: A peace loving, flight rather than fight subspecies of humans that called Paradines, and are commonly referred to as sirens, mermaids,etc(you get the gist right? They're freakin Aquamen! lmao) by other‘s as for there unique traits. Their body structures changed rapidly to compensate for the changing environment. Webbing stretched to the furthermost joints of the digits on each limb, along with a varied skin texture to decrease drag, and thus improve there agility underwater drastically. Primitive gills have also formed, making this new species amphibious, giving them the opportunity to live in both the swamps, sea, or what little ‘dry’ land was left comfortably. Along with these drastic physical changes, psychological ones came to be as well. With the ever rising need for more “animalistic” senses and behavior, their brains adapted as well, increasing the size of the lobes controlling motor skills, and the basic senses, boosting them to inhuman proportions. These changes opened the door to the otherwise unreachable subconscious depths of the mind, bringing light to new ways of communication. Basically, telepathy was the only way for them to communicate quickly in there homes be it at sea, or in the marshes, so the need for speech was no more, and thus they are now unable to speak verbally at all. And as the need for stealth increased, so did the means, both technologically, and physiologically. An odd pigment formed in there skin, allowing them to bend the light around them, enabling these people to blend into there surroundings perfectly like a chameleon of sorts, but with a twist. Not only could they manipulate the light touching there body, but what fell close to them as well, letting them create close range illusions, or mirages so to speak to either confuse, or escape there attackers.

Age: 24

Height: 5’9”

Eye color/shape: flecks of red floating in a golden amber pool. They have a slight slant with a faint hooded look to the eyelids.

Hair color/style: Platinum silver, cascading down past his shoulders.

Face specifics: Pale, almost sickly in appearance by nature. He bears high cheek bones that accent his eyes, slimming down to a squared chin. With both his rare hair color, and even rarer eye pigmentation, he’s considered quite beautiful among his people, and most other species that have even seen him.

Body specifics: Limbs are slender, yet well toned. They bear webbing on their hands and feet, and a unique skin texture to help them swim faster. The torso is sleek, and well muscled creating a streamlined, perfect figure that’s well adapted to the harshness of his homeland. They have an unusually pale skin tone, nearly albino because with the shifts in the climate, the ozone layer repaired it’s self, and in turn, UV rays could no longer penetrate it’s veil, thus no tan!

Occupation: A watcher. He’s a scout of sorts, burdened with the job of watching his cities borders day in and day out. Being as he’s responsible for what happens should he fail his job, the elders of his village have given him permission to strike and eliminate anything he portrays as a threat. He is the only person with this kind of freedom, considering that his people abhor violence, which makes his a much harder cross to bear.
History: Even from a young age, he was the best at everything. From the simplest childhood games, to the mastery of skills, and complexity of his illusions, none in his village could surpass him. This boosted his ego, and his competitive nature skyrocketed until one fateful childhood accident. He and some of the other top ranking schoolmates were out at sea during an routine evasiveness exercise. Testing out what they’d learned in class, different techniques and what not to there unique abilities, they were all trying to outwit one another, and unwittingly let dusk slip right past them and fall into the night. Completely unaware that they’d lead one of the terrorizing creatures strait to there homeland shores, just before they could arrive, one disappeared suddenly. Going out to look for him, they’d realized what they had done, before they could escape, two more had been picked off by other creatures dwelling within the treacherous waters. Elian’s superior control of his abilities were the only thing that saved his own life. Returning home, he was shocked at what he saw, his home had been utterly destroyed by the same beast that had attacked both himself, and his classmates, killing many gruesomely. After that fateful incident, the burden of ‘watcher’ was placed on him. And from then on, the concept of life and death undoubtedly intrigued him. He was absolutely awestruck at how the life within something could slip away so easily, and this obsession with death made the majority of his once called “friends” shy away from him, leading to the hermit like life he possesses now.

Personality: lapsidaisical and completely care free, yet serious and reserved, within the depths of his mind reside nothing but oxymorons and infinite perplexities. He can never truly make up his mind on anything, finding it best, and easiest for other’s to make decisions for him. He’s usually the quiet thinker, over analyzing every aspect of everything that crosses his mind, but never tells you how he truly feels about anything. This fact tends to make people believe he’s a complete idiot, when the opposite is quite true.

Sexual preference: He has no preference what so ever. He has no true desire for commitment either, making the life of a bachelor perfect for him. Sex is for nothing but enjoyment as far as he’s concerned, and with his lapsidaisical outlook on life, he’s likely to drop a partner like a bad habit should he see someone else that peaks his interest. Be you man, or woman, if he finds you intriguing in the least, or just plain sexy, he’ll go after you…relentlessly.

Relations: What little family he possesses has shunned him, for he is the only one willing to take a life, making him the “black sheep” among all his brethren.

Abilities: Lacking physical strength, he is hardly versed in the arts of fighting, needing dire training in what few techniques he possesses. But what he lacks in brute strength, he makes up for in speed and agility in nearly all terrains. His best skills lie in stealth, making him an excellent sentry or assassin should he be forced to kill.

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