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2003-04-07 22:55:16
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This book shall be used on the upcoming Diary-page. It will be resized I think and I'm not sure when to show it. Only first when the book is empty maybe? (Write suggestions on this page)

There will be a Mainstreet-poll about this when the time has come. These are the current suggestions:

Elftown diary by [Grumble]

Diary by [yesidiaz]

Diary by [akilah]

Inside of the diary by [Mistaya]

Outside of the diary by [Mistaya]

Diary by [vlad]

Diary By [Kohryu]

Don't hesitate to contact these artists with suggestions of improvements or suggesting your own book.

Here is a suggestion. How about having it as a botton type diary (click on the diary to go to your diary page like your notes page.) Sort of combineing your notes and diary would be nice. You could write in it and save shortcuts to pages in there ( a kind of all in one notes page)Here is something completely off the subject I read somewhere you may put in a chat screen. ( like that idea) like a town square meeting place.

[vlad]'s idea: I think the diary shoud be resized and used as a button (or have a button next to the image,but still have the image smaller.) When inside I suggest having a nice "old paper" style picture as background (in a table maybe?) and just because many people are damn lazy, it would be nice if stuff like relationship requests, send messeges or other "activities" (if it's possible) can be recorded (Like..Today, 13th of January [someone] offered me a "friend" relationship / Later, I received a messege by [someoneelse] and so on..) But ,boy, that's going to be a lot of work :D

[Gryph]'s Comment: Howdy, I'm new here and I dunno if this is the right spot to comment.. but [vlad]'s idea, while I'm sure was well thoughtout, seems flawed. The diary button would be great, but sticking with site continuity, it wouldn't work. Stuff about a person is accessed by the line of text under menu's that reads: "Presentation Guestbook Diary Member Polls" If one of these had a button, everything would need one or the site wouldn't flow. The other thing about having activities logged in a diary, is that you would need to accomodate for people who don't want this information displayed. With the amount of messages I send, it would take up too much space saying who and when they were from, and besides I sure as hell don't want someone else sifting through who's sent messages to me. Oh, [vlad], I do like the idea of the old style paper though. :)

I think users should have a choice of which diary they would like displayed in case someone wanted a diary with a dreamy fealing, woodsy, feminine, or adventerous style to somewhat describe that person.

I like the above idea! case anyone cares... I like vlad's pic though if it is decided to only have one...

I think the the idea of being able to pic your diary cover is good. I also thing that that's what should show up and you should click on the diary or something to open it. The entries should look like they are on paper, not how they are right now...Just my two cents... ~[Lady Di]

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