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Tutorials and Lessons.



Welcome to the Academy!

By [Elegy - gone], for the ET Academy Drawing Contest

The Elftown Academy is a place where ordinary Elftowners volunteer to teach and instruct other Elftowners on certain subjects that can be found in regular schools. If you are interested in learning about Biology, History, Math, among many other subjects (or may be having trouble in those subjects), turn to the ETA and our staff. We'll help you as best we can!




Joining us


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To discuss comments, corrections, suggestions, or questions.


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2009-04-09 [Alexi Ice]: I will work on it, definatly.

2009-04-09 [Imperator]: Nah, he's talkin' about the page: Apply to the Academy. It even says up there next to the link "the rules." XD

2009-04-09 [Alexi Ice]: Oh...I was gonna create an application ^^

2009-04-10 [Imperator]: You do that when you create a classroom and want to submit it. :-)

2009-06-04 [lraina]: hmm guess my previous comment didnt stick....
this sounds interesting...I am a Secondary Social Studies major so I think it would be fun to teach a History class on here

2009-06-06 [Imperator]: Awesome! :D Did you take a look at the History department?

2009-06-12 [lraina]: yes I did =)it looks pretty good
ill work on something and get back to you

2009-06-14 [Imperator]: Cool. :-)

2009-10-01 [Freya's Eyden]: There is a class were some one hasn't updates over a year and I want to take over it, and add a lot more stuff to it that I have. I also know another part of the class that fallows along with it. How, or if I can, would I go along to takiong over it?

2009-10-02 [Thunder Cid]: What class?

2009-10-02 [Freya's Eyden]: Music History

2009-10-02 [Thunder Cid]: Okay you are going to need to do an application for us so we can decide on reassigning the classes to you.

You can find the application at Academy Applications

Also read Apply to the Academy to help you out with the templates.

2009-10-03 [Freya's Eyden]: Thank you ^-^

2009-10-03 [Thunder Cid]: Mhm

2009-10-03 [Freya's Eyden]: Application added. ^-^

2009-10-03 [Thunder Cid]: Okay a BoG member will begin to review it.

2010-04-01 [Zchrock]: so i have a qustion. i am new to this site and i can't sem to get to the pages that intereseted me in the first place which are the lesons dealing wih dragons. could you explain why i cannot access these yet after i log in the site?

2010-04-01 [Chimes]: Do you happen to know the name of the pages? Or the name of the member who created them? That would help you to find them.

2010-04-01 [Jeed]: i believe you're looking for the dracology page. if you go to the link above called "ETA Classes", its there in the mythology section. Hope it helps, any questions, feel free to ask.

2011-01-25 [mac highlander]: hello I'm new here. what are the cost of the classes and age limit to take the classes??


2011-01-25 [Thunder Cid]: There is no cost nor age limit. Your free to study all you want.

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