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2005-03-13 16:48:08
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the point of this contest is to draw xinye, the capitol of the wu kingdom
the winner will become mayor of this beatiful city
u maypost ur artwork here, but don't forget your name.
questions? send [Sillydeadweight] or [Deadlock jester] a message

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2005-03-15 [Fujiwara Taiki]: ((Xinye was actualy the capitol of Lui bei, the pace where he was born was near Xinye, his most trusted people are at Xinye, then he helped Cao Cao but got betrayed and Cao Cao stromed the city, taking Lui Bie's wife(wich was rumored to have future sightseeing powers) So Xinye is not the capitol of Wu.))

2005-03-15 [Deadlock jester]: but that doesnt matter in this contest, drawings may be fictional. this Xinye and the real one are totaly different.

2005-03-16 [~*Soulmate*~]: .................

2005-03-17 [Deadlock jester]: ........?

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