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Placeholder: <img300*0:stuff/aj/494/placeholderdramfrench.jpg> Dramatis Frenchies!

Le peuple Français.

l'inhabitants de <forum:The French forum>

Le [Avaz]. Dieu de smut.
La [hanhepi], une femme qui aime des hommes.
La [Teufelsweib], la femme qui aime des hommes nus.
Le [Stephen], un homme quie aime des hommes nus.
La [nehirwen] est la très awésommique
La [Triola], folle et difficile.
La [Sunrose], la forumnatrice.
La [Linderel], une chatte.
La [ally], une personne douce et innocente.

Le fainéant.

Le [Viking] qui brille par son absence.

Le spam.
This is not an empty page anymore, apparently. Bob's Diner sucks in the customers with their amazing deals, like a maelstrom of savings! But with 9% fewer boat crashes!

Les links
Dramatis Junkies
Essence of Junk
L'essence du forum français

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2014-09-24 [ally]: It's too complicated and it's made for touch screens. Which is annoying. Doesn't your boyfriend have a program you can use?

2014-09-24 [Teufelsweib]: he does! I'll ask him to make a banana french flag and hope he doesn't ask any questions or starts charging me :P

2014-09-24 [Triola]: I too want a French description D:

2014-09-24 [Teufelsweib]: I'm not good with french descriptions xP

that placeholder is way awesome though xD

2014-09-24 [ally]: Folle et difficile like the junkies one?

2014-09-24 [ally]: I forgot his cowboy hat ><

2014-09-24 [Linderel]: I wonder what my French description ought to be.

2014-09-25 [Triola]: Folle et difficile is perfect :P

2014-09-25 [Avaz]: I would agree.

2014-09-27 [ally]: Still two descriptions left.

2014-10-06 [Linderel]: =^____^=

2014-10-07 [Triola]: I thought it fit :P

2014-10-07 [Linderel]: Tu as raison!

2014-10-08 [Avaz]: Nehi is slacking.

2014-10-08 [Teufelsweib]: je ne parle pas francais

2014-10-08 [Avaz]: Le me too.

2014-10-09 [Avaz]: *grants 2 le points*

2014-10-09 [Triola]: :D

2014-10-25 [nehirwen]: Slacking, but found this anyway! :3

2014-10-25 [ally]: Hoozah :D

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