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Drakes are warm blooded and mostly small reptile like creatures that come in a range of sizes and shapes similar to the greater dragons, ect, but are not as long lived or as intelligent. The most common sort of drake is wyvern-like; four limbs, the front ones doubling as wings, and are usually between a foot and 2 foot long. The females are usually larger than the males and are the more dominant sex. They live for about 15 years and have the intelligence of a 5 year old human child. They come in a range of colours and like wyverns, they cannot breath fire. Some are also known to be poisonous, either using a stinger on the end of the tail, or their fangs.
Another common sort is wyrm-like in that they have no wings, only four limbs, with the males being larger and more dominant. They are usually fire breathing and generally red, yellow, brown or black in colour. They size from 3 feet to 6 feet in length and usually live up to 30 years. They are known to be excellent scribes and hunters.
Finally there are the rarer sorts, such as the Fire Drakes, Ice Drakes and Shadow Drakes.

Fire Drakes- The most common of all the rare drakes, these dragon-like creatures are well known to be companions to sorcerers, witches and some magical smithies. They range in colour from red to gold, with the occasional black or soot coloured one. They are about the size of a large dog to a small pony, brilliant flyers, affectionate and marvellously intelligent. Their magic is obviously fire related and generally elemental.

Ice Drakes- Covered with hollow fur in winter, these creatures tend to stay around the polar ice caps and are rarely convinced to leave. They are dragon-like and range in colour from white to blue as well as silver. Of similar height to the fire drake, these creatures use their wings to swim more than fly and their magic is mostly water and wind related and elemental.

Rainbow Drakes- A six limbed drake without wings; the rainbow drake is, in most opinions, a creature of pure myth. Said to walk the ground where a full rainbow begins or ends, they are friends to the leprechauns and help them guard their gold. They have scales that are composed of the seven distinct colours of the rainbow; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. The tales claim that injured warriors will be healed by a rainbow drake if they forfeit their swords.

Sand Drakes- Having anywhere from four to twenty legs, the sand drake measures from 10 to approx 40 feet in length and lives in large desert areas. Their scales are generally brown- gold in colour, except when they are hatchlings, when they are totally black. No one is certain how long a sand drake lives for, though legend has it that they gain a pair of legs for every century they live. These creatures are rarely seen, and are known to prey on people who are lost in the desert.

Shadow Drakes- Commonly thought to be harbingers of bad luck and death, shadow drakes are supposed to be the guardians of dreams and the halls of the dead. They are supposed to be black, grey or white and have four limbs and a pair of wings. Folk lore claims that they are marked on the forehead with the death rune and to dream of a shadow drake is to die in ones sleep. There has yet to be any proof of their existence in the mortal realm.

Tree Drakes- Brown or green in colour these drakes are inhabitants of large forests, jungles, ect. The males are wingless, having only four legs for scaling trees; the females can only fly when they reach full maturity. They prey on birds, squirrels and other small creatures as well as certain plants. They prefer oak trees as nesting places and are migrational. They are known to be companions to druids, aiding with the care of trees. They have the magical ability to “sing” to the trees, making them move, or grow a limb into a staff, ect.

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2004-09-12 [Dasner]: WOW! I didn't know that. I'm a wyvern and a young one at that. ^_^ I just wanted to read about my relatives.

2007-04-07 [Lotus, the white haired elf dragonsummon]: I would like to be freinds with A forrest Drake

2008-04-01 [Artsieladie]: Just added the link, Dragon, to link back. :)

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