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All writings are made for General audiences. Anything otherwise will be noted as so.

Week One: Spring

Chapter One: Spring

Week Two: Value

Chapter Two: Value

Week Three: Shell

Chapter Three: Shell

Week Four: Fruit

Chapter Four: Fruit

Week Five: Rituals

Chapter Five: Rituals

Week Six: Link

all stories created, belong to me: [deeterhi]
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2009-04-06 [Chimes]: Simple and lovely. <3

2009-04-06 [deeterhi]: thank you :)

2009-04-06 [Chimes]: Do you think all of your pieces will be short or in this style? :]

2009-04-07 [deeterhi]: Yep :) I was going to try to see if I could connect every theme so that each new piece works on its own but also works as one big story.

2009-04-07 [Chimes]: Wow. That could be hard. :D Now I can't wait to see if you can do it. ^^

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