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WARNING: There is Mature Content. Don't look if you don't want to.


Week One: Wild




Week Two: Dark Fairytales

"Her chest gaped, suddenly, open and bloodless"- from Snow, Glass, Apples by Neil Gaiman



Week Three: Paradise

This is where I go to relax.



Week Four: Flower vase

Franco and Chris



Week Five: Natural

Natural Charm



Week Six: Gaelic mythology




Week Seven: Masks

The Temptress



Week Eight: Season

One magical winter...



Week Nine: Roots

My roots: I'm half Korean :)



Week Ten: Ash / Fourth wall / Heresy / Ring / Secret

Ash and Sheila from the movie "Army of Darkness"



My own theme #1




My own theme #2




Portfolio Contest
Art Portfolio

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2008-12-01 [arthemis_]: What the heck? I'm number 1 Fan! <img:stuff/mood-gif.gif>

Hey, you changed styles! Coolish! <img:stuff/exitedN-gif.gif>

2008-12-01 [deeterhi]: I only switched up styles to go with that particular theme...and you're all my number one fans *sprinkles pixie dust in everyone's faces*

2008-12-01 [Triola]: I can flyyyyyyyyyyyy....! *jumps off bed*

2008-12-01 [Mom]: Ouch..[Triola] that hurt. I never saw anyone fall on their bum before quite like that.

2008-12-02 [Triola]: Good thing said bum has lots of padding!

2008-12-02 [arthemis_]: *sneezes*

Now I'm all diddly

2008-12-02 [Jitter]: *coughownsthisroundcough*

2008-12-03 [Triola]: *coughtrufaxcough*

2008-12-11 [Linderel]: Army of Darkness <3<3<3

2008-12-17 [arthemis_]: I still like the Queen's spies that much I still am laughing about that guys face! It's absolute a favorite of mine! :D

2008-12-29 [Tingis]: Everything you make is just...Perfect. If you aren't already a professional, you easily could be. Everything is beautiful, the shapes, the lines, the shading, the colours..It's very strong.

There is just one thing that bothers me, and I hope I don't offend you with this, but all your works feel really 'cold'.

2008-12-31 [deeterhi]: No,I am not offended.

I would love it if you elaborated on what you mean by 'cold'.

2009-01-02 [arthemis_]: I think that's because of the color-scheme on most images. They are 'winter-colors', at least in my opinion. I'm very much attracted to your style. Maybe you choose theme's I would not, but they absolutely suit you to the bone. I mean that in a good way :) Yeah for [deeterhi]!

2009-01-02 [Tingis]: Yes it's the color-scheme (I was looking for that word, lol). Plus the 'sharp' lines.. I think.

2009-01-05 [deeterhi]: Okay:) Thanks for the insight.

2009-01-07 [Chimes]: Oooooo~ Neil Gaiman inspired. I like it.
I love you art, [deeterhi]. It's amazing.

2009-01-09 [arthemis_]: COOL new entries in here! Amazing! I am sooo in love with your art... I want to have it all on my walls :D

2009-01-09 [Jitter]: Me too xD But I can't afford anyone's art, only my own :P

2009-01-17 [SeLoCeS]: wow that is some great art this comp is goin to be hard to pick this round

2009-03-11 [arthemis_]: [deeterhi] do you sell any of your work? *hint hint*?

2009-03-12 [deeterhi]: I have spots available if anyone wants to commision a painting from me. If you mean you want to buy a pre-existing painting of mine, send me a note and we can go over the details :)

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