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2007-01-14 15:07:17
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Trial 3: 100 hands, not heads but hands

As you might have noticed the trials of a knight are really practice exercises to improve your skills and help you achieve a higher level of professionalism.

this trial deals with the following skill levels, you may earn one ore more of these skills

the trial of the hand
To many drawing the hand is like a root canel without novicain (been there actually and it is quite painful). This is more of not knowing how to tackle the situation. With a little practice and technique from the help of a good friend of mine who is an animator for warner bros. 

Your ability to draw hands can make or break an illustration- we want to overcome that fear so when you draw the hand you do not place the hand outside the box, but actually make a part of the piece.

Like all body parts, there is a science to it so below i am posting a few examples to help you understand the best way to tackle the trial.

Example 1

Example 2

The trial is as follows- and draw them comfortably. Realism is ok if that is what you are looking for but if your gunning for comic illustration you will need to tone them down quite a bit.

part 1
30 male hands - in a wide variety of poses

part 2
30 female hands - make them soft- and a wide variety of poses.

part 3
20 old hands variety of poses

part 4
20 monster/cartoon hands - for fun any creature have fun-

Good luck on the trial


Reference pictures that might help

Hand photo reference has 135 male hand free photos
Hands photo reference has 25 photos of two male hands interacting.
Hand photos - Mixed hands interacting.

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2006-06-29 [Calico Tiger]: Ah, hands... my bane... sometimes they come out perfect or at least passable. Other times they suck no matter how much I erase and redraw. However, this will be excellent practice :D

2006-06-29 [Elisha Kelly]: EEEK!

2006-07-01 [Evilmonk]: I might need an example or two of womens hands. I don't know how I would be able to tell the difference between a old womans hand and an old mans hand.

2006-07-01 [Perplexity]: Long fingernails? =/ No seriously though, I think women have more oval shaped fingernails, and men have blunter, rounder fingernails. Not as a rule, there are always exceptions, but just for the most part that's what I've noticed.

2006-08-04 [Jitter]: I always hide them -.-

2006-08-04 [travs the bean]: well we need to get you past that:)

2006-08-05 [Jitter]: :) Yeah I did a really nice drawing of my own hand but when I try -for example- to make someone hold a staff, I need reference and even then I have issues!*promises she will work*

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