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Crystal Falls 2...the story continues

The story thus so far...
Onishey the travelling elf stumbled upon crystal falls entirely by accident. She had been walking along a secluded beach looking for shells to sell as she did most mornings. She noticed a mysterious glowing cave carved into the cliffs that had not been there before. A sense of danger told her to go back but being an elf she let her curiosity get the better of her. The cave went back deeper than expected. She turned to go back bu t found the exit had literally disappeared. There was no choice but to go on. After a long walk, she found herself at the end of the tunnel. It opened up into a beautiful chasm in the rocks, at which she stood in the centre. Waterfalls cascaded down the w alls and into a deep lagoon that ran around the perimeter. However, it was not the lagoon or the waterfalls that held her gaze. Carved into the rocks was a palace that seemed to be made entirely out of crystal. It had dulled over the centuries, but dark s hapes could be made out moving inside. Onishey swam across the lagoon and ran up the crystal staircase that lead to the palace door. Little did she know that she'd enter the palace by an entirely different means.
Before she had reached halfway, a grif fon flew from one of the palace windows and caught her in it's claws. After a struggle, it brought her into it's home. To Onishey's suprise, it appeared to be a hatchling who just wanted to play. The residents inside the palace however were not so accomo d ati ng. She first encountered an angel hell bent on destroying her, thinking she was an intruder come to steal the palace's riches. She also met Eris, a demon child (400 odd years old) with a warped sense of humor. She somehow managed to ward off the p air and form a weak sort of friendship with them.
Then HE came. Somebody else who wanted to kill her at first. valos, a vampire who dwells in the castle is starved after centuries of not being able to feed. Perhaps he may become a dangerous love interest. He ce rtainly had her hooked, or maybe thats just his standard vampiric charm getting to work....

roleplay continues below this line:

Onieshy blinked "you mean I can't leave!?" her vioce started to increase "you mean to say I'm stuck here?" She w as now s creaming "No,no,no,no,no!" and began pacing back and forth rubbing her throbbing arm. She managed not to start crying. Onishey turned to the vampire with black eyes. The expresion sent shivers up valos' spine. I was brought here by the bird, Zeek"

"Oh. Well that explains alot." He answered. The brooding vampire rested his chin in his hands and gazed up at her. "I do not know if you are trapped here. me, Abyss and the others are cursed, that is why we can never leave. But you.." He paused. "Wait a m inute. Zeek can only fly around the chasm and perch upon the cliffs, he can go no further. How did you reach here in the first place? There are no tunnels in the cliffs that i am aware of."

"whaa, but thats how I got here..through a tunnel though it d isa peared when I stepped foot here." She said shrugging her shoulders. Settling back against the bed frame. "So have you alway been a vampire or were you bitten" the thought had been nagging at the back of her mind for a while now.

A smug expression c rossed his f ace. "Im a true breed vampire. Born to a line of purebloods. No human in me."

"hmmm" She wanted to wipe that look off his face. "well how is it then you came about like there were just vampires, like the way humans evolved" She persisted then sudd enly dr opped the subject, she decided it was best to let it be. "Soooo" she said streching and standing up "what part of the castle are we in and how exactly am we or... how are we ever going to get back to Abyss" she said shacking her head.

"Oh w ho cares. I don't really like her that much to be honest." He stretched and yawned. "You can stay her in my part of the castle and work as a slave hows that sound?"

"ahhhh, no" she said cheerfuly. "what exactly do you do around here I mean seriou sly ther e can't be that much to do in a castle" she said. She had begun to sway quite a bit for it had been along time since she had last eaten, her arm was throbbing and she hadn't slept in a while.

"Hmm you look ill by the way.Pehaps the castle's curs e is starting to take effect." He grabbed her and tossed her into a nearby bed. "Sleep." There was a knock at the door and a little bit of hotpink poked through the doorway as Eris opened it a crack, "Onieshy...are you hungry?"

Onieshy was still a little s hocked at the v ampire. "uhhh..." She looked back and forth from Eris and to Valos "uhhh...... I'm uhh.... pretty tired Eris..ummmm how bout you come back later ok" She finaly concluded giving Eris a smile. Valos had given her a menacing glance but tha t wasn't i t, Her arm was really starting to hurt and the scratches had started to bleed a bit.

Valos didn't see the blood before. Now there it was, dripping down Onieshy's arm...tempting him. He forced himself to look away. "Cover that thing!" He snarle d.

Onieshy stood up and walked out the door. covered her wounds, washed them with waterand staggered back in. "There" she said must have taken alot to restrain himself She thought. She nearly fell onto the bed. She was so tired. She didn't care that there was a vampire in the room for the second her head touched the pillow she was asleep.

When Onieshy woke up there was a weight pressing down on her chest. She opened her eyes and there was Eris' own face not two inches away from her own. A yelp past through Onieshy's lips. Eris was jumping up and down on the bed singing a song. Onieshy chuckled. "ooh Eris" she said in a sing song voice "I've got something for you" and she began patting down her pockets muttering "where is it...were did I aha" She held up the ghostly figure of a rose, Then suddenly it burst into flames but retained it's shape. Now it was a rose shaped by fire. Onieshy smiled "you like it" she said happly. It was her trade mark. She never left a place with out leaving one there.

"WOOOWWW!" Eris' eyes nearly popped out of her head. "I never knew you could do stuff like that. Your so cool!" She took the rose and rubbed it against her cheek. "You won't go away will you?"

Abyss suddenly stepped out of the shadows from th e far side of the room. Her arms were badly scratched and she walked with a limp. A dark shadowy figure appeared behind her. Onishey had never met him before, but something told him it was the dark wizard Raze. "We tried to go after him. He was going craz y! Talking about his hunger or something. I couldn't control him." Eris gasped and ran over to Abyss.

"Don't worry Abby, I'll heal you..." Eris whimper then muttered some words, a black light shone all over Abyss's body before it disapeared the minor cut s h ealed instantly the deeper ones just stopped bleeding. "I'm sorry I can't do more than that...I'm not good at helpful spells..."

Abyss smiled and whispered her thanks.

"Who.." Onishey began but she knew who they were talking about. She walked over t o Abyss and healed all the deep wounds. "Where is he now" Onieshy said in a wavering voice. Noting the figure over in the corner and tipped her head to him.

"I don't know. I think he probably went down to the underground levels of the palace. Thats where he usually goes when things like this happen. He may not come out for months."

"Hmmmm" Onieshy was worried..what if he hurt himself. She sat back down on the bed and took a second to think about the situation. "Well do you think we should go after him you know to make sure he doesn't hurt himself"

"Im not going! Look he'll be fine. This has happened on quite a few occasions."

"Hmmm" She still had her doubts."Well can I have my weapons back please" She begged. It took her five years to earn her swords and her daggers. She was silently plotting to go after him. She didn't like the thought of people just running off.

"Well its a pretty certain death if you do go but..." She clicked her fingers and the daggers appeared. "..who am i to stop you."
"hm m perhaps you have a point" She grabbed her daggers eagerly. They were her pride and joy. Suddenly they heard a loud growling sound. Everyone snapped to attention except Onieshy who was on the ground laughing her head off. The growling niose had only been her stomach. "Well first can I get some thing to eat" Onieshy finally said after regaining control of herself.         

"How can you eat at a time like this??" said Abyss. "Well if you have been cursed like the rest of us, you'll never hav e to bother with things like that."

"I donno,"She said with a shrug "Soo do you have anything to eat here"please,pleaseplease She thought

"Well to be brutally" said Abyss. She wandered over to the open window and looked out into the c ourty ard. Maybe theres fish in that lagoon though."

"Well then to the lagoon I go" She said as she marched out of the door. "err. Can one of you help me to the courtyard" She said poking her head through the door.

"Sure" abyss said. She grabbed Onieshy under the arms and dragged her to the window. "What are you doing!?" Oni cried. "This is the quick way.." answered Abyss. Then she let herself fall backwards through the open window. As the ground thundered toward them she opened her wings and dropped li ghtly next to the lagoon.

Laughing, She han't felt the joys of flying in a long time."Sooooo,Food.. were is the food I'm starving."She said happily jumping around the edge of the water.

"Ill have a look.." Abyss closed her eyes and whispered a few word s. The water parted in the middle, leaving a dry patch full of fish.

Laughing hysterically Onieshy ran in and picked up a few fish here and there and rushed out, tossed them on the ground and began making a fire and roasting them.

Abyss suddenly let out a hig h pitched scream. The angel took the fish from the fire and held them to her chest. "What are you doing! Thats so cruel!!!" she Yelled.

"ughhhh, they're dead. Fine if you dont believe me..." Taking out her dagger she cut the heads off all the fish she ha d and started roasting them again. She left the one Abyss had.

Abyss opened and closed her mouth in disbelief. "But nothing ever dies here.."

Sighing "Fine look at it this way. Right now there is a small food chain here and right now I am at the top and these fish here are at the bottem ie THEY ARE MY FOOD" She increased her vioce on the last few words. Finaly the fish were done. Onieshy gutted and skined the fish then chopped them up into little pieces and began eating them

Abyss was no t quite convinced but nibbled on a piece of fish.

"Ahhhh. Finally food"" Onieshy sighed contently. Abyss was giving her wierd looks. Getting up she din't feel like catching a ride back up to the window with Abyss, She might accidently drop her. Wa ving her hands in the right order and calling out in speech she invoked her magic. For a second nothing happened then sudenly flames shot out of her back. The flames hardend and there were her own piar of wings almost Identical to Abyss's except her's wer e gold a nd bronze. Testing her wings she caught an up draft and begane flapping, increasing altidtude with each downstroke.

Abyss dropped her fish and stared at Oni flabbergasted. She kept opening and closing her mouth but no words came out, until fina lly, "Whe re on earth did you learn how to do that!?"

"huh?" Onieshy couldn't really hear her, she was having to much fun. Swooping down she reluctantly landed on solid earth "oh you saw before I know magic but I don't like to use it.Th is is my f avorite spell because It only takes a little energy to calls it up....As for where I learned to do it...It's for me to no and you not to know" She said giggling and then flew back up to the window.

Abyss muttered something under her breath and faded into the ground.

looking down Onieshy noticed that Abyss was gone.she had just disapeared. Shrugging she turned and took a deep look at Raze. From what she had heard she did not like this man.

He stared right back. In the sun his eyes seemed to s hine with a strange red hue. "You don't have to eat. Nothing here does and you should know that by now. Typical human greed, destroying life for no reason."

"well incase you hadn't noticed I am no human. I have a question for you.....why do you think death is a bad thing and also incase you hadn't noticed your spell..that I admire greatly.. hasn't taken affect on me" she said in the politest tone she could muster. Holding her hand out to be shaken she waited paitently

"Well what are you then," he asked in a gruff voice, totally ignoring her outstretched hand. "The spell affects humans. You must be an elf or something am i right?"

I am elvin" She said indinated. She brought herself up to full height and used her comanding vioce "Now will you please answ er my quest ion."

"Oh death doesn't scare me. Nothing does. I just wonder what it would be like." He said taken aback. "Do you live on as spirit or just disappear completely."

"You should know , shouldn't you" She said pokeing him softly on the shoulde r "Your dead....well thats what Abyss tells me" She said quietly

"We all are in a way, but not entirely. We wouldn't be walking around here if we were." He straightened up and cast his gaze back towards the palace. "No doubt that wretched vampire has fin ally awoken from his fist induced nap now. His rage may have subsided. You may go and find him if you wish.."

"don't mind if I do" she said in a sing song vioce and a smile. Collecting her weapons she walked out the door. Afew seconds later her head pope d in the doo r"uh... could you help me in finding him... since I have no idea were I'm going" She said.

He sighed and rolled his eyes. "You think i know where he is? Im not psychic. You'll have to find him yourself."

"ehh" she said with a shrug a nd disapeared once more. Abyss said underground if I just keep heading down I'll wind up there she thought. She didn't want to get lost so she marked her way with a small burn mark that she placed on the wall. Off she went to find valos.

The windin g tunnels of the palace had never seemed that intimidating, but now, alone, Onishey started to wish she hadn't begun her trek to find the vampire. She had never ventured into the lower levels before and they were quite different to those in the main areas. Onishey had started her decent around an hour ago down a spiralling staircase. She was still going down that same staircase now, and it didn't seem to show any sign of ending. There had been no doorways, no lights and definately no people so far. She held out her hand. She had envoked a fireball, it now floated meer inches away from her palm. It caste an eery glow on the walls around her. She wouldn't be able to keep this glow up for much longer.What would happen when it go's out.

Shaking her head Onieshy stopped walking and sat down. She was tired and wanted to go to sleep so she set up a small fire on the rock . leening up against the wall she fell half asleepl

She awoke suddenly with a start. The fire had gone out. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she could have sworn she saw something move in the shadows below her.

Picking up one of her daggers she backed slowly up the stairs so she had a good defensive position. Not wanting to waste energy she didn't create a fireball until she absolutly needed it. Getting into a defensive stance she waited.

She heard muffled 'footsteps' coming towards her. They didn't sound human, and there was a dragging sound too, like someone dragging a length of rope...or...! A mighty roar echoed through the tunnel. The footsteps were getting close now.

A dark shape crashed through the narrow corridor before her. Stone and plaster were ripped from the walls as the creature's horns and claws smashed against them. It roared again and the floorboards shook.

Onieshy"s scream echoed through the corridor as dabrey fell on top of her. Within seconds she was covered in stone and plaster. She threw up a protective layer of fire that no creature could penetrate. There was a huge rock on her leg. It felt as if she had broken it.

The beast clawed and tore at the fire shield but couldn't get through it. Onieshy screamed. It's jaws were inches from her face. The beast soon realised it would have to think up another plan. It sat back on it's haunches and looked as if it was thinking. Suddenly a grin spread across it's mouth revealing a row of sharp teeth. A blue crystal materialised in its claws, growing in size as a strange chanting sound came from the creature's lips. Onieshy watched in fear. An ice spell would neutralise the fire barrior.

Onieshy grit her teeth and dropped her fire barrior. The monster was greeted not by a helpless girl but by a flaming infurno. Onieshy's leg was trapped and broken by a fallen stone. It was at least the size of her torso. Onieshy was stuck so she would simply have to deal with this monster right now.

The dragon looked taken aback by the flames but even so continued to attack onieshy. It raised it's tallons and prepared drive them into her body. Suddenly a tuneful whistle was heard echoing down the corridor. It sounded vaguely familiar somehow. Onishey closed her eyes and prepared for the deathblow..but it never came. When she eventually opened her eyes it was Valos leaning over her, not the dragon.

Taken by suprise Onieshy tried to crawl away but failed because of the giant rock on her leg. Onieshy was still clutching her daggers. "thanks"Onieshy muttered weakly.

"Don't mention it..." He said raising an eyebrow. "Erm i don't mean to be rude but..what are you doing lying on the floor with a rock on your leg?"

"because" She said turning her head "because I was worried"

"About what?" He asked, with a confused expression on his face.

"you" She said and quickly changed the subject. "Now stop talking and get this god forsaken rock off me. By the way where did the dragon go? He was quite the opponent" She said. Maby if she ladened him with questions he wouldn't notice what she said earlier.

"What about me, i'm fine. As for that dragon. He's gone now believe me." He sighed deeply and looked into her eyes. "His name is Akaro. He's my pet."

Everybody was telling me scary stories about why.....well.... why you disappeared and uh I wanted to be sure you were ok." She said looking up at him. "hey. I liked that dragon.. when it wasn't trying to kill me. perhaps I could see it again" She said trying to change the subject again. She didn't feel up to being laughed at.

One again he totally ignored her. "Do you find it so unbelievable that a vampire starved for centuries would go a little crazy at the sight of spilled blood. It was a perfectly natural reaction," he said with a confused look on his face, "pretty dumb of you to come looking for me though to be honest." He stood up to lift the rock but paused beside it. "Maybe you should get Abyss to do this, i don't really want to rabid again."

Onieshy growled. This rock was causing her serious pain. " So if you were to be given blood would you want more" A plan had started to form in her head. Who knew how long it would take for Abyss to get here.

"Probably. I guess i'd end up sucking the person dry then cracking their bones for marrow." Said the vampire. "No problem. Ill call Abyss." He drew a rune on the wall beside Onishey and said a few words in latin. "I don't think she'll be best pleased, he said as he plunged his arm inside the wall and pulled out an angry looking angel.

Onieshy nearly burst out laughing at the sight of the angel. Onieshy managed to get her self under control "so what do ya say help me get this rock off my leg" Onieshy said in a pleading tone and gave Abyss a puppy dog face. No one could resist the face.

Abyss gave the vampire an evil stare, then transferred it to Onieshy. "I suppose so," She said. The angel whispered a few magic words and placed her hand on the rock, which became as light as a feather, and lifted it off. "Happy now? Can i go back yet?"

no no I'm afraid not. You just so happened to be strong enough to help me up the stairs" She said in a smug voice. "You have no ide... Eek" Onieshy shreaked in mid sentence. there behind abyss was a huge ass spider. She could face any demon the gods could throw at her without fear but spiders were one thing she could not deal with.

"What is it now?" Said Abyss, clearly annoyed. She turned round and saw the spider crawling out of one of the cracks in the wall. "Waaahhh!Save meeee!" She cried and jumped into the vampire's arms who fell over backwards, taking Onieshy with him and the three tumbled downstairs into the darkness.

Onieshy gulped back cries of pain. her leg throbbed and trears streamed down her face. her emotional out burst sent out a burst of magic causing her to heat up and burn every thing (and every one) she touched.

"Woah that was unexpected." Said Abyss, staring wide eyed at Onieshy. "Whats with the fire aura?"

"Your just damn lucky it aint an infurno" Onieshy groaned quietly. as the others untangled them selves she fought to control her magic>"get away onieshy muttered quietly as the air around her grew hotter and hotter.

"Ahem we just helped save you remember!" Abyss said with a scowl.

Onieshy groaned. She couldn't hear any thing from the outside. On the inside she was battling to keep the lake of magic from over flowing and wasn't succeding. sparks flew around her body. The sparks turned into flames

One of the sparks hit abyss who wasn't too pleased. "What is it with people loosing it in here? First it was the vampire and now you. Sometimes i think im the only sane one left." She said as she began to fade into the wall.

Onieshy growled at her and watched valos walk away. She sighed happily and and relaxed her grip on her magic and let it loose. An iferno enngulfed her body and didn't let up for half an hour.

"That girls got a temper." Said Abyss to Zeek, as they patrolled the palace border that night. "Its got worse as the days have gone by. Maybe she's going to self destruct some time in the near future." Zeek nodded, sending a handful of dark brown feathers into the air. Summer was coming and he was shedding his winter coat.

Onieshy wokeon the bottem of the stairs. For a second she couldn't remember why she was there but soon every thing came back to her. She set her leg with great difficulty and much cursing. She healed her leg as best she could but it would only be a weeks worth of resting. onieshy sighed angrly and begane her treck up those godforsaken stairs.

There was the gruff sound of muttering coming down stairs towards onieshy and heavy footsteps. She wondered what strange creature she was going to meet now. Whatever it was, it best not annoy her.

Onieshy glared down the dark stairs as if to will what ever was down there to stay away She kept on limping up the stairs.

But the whatever-it-was continued coming towards her until it practically ran into her. "Watch where you're going missy! This aint no place for giants." Standing before her was an aging dwarf armed with a copper axe and wolf fur clothing. "What ya staring at wench? Shift it or ill have to move you maself."

Onieshy glared at the little man "Bite me" She mumbled and kept walking.

"What a strange request." Said The dwarf with a puzzled look on his face. "You human folk are very forward."

Onieshy growled to herself as she limped up "mabey we can go backwards too...." she said "you dwarfs seemed to be very moody or is that just second you pissed cuase I won't get out of you way the next you confused cuz I say some thing vile " Onieshy said with a sigh. she sank to the ground shaking. she'd been limping up those stairs for half a bloody hour ..with a shatered ankle and foot. "Happy you can go ahead now " she said leaning her head back on the wall.

"Haha you're a strange one little girl."

yes well lucky me" she mumbled. Blackness began to close in around her vision "see ya" she whispered weakly.

"Goodbye young lady,where ever you are going." Said the dwarf, heaving his axe onto his back.

Onieshy floeted through white hot blackness for gods only know how long. when she came too she was so hungry she cloud drop dead. Groaning onieshy continued her trek up wards

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