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2007-01-27 22:06:46
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(picture came from a site but it had no obvious copyright as far as I could find)

Basically, the corocotta is the child of a hyena and a lioness. It is about the size of a donkey, the back part of a stag, the front part of a lion, the head of a badger and cloven hooves. It's mouth reaches to it's ears, and insteaad of teeth it has a ridge of bone with no gums. It's spine is ridgid, so it's gaze is fixed and it can't look over it's shoulder.

The corocotta has the ability to imitate the human voice.

Also called: Leucrota, Crocuta, Leucrocuta, Rosomacha, Akabo, Alazbo, Zabo, Lupus vesperitinus

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