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Conventions are meetings and events where people come for their hobby. This is a world wide list of conventions regarding fantasy and science fiction.

Date (d=days) Country town name and wiki-link type
2008-10-04 Australia Sydney SydCon Role-playing convention.
2008-09-26 (3d) USA South San Francisco Bay Yaoicon Yaoi anime and manga convention.
2008-Oct-30 (4d) USA Troy, MI Anime
2008-11-07 (3d) USA Siren, Wisconsin OmegaCon Siren Science Fiction and fantasy convention.
2008-11-21 (3d) USA Portland, Oregon OryCon Science Fiction Convention
2008-11-14 (3d) USA Lincoln, Nebraska Anime Nebraskon Anime and Gaming convention
2009-01-09 (3d) USA SeaTac, Washington RustyCon A science fiction & fantasy convention.
2009-01-22 (5d) USA San Jose, CA Further Confusion  Anthropomorphics convention
2009-03-21 (3d) USA Boston Anime Boston  Anime convention
2009-04-09 (4d) USA Seattle, Washington NorwesCon Science Fiction and Fantasy convention.
2009-04-25 (2d) The Netherlands Haarzuilens Elf Fantasy Fair convention Fantasy convention
2009-04-03 (3d) USA Monroeville, PA Tekkoshocon Japanese animation and pop culture
2009-04-04 (8wks) USA Waxahachie, TX Renaissance Faire
2009 Easter Sweden Gothenburg GothCon Gaming convention
2009-05-22 (4d) USA Santa Clara, California BayCon Science fiction and fantasy convention.
2008 May Sweden Linköping LinCon Gaming convention
2008-05-22 (4d) USA San Jose, California FanimeCon Anime convention
2009-06-05 (3d) USA Oklahoma City, OK SoonerCon SF/ Fantasy
2009-06-06 (1d) USA Chesapeake, VA fantasci-hrcc SP/Fantasy
2009-08-13 (4d) USA Indianapolis, IN SF/Fantasy/Gaming
2009 August USA Hartford, CT ConnectiCon Anime convention
2009 July 17-19 USA Baltimore, MD Anime/videogame convention
2010-09-03 (1d) Australia Melbourne Arcadiance: The Fantasy Masquerade Ball
2010-11-06 (2d) USA Hillsboro, TX Medieval Fantasy Faire
2011-08-17 (3d) Sweden Stockholm Eurocon The European Science Fiction Convention
2014-10-18 (2d) Belgium Ghent F.A.C.T.S. Fantasy - Anime - Comics - Toys - Science-Fiction
* USAIndiana Fated LARP

See also Previous Conventions!

If you're unsure about how to add things here, just write a comment about it (and include the link to the home-page of the convention!)

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2007-06-28 [Ramirez]: I made a quick little wiki for the Renaissance Fest. I'm not sure if you wanted me to add this to this wiki or not.. but the wiki is Renaissance Fest. I've never personally been there, but I have a lot of friends who go every year. It seems to be a big event.

2007-06-28 [Hedda]: The renaissance festivals and faires seem a little different as they last for 6-7 weeks. Maybe we should put them in their own table?

2007-06-28 [Ramirez]: As in Conventions and Festivals..? Conventions being a few days, and Festivals being...a few weeks or so? It might be easier for people to find places to go that are more flexible to their schedules, but it's not like the dates aren't given anyways. I guess it's up to you? -not sure if that question was directed at him- c.c;;

2007-06-28 [irulan]: Origins -
Dragon Con -

2007-06-28 [travs the bean]: - San Diego Comic Con July 25-29 Largest con in North America Specializes in Comics, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Anime, Film etc. Last years attendance 114,000

2007-06-28 [Galatea]: Could you please add one from Atlanta Georgia USA, DragonCon, Starts september 1st, sci-fi/fantasy/gaming convention.

2007-06-28 [Mordigen]: I posted one for Dragon Con ;)

2007-06-28 [xido]: I also know that the Renaissance Festival/Fair happens all around the USA at different times of the year. Holly, Michigan, my hometown - is at the end of summer, and I know that one happens in Arizona and here in Louisiana sometime earlier in the year as well.... Not sure exactly when.

2007-06-28 [Lyndarsia]: I was going to post the DragonCon one. Heh, You beat me to it, Mordigen.

(I so can't wait to go. 62 days left! XD

2007-06-28 [Teufelsweib]:
another one that should be added ;)

2007-06-28 [Lyndarsia]: Can I take over or help with the DragonCon wiki? To build it and post images and all? It will be next week when I am able to start.. but still, I have information and whatnot.

2007-06-28 [Athilea]: There is a Renissance Festival in Fairburn GA, I believe it starts around april and ends around august.

2007-06-29 [Fetish Dolly Koneko™]: (anime, gaming, fantasy, comics) and

2007-06-29 [Did you hear?]: omg i want to go to DragonCon so badly but.. sadly i dont have enough money to.. my mother is going for the 6th year because my aunt pays for her.. ill have to get pics. this year from here i guess..

2007-06-29 [EmeraldGrizzly]: There's one for all fans of the Big G! :)

2007-06-29 [Sera]:

For the San Francisco/Bay Area... Tooootally too lazy to make a wiki for it.

2007-06-29 [Mordigen]: Yea, Sure Lyndarsia --- I don't think I set a password on it, so you should be able to update and add to it....if i did put a password on it though, message me and i'll look it up for you.

I know the RenFest was just here in Atlanta not too long ago, it just left on June started the last weekend of april

2007-06-29 [werethylacine]: Kansas City, Kansas, USA, has a big festival from the beginning of September to mid-October.

St. Louis, Missouri, USA, has a moderately sized fest from mid-May to mid-June. (Although it is held an hour and a half or so's drive from St. Louis proper.)

2007-06-29 [Hedda]: About Dragon Con and so on: It's not so important to write a lot of information about the event that already is on their homepage. It's better to keep the information as short as possible (Where, when, how?) and then add information that isn't on their homepage (Like which Elftowners are going there and Elftowners' photos and such).

2007-06-29 [Mordigen]: Ah, gotcha ;)

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