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2010-12-04 05:07:37
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this wiki is a code geass rp choose your side. there will be one character and nightmare per person. geass must be ask for. you must ask [King of Thorns] i make the contracts and tell you how your geass works. choose your side be smart. i am zero so don't ask to play him.

choose your side here

Holy Empire of Britannia britannia characters here

11 rebels rebel character here

code geass rp rules
the rp is now at the rp zone.

code geass rp zone

Username (or number or email):


[shadow_walker]: is this rp still going?

[~Crimson Angel~]: Yes it is still going.

[shadow_walker]: cool

[~Crimson Angel~]: Yeah, but it's kinda slow because the other two members rping aren't on very much.

[shadow_walker]: ok I was working on a char and thought I would ask before posting and starting

[~Crimson Angel~]: Oh ok.

[shadow_walker]: who is the mod for this?

[~Crimson Angel~]: [King of Thorns] is the owner.

[shadow_walker]: cool I need to get some details for my char oked

[King of Thorns]: you want a geass

[shadow_walker]: possibly but it was more about his equipment than that

[shadow_walker]: do I need you to message it to you or just post it here?

[King of Thorns]: message me

[King of Thorns]: shadow walker was asking me questions

[King of Thorns]: code geass rp restarted

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