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Celtic Members

...Yu follow [darkest halo] into a vast open room, where a peculiar being asks for your name. Its long silver hair catches the soft light of the room, and tiny little lights shimmer in her hair. Her deep purple eyes seem to give off a light of their own, and her pale milky skin seems too delicate to be real. Yu sign your name in the book she hands to you and she gves yu a welcoming smile as she ushers yu in. Yu suddenly notice that [darkest halo] has disappeared, and yu cast a quick glance around the room to look for her. Nowhere is she seen. Yu shrug it off and decide to explore this amazing place.

Here, yu can sign up for the Celtic Souls! Every active member will receive a celtic icon beside their name. This is ur sigil, and yu may post it in yur house. Yu may choose from the ones on this page --> celtic sigils or find a SMALL one yurself. Enjoy! ^-^

Bah, same issues with the Fairies page. Copyrighted material, we can't use the pics... I'll look into the policies sometime, though, and see what we can use. Until then, I've gotta take the images down.

- [Aradon Templar]

[darkest halo]
[*dark haloed playette*]
[Aradon Templar]
[Broken Marionette] I am in the clan MacLean of Duart, one of the royal scottish families.
[Bloody Rainbow]
[the writer of poetic misjustice]
[Carpe Noctem]
[Alexander O'Neill]
[Mage of the Flames]
[The Kind Lady Renee]
[Shining light]
[xX ~ metalchik4u420 ~ Xx]
[Soul Dementia]
[Much Prettier D.E.A.D My Dear]
[Flight of the Butterfly]
[Wild Rose]
[/Save The Sound;]
[Elftown has failed The emo kids have won]
[Black Blur]
[Artemis Lee]
[Shade Wolf] (I'm really the descendant of Robert The Bruce of Scotland,and also Queen Victoria.)
[Blue Fish]
[Vampiric Death]
[Celebriän Táralóm]
[People of the Blood]
[Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]
[Christina Genesis]
[Sirah Moonshaeven] My birthright goes back to pre-tudor england, my anscestor was 3rd in line for the english throne. Stupid war of the roses
[I'm Blind and it sux!!]
[eye of the storm]
[~Lady Morgana~]
[JUST Mike]
[Tigerlily Took]
[there's a bluebird in my heart]
[Moon Witch]
[dragon fae]
[deleted, gone]
[Erutan] One with the Tree
[It Was a Pleasure to Burn]
[Crimson Angel]
[King Conan] I'm scottish so hah!
[BlacK_HearT] i'm just a mutt, lol
[Lord Nytmare]
[Amica] I am just a mix, =)
[Cathos] Part Welsh and a lot of Pict. :)
[Terra Evenstar]
[St Alia of The Knife]
[Blased Vilvar] i am cornish and the rest of my family come from wales, ireland, and scotland: the four celtic nations !!!!
[silvermoon dragon]
[Morier] i'm related to grace o'malley (the king of the irish sea's!!!) & Donal O'Flaherty (a king of ireland & one of the husbands of grace o'malley).
[Analeyin] Before you cut me down for not being of the Isles, let me remind you, the Kelts' relms spanned from Ireland and Britain to France, Germany, Spain, Bulgaria, Poland, Greece, Turkey, Romania, and many other lands.
[black christmas]my family had a druid so i have druid blood the flows through my vains.
[NyMphEtAmIne GiRl]
[David the Good]

^^^[David Mac Howell of the clan Mac Dougall of Dunollie Castle. Mortal enemies of Bruce.]

[Er0s]part Irish intrested on all the lores
[Mrs Gamgee] May The Road Rise To Meet You, May The Wind Be Always At Your Back, May The Sun Shine Warm Upon Your Face, The Rains Fall Soft Upon Your Fields, And Until We Meet Again, May God Hold You In The Palm Of His Hand.
[AmberDawn] my family comes from Scottland (Baird Clan), Ireland, England, and Wales.
[dark starlight]
[Night Wytch]
[This House is Deleted7]
[Sweet 6 6 6--H.I.M.]
[Lord Sky_Elf]
[Jedi01] The Celts knew just how to live. i swear i was a Celt in a former life.
[sugarplumfairy] i totally agree jedi.
[Boogaman9891] Im half Irish, striait up my fathers side of the family
[Larien Ar-Feiniel] I am part scott-irish.
[angelic damnation]
[forget this person] past life... long story
[Shee A'beanne Alainn]
[vagabond faery] beannached leat fellow celts!
[slipknot queen] ones life in the past, is anothers in the future...
[Not yours]I'm scotish so ha haha
[Lycanthrope Heart] I'm half Irish and loving it!!
[Candy Coated Corpse] Celtic rules!!!
[connor's left elftown] irish
[Deirdre O'Kelly] Irish and English with just a bit of Scottish blood as well.
[sealaryn] I cannot remeber the name of my ancestor my mother told me was celtic but her mothers side of the family was all frome Ireland and wales and my true name sealaryn came in a dream so Im celtic
[Steve*O] My mother is from Swansea, Wales, and I lived in the valley with her and my grandmother for 3 months. My ancestors on her side were all from Ireland and Wales.
[Asryth] Cummins has roots in Scotland and Ireland. John Comyn was stabbed in a church by Robert the Bruce. I'm with ya Shadow_Hunter. Let's get Shade_Wolf! J/K. I'd rather play Irish music than fight. Must be the influence of blind bard Cormac O' Cuimin.
[Moonlit Serenade] My grandmother was Scottish, part of the MacMillan clan.
[Innocent as Sin]
[Ancient Shadow]
[Elf Lady] I am celtic/scottish and I'm proud of it!
[laugh insanely] @_@
[outcast dragon_rider]
[dark elven_sorceress]
[mystic bard]
[. ?VCR? .] O.o
[Incite Rebellion]
[Hellview Rose]
[_____________] Bail o/ Dhia is Muire duit
[Rayn_Fae] A mix of Irish/Scottish blood, and very proud of it!
[CHRISTIAN HIPPY] aie laddy power to the scotts
[BAMtheIRISH!] Half blood Irish... very long family blood ties
[Forsvunnet]I'm Irish, no matter what DracDormiens or Morbid Carrot sais! I am Irish and that's that!
[::Live Life Without the F::] I love Irish things *nod nod* and people
[Stoic with STYLE.] love
[AngusMacLeod] aye, we are all Irish...together...though i have a little Scot blood in me
[Elenaia] Same here I'm half scot, half Greek
[Gwendylyyn] (That I joined here before...oops. Lol) I am both Irish and Scottish, among other things. My father is currently visiting Scotland (lucky) and I hope to visit as well someday.
[Larien Ar-Feiniel] I am Scotch-Irish.
[~Vash~] My Great Grandmother came to America during the potato fammon. ^^ I am ghostly pale. XD
[kaeKae.] My Great-Grandmother came from Ireland too ^^ to find a better life. Also, my name is celtic (Kaelyn)
[Walking On Broken Glass] My Great-Great-Grandfather came over from Ireland. When he came over he changed our name from O'Riley to Riley. I am proud of my heritage.
[0 0 0 0] i live in wales, i have iris, scottish and welsh blood, and im a 100% celtic mutt!!!!
[drunken_irishman] over 60% irish andi love celtic anything
[a princess among thieves] 3/4 irish, name-Ceilidh Farrell, and i am very proud of my heritage
[Strange Case of Ashley] fear my drunken irish anger!
[Free Spirit Wandering] I am just celtic
[Celtic Rain] I'm more scottish but I am celtic as well. And proud!
[evol3002evol] Im Irish and Scottish, i absolutley love it
[lord Neilsonius]
[Huyana, Princess of Darkness]
[Artemis Riddle]
[Living to please Elizabeth]
[♀Kotton Kandy♀ the ♀American Witch♀]
[xOx Katherine xOx]
[Gryffan Wilds]I'm part irish and thats a ok
[.x.ride the wings.x.] 1/4 in blood, 100% in soul!
[Mehtar] 1/2 irsh
[Soul Guardian] Celtic in heart and soul, American by birth.
[sequeena_rae] I'm pure welsh oh yes indeed
[Crying in the rain] 50% Irish
[Chimes] English-Irish...but the majority of my family are Irish...there are a LOT of us. 'In Fide Et In Bello' (the words on my crest).
[DaerkRoses] I am a celt in both heart and blood.
[shiakra] I am from the Mac Coy clan
[Suicidal Butterfly] is a Celtic mage
[Lithium Lullaby] I am Into the celtic sect of wicca
[Flisky] half-Irish...celtic druid...
[Nicronimo]...On the inside...^^
[Yaza] i want a cookie >o<
[Connie (Original, no?)] part Irish on me dad's side and really into celtic mythology
[Captain Rachel Black]Welsh on my moms side.
[~Brigid~] Scot...from the MacGillivray clan.
[ZOMBIE x ZOMBIE] I am part of the MacDuff clan.
[Eliseiana]Irish on dads side, and into celtic wicca
[*Leric*] Scottish. The Clan Macpherson! "Touch not the cat"
[Wolf__Moon] Irish and Scottish from my dad. Mac Dougals Clan.
[Cia_mar] Irish/english/german...though mostly irish! The McGrath Clan of Donegal, Donegal Co Ireland

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2005-04-06 [drunken_irishman]: yea thats what i figured

2005-04-12 [evol3002evol]: hi everyone

2005-04-13 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: Hi Sorcha

2005-05-15 [Sumin15]: Could someone tell me how to add my name to the list. I cant figure out how.

2005-05-16 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: you click "edit this page" and add your name to the bottom of the list in [ ]

2005-07-11 [Mehtar]: im a lil late but i have arrived

2005-07-11 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: Hello

2005-07-12 [Mehtar]: Many Blessing Lady Edana

2005-07-12 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: How are you?

2005-07-12 [Mehtar]: I am great and yourself?

2005-07-13 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: I'm doing ok.... better then yesterday

2005-07-13 [Mehtar]: Always the best way to go....lighter and lighter

2005-07-14 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: Yep it is

2006-07-25 [~Brigid~]: [*Leric*] your's is actually "Touch not the cat without the glove" because mine is "touch not this cat." Evidently we weren't very original *laughs*

2006-07-26 [*Leric*]: Actually it's "Touch not the cat but a glove"

2006-07-26 [*Leric*]: The motto comes from our reputation (as a fighting clan) and means. Don't touch the cat when it's without a glove. (the glove of a wildcat is it's soft underpaw) So when the cat feels threatend and takes a war-like attitude it would spread it's paw and lets out it's claws. This being called the cat being "ungloved". So basically it's warning you not to be foolish enough to approuch a cat when it is without, or ungloved. Pretty much you sass us and you're in for a fight.

2006-07-26 [~Brigid~]: I bow to your superior knowledge, and stand corrected. My humblest apologies

2006-07-26 [*Leric*]: No need for such apologies, useless trivia really. Not a single person is limited to all the information in the world. But it's good to know some of it^^

2006-07-26 [~Brigid~]: Yes, and a lot of funn :D

2006-07-26 [*Leric*]: Indeed^^

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