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Celtic Gardens

...Lost in thought, yu suddenly realize yu aren't in the grand room anymore. Yu feel at ease; the scenery around yu is so tranquil, yu wish yu could soak it all up. On the bushes and flowers, small glistening lights astound yu as the jump from branch to branch, almost seeming alive. Yu glide toward a pure white flower, looking so out of place in this beautiful garden. It'd beauty catches your breath instantly, and a small pixie flies out of its shimmering petals and rests on your shoulder. It then whispers in your ear, "She's watching, yu know. [darkest halo] sees everything. There are many secrets she is hiding, and it's up to yu to find them." With that, the pixie disappears in a radiant glow of light, and yu see what looked like [darkest halo] vanish behind a tree. Yu brush it off and wander mindlessly around the garden, in hopes of finding out what the pixie meant.

There are many hidden secrets in the garden...come back frequently to see if anything has changed. it may just be in yur luck to catch me and whatever it is im hiding....^-^

[Aradon Templar] walked into the gardens and his pace slowed. "Ah, found it at last. I knew the celts would have a good garden... Now if I can find some trees..." He chuckled and began searching.

[darkest halo] smiles from behild a large oak tree and calls a pixie over quietly. whispering in its ear, she tell it to unlock one of the gates. as the little ball of light flies off to do as darkest halo asks, the stars in the ink black sky seem to fall and hit the ground. smile widening, darkest halo says, "it is done. come, find a star and follow its path." and with that, she disappeared into a small light of her own.

[BlacK_HearT] walked into the garden and sat down near a rosebush, amazed by the pure beauty.

[Not yours] came through one of the gates and sat down to rest under a willow tree. She could see the moon shining down and casting a eerie glow over the garden as pixies floated around the flowers and danced in the moon light. "Aahh," she said, completely relaxed. "This is paradise." Just then a shadowy figure appeared and said in the most beautiful voice, "Come hither and dance the night away young fair maiden," and they danced. They danced past all earthly bounds, through time and space. Not daring to take her eyes off him for fear of breaking the spell cast between them. His face was to perfect to be that of a man it must have been a dragon or some other magical being that brought her through the very fabric of time but who ever he was there was no forgetting that night. The night had filled her heart with magic.

[babee gurl]
A wisp of golden hair floated gently onto her face, and stuck to the still drying tracks of her tears that still pooled slightly at the corners of her emerald eyes. The mysterious figure beside her shivered uncomfortably. Softly a single petal drifted on a breath of midnight air. She held out her hand and it gently settled there. It was white, with a pink tinge around the edge, it was soft like a silken spun web, and she looked at it as though it held her entire world. Her eyes glazed over once again, but this time only one tear fell, a crystal drop that landed in the centre of the rose petal. It was so beautiful, it was a shame that it would have to die, instead of immortalizing, and staying eternally beautiful. But then again was that not what had brought her here, was that not the meaning of her very existence, that everything beautiful must perish.

[Eat It]  As i walked slowly through the greadt wild flower feirlds that lay before my feet. I gaze to left to see a liss... with a garden of flowers surrounding it as if a dream... i lay in the wonderous casscade of pollin falling on my nose and begin to drift into a dream land hardly imaginable.
[I am no longer existant]

  As I walk into the celtic gardens, a light shimmers from a glistening dew drop on a leaf. I am awe-struck by the wonderous beauty of all the flowers. I keep this in mind as I walk through; was I was born here?

[Evilshurl]  As I wandered leisurely through the celtic gardens, I left the half-overgrown path to approach a bench. It was placed underneath a big oak, and the contrast between the delicate white intricatly decoarted seat and the sturdiness of the centenary tree took my breath away. I seated myself for a moment, enjoying the slight breeze which rippled through my hair. A wall of climbing roses in the distance attracted my attention and I stood up to go in that direction. A feeling of inner peace and happy tranquility filled me. I know not how long I pursued my wanderings...

[Captain Rachel Black] Wander in through a gate running my hands along the rusted trim. Slowly walked to a wall covered with Ivy and felt the dew drops roll slowly from the leaves and fall onto my palm. I sit beside a willow tree and dip my toes into the small pool of water. A large shiny fish with wispy fins and shimmering scales nips my toes and I pull my foot from the water. I lean back and rub a rose petal between my fingers. A fawn comes up to me and begins to play his pipe I dance amid the soft rain that falls and soon find myself back at the pool but the fawn is gone. I sit down by the base of the tree and lean forward. There upon the ground I see a small shimmering star. I pull it from the long cattails and cup it in my hands. I suddenly feel very sleepy.I soon fall asleep with the willow's braches caressing my face. I star slips from my hand and comes to rest upon the mossy ground.

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2003-12-11 [darkest halo]: anyone going to look for stars?

2003-12-11 [Aradon Templar]: WHAHAHAHAH!!! *cries* i thought i had all the wiki pages watched on this site... all this stuffs been edited, and i never knew...*sigh* oh well...

2003-12-12 [darkest halo]: lol:P

2004-03-26 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: I go looking for stars

2004-05-27 [Aradon Templar]: Thanks for the nice pic, Celtic Passion ^_^

2004-08-30 [Not yours]: hey yo guys s'up.I just set this story up (and yes I know I have a bizzilion spelling mistakes) and was wondering what u thought

2004-08-30 [Aradon Templar]: Heh, thanks for adding... We're trying not to let the page die out- Not many people are adding or talking, I hope you'll stir up some activity. As for the story, written well, but I dunno how to add to it :P There is a page, somewhere in here, that is an RP, if you'd like to add your ideas for a story there, we could use that as well :)

2004-09-22 [Not yours]: hey [babee gurl] NICE STORY!!!!!!!!^_^

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