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2005-04-22 03:14:47
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Celtic Flirt Room


...Yu make yur way across the floor and find urself in a fancy room filled with cushions, sofas, mini-rooms, jaccuzzis, hot tubs, and a soft glowing light. You're drawn in, and seat urself on a large red chair. a few others wander in, apparently as wide-eyes as yu were. One of them spots yu, and a shy smile crosses their face. Yu give one back, and they inch thier way toward yu, blushing as they get closer. They take the seat across from yu, and yu spot [darkest halo] smiling from behind a sheer curtain and then disappear. Yu ponder what she must be up to, and really, who she is, but your mind is taken off of her as the person across from yu touches yuor cheeck brieflt with thier fingertips. Blushing urself, yu fall into a deep talk and even decide on spending more time together.

Here, yu can meet new and other celtics! Have a bit of fun ^-^


celtic flirtroom history 1

From her corner, [BlacK_HearT] looks at the couple and goes back to her coffee, deep in thought.

Steve covered his eyes "ow, light."

" I came back to appologise, everyone is broken sometimes." *hugs steve* 
she sighs sadly, looks at his half-asleep face; smiles mischeviously and sweeps her hair back to cover the place at the back of her neck that makes her melt when someone's fingertips brush across it.

[Shadowsoul] wanders into the room and takes a seat in the corner. She sits in the darkest part of the room and muses over her thoughts while she waits for Vampyric Anarchist

She notices Vampryic Anarchist as he comes through the door and motions for him to come and sit next to her at the table she's at

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2004-06-05 [BlacK_HearT]: mornin all

2004-06-28 [The Kind Lady Renee]: Hello, and NM okay Rich.

2004-07-26 [schmee!]: mind if i jump in conversations? lol

2004-07-26 [BlacK_HearT]: lol, you could start one with me, seein as how noone else is interested

2004-07-26 [schmee!]: sure then... 'ello

2004-07-26 [BlacK_HearT]: lol, hey

2004-07-26 [BlacK_HearT]: how are you?

2004-07-26 [schmee!]: um...hmm...depends...

2004-07-26 [schmee!]: right now or earlier in the day?

2004-07-26 [The Kind Lady Renee]: Hi...

2004-07-26 [BlacK_HearT]: lol, i don't know, right now?

2004-07-26 [BlacK_HearT]: hi

2004-07-26 [schmee!]: lol well last night (which would be referring to right now) i was ready to pass out and collapse out of the chair... damn fever-sick feeling....

2004-07-26 [schmee!]: hi...

2004-08-17 [The Kind Lady Renee]: Damn, I hate that feeling. ASorry if I seem nosie or anything by commenting.

2004-09-14 [WolfBrother]: hi everybody @_@

2004-09-16 [Byne]: Oo .... -sits in her 'corner'-

2004-10-08 [The Kind Lady Renee]: HELLO WOLFBROTHER!

2005-04-22 [Vampyric Unikorn]: Huh? i'm confusalated

2005-04-22 [Shadowsoul]: you're confused?. Come sit next to me (try and roleplay it in the area above)

2007-06-04 [thisfleshatomb]: hullo

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