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Celtic Dorms

...Stifling a yawn, yu walk carelessly into a welcoming room seeming to appear oout of nowhere, but yu don't really mind. Body aching with fatigue, yuor eyes adjust to the dim but soft light coming from small floating lights near the ceiling. As the soft perfume from the garden ourside wafts into the room, yu rub yur glazed eyes as yu stare at a dark red oak door with your name engraved in gold on the front. Slowly opening the door, yu realize that this dorm was specifically created for yu with everything yu could possibly want. Yu are amazied, but fatigue takes over all your senses and yu fall asleep on the cozy bed supplied for yu.

Here yu may create a wiki page of your own and link it here, as a dorm, house, room, or mini-page of your own.

[Aradon Templar]- Caleb's Celtic Dorm
[The Kind Lady Renee]-Kitiara's personal room!
[Wingedwolfelf]- my personal apartment
[St Alia of The Knife]-St. Alia's Temple
[Not yours]-My Celtic Dorm
[BAMtheIRISH!]~Da Underground
[Wolf__Moon]-Wolf Moons Cottage

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2003-12-21 [Aradon Templar]: [Julie the First!] Um..Pardon me, but how do I make a wiki page anyway?

2003-12-21 [Aradon Templar]: kk, its really easy. Look to the right of the screen and find the section that says "Go to wiki-page". Type the name of the wiki page you want to create, and click "Go". This will create the page for you. Then you just edit the page however you want, so it looks pretty. To make a line, use this code, WITHOUT THE HYPHEN (-): say your page is called "wikipage". the code will look like [wikipage@-wiki]. see?

2003-12-22 [darkest halo]: yu know what else helps? go to wiki_intro and learn the basics there! click on the link in this comment k?

2004-01-08 [Aradon Templar]: lolzzzz ^_^

2004-01-17 [Julie the First!]: Thank you.very much!

2004-01-19 [Aradon Templar]: hmm... WingedWolfElf, yur link isnt working. Whats the name of your wiki?

2004-02-14 [Julie the First!]: Hello? When you go to my dorm, I will have stories and poems posted, right now I havetwo.

2004-02-14 [Aradon Templar]: cool

2004-08-08 [Boogaman9891]: Im not tired......... nope.......... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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