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Celtic Chats


...Yu find urself in the middle of the wondrous room, and stare up at the high ceiling, trying to make out the intricate details up above. Someone taps yu on the shoulder and asks yu to go and have a chat with them. Smiling, yu follow them and converse with a group of people nearby.

Yup.... Just write whatever ur celtic little heart desires! ^-^

[darkest halo] visit all the rooms in the wiki...lots of things can happen to those willing to explore ^-^

[Aradon Templar] makes his way into the room from the expansive garden outside. He decided to sit down for while and think. As usual during his stay at the celtic village, he was thinking about their taste in art and nature, which closely mirrored his own.

[darkest halo] well well well...look who it is! ^-^ and it looks like we have a new member...opal! hmm well we have 3 new members...and this only started up a few days ago ^-^

[*harpesh*]Hello group of people, I come in piece, *sits down on pretty bench made of intertwined living tree roots, chats for a whle,...then sneeks away to take closer look at detailed ceiling*((I love this, it sounds real great so far, just contact me,leave message anything comes up, I love everything about celtic culture so if anyone wants to just dicuss celtic history, legend, artifacts, ect...))

[darkest halo] hey....your username doesnt exist...i wonder, did yu type it in wrong? it would be great if yu joined! im still working on the wiki but its still up and running!

[skicheat] I be here now ^^

[darkest halo] its always good to have new members ^-^

[skicheat] Glad to be here *~^^ Bweeeee ^^~*

[SilverEmbers] Greetings all! *bows* This place is beautiful! *sits on a mossy stone and looks at the intricate ceiling.

[darkest halo] of course, [Daring Silence], yu can belong here and wait until yu are the being yu once was...the others here can help yu on yur way

[Daring Silence] * She sits down listening to the faint sounds of water. She is tired. After years of Being the Danaan, you are distanced from others. Being able to shift time and see others worlds opens your eyes. She knows that she shouldn't have angred the Queen. That was all taken away from her, even her immortality. She is weakening, slowly. Her eyes don't hold the same child-like lustre. Even her violet colored eyes were sacrid to the Tuatha de Danaan.* "I hope I can fix that mortal's problem." * She mutters to her self. It wouldn't be easy.* 

[Broken Marionette] Greetings, fellow Celts.

[Julie the First!] 'ello! How be all of ye today? Anythin' Happenin'? "ello Lady Silvara. How be ye on this fine morin' or afternoon, or evein'...or whatever?
Tigris says "um.......hi."

[Broken Marionette] *looks at Kitiara oddly* Greetings, Kit. Are you drunk?

[Julie the First!]: ", not really. But hey! Why not!" **pulls out a bottle of Glenfiddich** want some? And I was only trying to talk in a scotish accent."

[Shining light] looks around. "Hi".

[Broken Marionette] Actually, Kit, I prefer Drambuie to Glenfiddich now. It's still Scottish, though. And speaking of Scottish, that 'accent' is very... um, interesting. No offense.

[Julie the First!]: Why would I take offence to it? Maybe I was ummm...drunk..**coughs: Shad Wolf!**

[Broken Marionette] ShadE wolf, you ditz. It has an 'e' on the end. :P

[Flight of the Butterfly] Anybody know of a good site for celtic symbols? I'm addicted to henna and am running out of designs.

[Daring Silence] Mortals, why can't they fix their own problems.** Sighs walks around this area** This place would look better with some rubies, blood red rubies, and a large fountian on the north side. It would enhance the beauty of all this. **Looks at her pale human colored skin** Did you know that I was once a dark drow? **She looks around the see if there are any children waiting to hear a story, like at home** Nope, none. She sits back down and plays with the tip of a jeweled dagger.

"I want to hear a story!"Kit says. "**Sits down and waits for story to begin**

Hounds comes into the room as the story is about to begin. She spots a chair in the far corner , she quickly takes the seat, hoping she wasn't quite noticed.

Kit. *Vanishes and appears next to her* "Why are you hidding?" * I whisper*
[Xanon] slips into the room and takes a seat at an empty table and watches the peopel before her.

[Broken Marionette] looks around and raises a brow at Kit. "Who, precisely, is telling the story? I see no one to tell it."

[Prater] jumps at the voice. "Oh just not really wanting to be noticed. But i guess that didn't work, now did it? It's ok though. Nice to meet you."

"okay I go away..."** walks away**

[Prater] "no! I'm sorry!! I didn't mean for you to leave. I'm sorry!" Puts her head in her hands and a tear falls down her cheek.

[Flight of the Butterfly] sits next to [Prater],"Its ok."

[Prater] looks up and smiles.


*[Broken Marionette] rolls her eyes at Kit's antics* Kit, are you sure you're seventeen?

"Ummm, I thought when you where married you could do whatever you wanted to?"...Kit.

[Broken Marionette] Well, you are acting like a five year old again.


[Prater] looks at kit, then SilverFlames.

Kit, "Yes?"

Dashiva smiled. "Nothing wrong with acting like a five-year-old. Nothing wrong at all. In fact, sometimes it is better when someone does..."

[Broken Marionette] Yes, hounds?

"HI!" kIT!

"Oh sorry, it's nothing." She says.

"And? I don't believ you." Kit.

[Prater] stands up and stretches.

[Keyakku] * walks in and nods a greeting to everyone and sits down near everyone but keeps his distance * how is everyone tonight?

[Prater] looks over her shoulder, "I'm well and yourself?"

[Daring Silence](begins a story) Once upon a time, long ago, there lives an Elf. Now this Elf was like all others, he played with all the perfect creatures of the forest. But one day when he was 20 years old, still a child by the elven immortal standard, a fairy came along a pushed him to the Sullen Grove. Now the Elf knew not to go in the Grove so he waited, As the fairy entered the golden light she began to change. At first she grew, tall like an Elf. Then her wings folded up until they were just patches of silver thread on her back. She looked Elven as he. Well the Elven man was shocked, never before had he seen such a sight! The Fairy begun to speak, " Things will come to past, Young one. I have waiting all of your life to speak this to you. Great Evil is coming, alert the Elves to flee this land. Men are coming." When the fairy walked out of the grove, she burst into millions of pieces of light. The light settled upon the Elf and he carried this with him forever. Years later when his daughter was born, she had wings like the fairy and the look of an Elf, she was perfect. HE didn't tell the elders of the warning, and sure enough Men came. And when his Daughter went out to fight for freedom she killed, and she lost her wings, like a fallen angel. She has wandered this earth to redeem herself. She is hungry, but cannot eat. She is sad, but cannot cry. She must regain her wings, but doesn't know how.(Pauses for dramatic ending) The rest of this story is up to her.

[The Kind Lady Renee] Wow...MORE!

*[Broken Marionette] blinks pointedly* Well. That was... interesting.

[BlacK_HearT] 'ello all. i just joined

"Hello" Joslyn greets the newcomer

[BlacK_HearT] what's up?

[Daring Silence] Alright, another story!
   Deep within dreams the Fairy/Elven child wandered the earth. With her immortal cause somewhere behind her, she waits. For she has lots of time to wait. It was Ireland in modern day Clare County. She sat in the sand by the ocean and watched the sky everyday 'till a gull flew out beside her . He circled her head and landed beside her. " Lady, Do not fret. Your prince will come and save you from your waiting." The gull ###### his head to the side as he talked. " Suffering will not last long and then the moon will come and take all your fears." With that he flew off and left the girl to think. During the days she would clean out the caves in the rocks and stocked the shelves with food. Years later her mortal prince of Pirates crashed his ship unto the rocks during a storm and found refuge ing the caves. Now the girl webt down one day to see the damage and found the bleeding Prince laying on the cot. She tended his wounds and talked to him through the fevers. They began to love.One night during passion she concieved. She felt so strongly for this man and she didn't even know his name. When the raiders came and destroyed her cottage, she wasn't worried. It was just a house, she would live in the caves. But the Prince had been stabbed through the heart. The last thing her said was, " name is Raven of Connor..." the Prince died. The Girl had her baby and named her Raven, in rememberance of her father. She was and is the sun of her black life.  The End.

[BlacK_HearT] yay! story!

[Terra Evenstar]*claps* I enjoyed that

[Broken Marionette] That was good.

[St Alia of The Knife] Some one talk to me..Im REALLY bored.

[Aradon Templar] Hey! You do anything interesting today?

[St Alia of The Knife] well...I had choir practice...don't say anything..I know thats not intresting. But its a start

[Aradon Templar] Interesting enough... My orchestra rehearsals usually tend to be quite entertaining, hehe.

[BlacK_HearT] ugh, it's exam time, it's impossible to do ANYTHING interesting...

[Aradon Templar] Well, after you finish exams, I'd bet it would be interesting to burn your notes!

[BlacK_HearT] yeah, it is, i've already burned some of them. it really does make ya feel a lot better. lol

[Aradon Templar] Heh, I've saved all of mine... Now I have a stack about three inches high of notes that I'd rather not have... But I'm saving them just in case...

[Broken Marionette] Oh, the evil notes! I have to save all mine. That doesn't necessarily mean I do, though.

[Daring Silence] Gather around! I have another story! * She sits back and waits for the children. She usually bright face is lined with worry. She begins her story*

~ Now we left off with the child Raven. Raven was exactly like her mother in appearance, wings and all. She was always playing with the mortal children and telling stories. When the war came, Raven had to hide. All magical creatures were being killed. Raven and her mother hid in the Enchanted Forest of Old. She changed her name to Anastasia and followed the light if the Sword her mother carried. One day when the light went out her mother became sick and died. Anastasia became the One of Shadows and didn't exit the Forest until she was grown. No one dares to talk about the Forest to Anastasia or about her mother. But Still in side she cries. * Gets up to sit by a windows very quietly* I will tell you the rest of the story later.

[Prater] sits opened mouthed, "No! Come back!!"

[WolfBrother]Growls and throws peanuts, grimly shining his golden eyes at everyone *_*

[Daring Silence] *Gets up from the window* I shall begin the story again.

So Ana, as the people close to her call her, strove to work as hard and fit in with the humans. She hid her wings, by folding them up and wearing long cloaks. She worked in a small shack on the edge of town, making toys for the children. One day after she had made the toys for the twins down the road, 4 strong knights in sliver armor came to her door. They weren't very nice, these knights and took her from her shack and the edge of town. The largest knight kept his helm down and never let her see his face. He sat her on his saddle and for 3 days, they rode north. Stopping only for food and relieving themselves. Now Ana was frightened, she didn't believe their stories about her never coming back to her home. Ana found herself enjoying herself in the knights company and soon didn't want to arrive at her destination. But arrive they did. A large castle with stones so black, they were blue. Large courtyard and peasents that were really pleasent. Ana was frightened. Even the knights were solem again. When she arrived the king saw her first off. He told her he was her father's brother, her uncle. and she was raised by him.
*Takes a deep breath* Later I will tell you the rest..later.

[Daring Silence] Her Uncle was not a mean man, he was very caring indeed. Although he did not have children, his wife was ill and he loved her very much. Then the wars came. Her uncle left his castle to her in the wary light of his death. Two and Three years went by and the war never came to Ana, but she got word that her Uncle had died valiently. She was the key owner of the castle. Her lovely Aunt had died months before the news. But Ana didn't want to own a castle, she wanted her own life. Ana wanted to become a knight.

[Daring Silence] So Ana trained. She could barely pick up a sword so she started with a dagger. Weeks went by and she was afraid that she would be caught. Women were not allowed to pick up weapons. When the two knights came to her door she was dressed in poorly-fitted armor and brandishing a short sword. The knights laughted as this. They thought her to be a boy trying to protect the castle. Ana was angered and flew at them. Yet just as quickly as she moved towards them, they moved away. The knights then realised that this was no boy. The knights quickly introduced themselves as knights from the elven kingdom, come to help her practice. They were her mother's brothers, her uncles, and 3rd and 4th sons of the King and Queens. Ana's mother was a Princess. Ana did not care for royalty, only for adventure. So with the help of her uncles she studied Elven, English, Latin, French, Gaelic and many other languages. Also many forms of weaponry and self-defence.

When Ana turned 20 she took off the cloak that she wore to hide her wings and told the people of the forest, recalling every detail of her mother and of what her father was like from her mothers stories. Nothing was left to secret. Ana had thought that the villagers would act with rage, but instead they acted with wisdom. With her healing the sick, they didn't have a lot of deaths. When she helped the mothers with their newborn children, they grew up very smart, and blessed. She had given the people a gift that she was unaware of.

He uncles took over the castle for her as she got ready to leave. She spent weeks looking for the right horse, a wild stallion. She waited on the edge of the fields watching them run free. And she knew the one she wanted. He was heavenly white with a long tail and mane. He was spirited and beautiful, but Ana could tell he was dangerous also. She would bring fresh grasses and herbs for him and just wait for him to get closer.

Finally when he did, she could see his intelligent blue eyes, he looked straight at her and said ddep inside her head, "Tiny Elf, Do you want to go exploring?"

[Forsvunnet] More! more! what happens next? does she go exploring? does she? *jumps up and down exited on her seat, unraps a mars bar and starts eating it* tjell u mjore!

[Daring Silence] This stallion was not a stallion, but in fact a Companion. His wisdom out reached Ana's by a great deal. Ana told the stallion of her need for a steed on her journey, but the companion shrugged her away. Ana knew that he was playing hard to get so she picked up grass and used her Elven magic to spin the grass out wider and make them into sugary treats. Still the beast shunned her precious gifts. Then she went to the tanner and worked for him until he gave her leather to make a saddle so comfortable that it didn't feel like it was there, again he shunned her. By this time Ana was out of ideas. She had taken the last straw from him. She gathered up her courage and made him talk to her.

"Why are you against me, I shower you with gifts. I play the flute for you so you can sleep. I calmly used all my patience so you would except my friendship!" Ana cried in utter defeat.

" Youngling, never before have you talked of friendship, just the slavery that horses are shown. Never have we had a conversation, a 'getting to know each other'. I am an intelligent being. Friendship is all I want." He nickered and Ana understood.

Slavery is a burden that no creature, race or gender should bear. Ana became careful of her actions. On her journey, that I will finish later.

[sequeena_rae] wanders in "Hi I'm new It's a nice place you've got I hope I learn a lot"

[Wolf__Moon] Please, keep going. I would love to hear more about Ana and the companion.

[Daring Silence] sighs heavily and smiles. "Alright.I will begin again.
   After some time had pasted between the two, their friendship was insepertable. With the closeness on their bond grew their strength and their wit. Ana had felt what could be considered love for Zephyr, but she was unsure. She had never faced a situation quite like this before. Daily Ana and her companion, who promptly told her his name was Zephyr, trained like a war was coming tomorrow.
  "But Zephyr, I've already done this a million times! I promise you I have mastered it." Ana told him
  "Ana, you can not master it until it doesnot tire you again. You must complete it until you do it in your sleep. Now try it again."
   Zephyr was a hard taskmaster and each night Ana fell straight to sleep in a wornout daze. She carried and split firewood in the morning, water 3 times a day, she trained with swords and staffs. her arms ached and when she complained, Ana had to run.
   One night over the burning embers as Ana slept quietly in the corner of her house, Zephyr was watching the fire. His liquid blue eyes were trained on the changing colors of the fire before him. He closed his eyes and imagined his horsey flesh burning and melting off into the shape that he always wanted to be. A man.
   Ana, as if waking from a good dream opened her eyes and watched with magical wonder as white hair off of his body fell to the floor like drifts of snow. His muzzle shortened and his hoves turned to hands and feet. Zephyr had indeed become a man. One with blone hair and blue eyes, who clutched his horse blanket around his waist.
   Ana gasped as she realized she wasn't dreaming and Zephyr turned at the sound of her voice. Zephyr's eyes grew wide as he too realized the impossible...and he didn't know how to get back.

It makes you wonder what is going to happen between the two.

[Daring Silence] " And wonder, they did. For a split second nothing moved. Not a breath stirred and the earth had quieted. Zephyr took the first breath, 'Ana' he said and then she launched out at him. She mistakenly thought him a robber of some sort, not thinking for course that robbers are not usually naked when they come to steal, but attacked she did.
  'How dare you come into my house and where is my companion!?' Zephyr knew that she cared about him, but not to physically harm someone to find out. He quickly flipped her body weight against her and like lightining she was trapped under him. A mere horse blanket and her nightgown seperated them, while that was all Ana could think about as blood pounded to her head, Zephyr was thinking that at all. He was thinking about how different she looked now. As Zephyr loooked down at Ana, the Gods in Heaven laughed. For they had a funny sence of humor. 
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