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Celtic Café


...As yu wander around the magnificent room, yu find urself at a small and cozy café at the side. Yu catch a glance of [darkest halo] striding by and vanish into the soothing light of the moon outdoors. Yu once again take a seat, and a young pretty girl in a white dress comes up to yu smiling and asks what she can do for yu. She makes a quick courtsey as she fetches your order. Yu catch onto someone elses conversation going on at a table nearby. Concentrating ####### what they're saying, yu catch them talking about the mysteries, honours, and gifts [darkest halo] gives out unexpectedly. They too do not know much about this girl, and they say she chooses people to do quests for her, and if they do it properly... great things happen. Astonished, yu make ur way around the room and make urself comfy.

This is where i give out my quests. Only those that post here can be chosen for them. I will post their username, their quest, and how much time they have to do it. Have fun ^.^

[darkest halo]- make urself at home...^.^

[Aradon Templar] walks in. "Hmm... I'm not really celtic, but their taste in art and nature is quite appealing... I wonder if anyone would mind if I stayed her for a while...?"

[darkest halo] yu really think i would mind? come on in caleb...yu mite enjoy it ^-^ go sign up on the members page and yu know what to do from there i believe

[Aradon Templar] looks around, and spots [darkest halo] in the doorway. "Who is this 'Caleb'? My name is Dashivar." -.^ hehe OK then. I'll just walk over and sign my name. ^_^

[Asfaloth] (in her human form) steps into the building, she is obviously celtic with her long red hair falling about her shoulders down to her waist. She sits down at a table and looks around with awe.

[skicheat] smiled down at the ground, her medium brown hair wisping around her shoulders.She sat down and ordered some water. Her celtic garb let her camoflage in the setting. 

[N/A] slowly enters and her black cloak slides behind her. She notices a piano in the corner of the room and sits down to play. Amidst the music, the bartender offers her wine. She drinks and drowns in the moment.

[SilverEmbers] Enters the room, her green cloak swirling aroung her. She pulls back her hood and long red-gold hair tumbles down. She glances around the room and then sits.

[darkest halo] its nice to see some new faces. please, stay a while.

[Cougar] walks in and sits at the corner table. her cloak shifty like her very self is. her eyes seem to change with the light in the room but it's got no method. her tan skin blends with her tan leather outfit. (more desciption on the link on me house) she smiles at dh and looks about.

[Shining light] walks in, Head and eyes flicking around, taking in all possible sights. Finally settling on a nearby table. he sits down, and waits for the waiter.

[Prater] comes runing into the cafe. She rights herself before taking a seat by the window.Pushing back her hood, a straid of brown-black hair falls out of place. Frustrated, she takes the small braid out, and mumbles something under her breath, before just letting her hair fall to her shoulders.

Dashiva saw the newcomer in such haste. He walked over, and sat down at her table. "Trouble? You look like you were just attacked. Something wrong?"

[Xanon] stands in the door way and scans the room. She sees [N/A] at the piano and walks over to join her with a song.

[Prater] looks up at the man across from her. "Huh? oh, that? Just had to get away from someone." Looks out the window and seeing no one she knows, lets out a sigh of relief.Turning back to the man, "Name's Aisling. Nice to meet ya."

Dashiva grinned. "Hey, Aisling. I'm Dashiva. I doubt you're in any danger here. If the wards Darkest Halo made aren't enough, there's always my blade. I'm always up for a good fight!"

[Prater] gives Dashiva a smile. "Thanks. I think I lost them anyways."

Dashiva almost frowned at the idea, but smiled instead. "Well, if you ever need a sword, just call me, hehe!"

[Prater] looks out the window again, "Oh I will, if needed of course."

"Nice to hear. Not many people will consider my offer." He chuckled again. "So, what brings you to this sanctuary?"

over hearing [Prater] and Dashiva's conversation [Xanon] walks over and and asks [Prater], "why would anyone be after you?"

"Ummm I ran away from home over a year ago, and my step-father is probably still looking. I saw a couple of his lackeys and ran the other way." hounds answered

[Xanon] sits down and looks at [Prater] with concern, "you were lucky they didnt see you"

"Yeah for now at least. They're only still after because I killed........" hounds stops and realizes she said too much as always.

"You can tell me i wont judge you!" Xanon takes hounds hand, "who did you kill?"

"My step-father's lackeys, after they....after they........." hounds puts her head down." After they ravished me and left me for dead." She softly finished.

"oh God" Xanon looks at hounds with shock and compasion, "you have every right to do what you did" Xanon's shock turns into anger "dous your step-father know what they did to you?"

[Prater] looks at the table, "Yes, one of them told me before.....," hounds takes a deep breath. " He said that Duncan sent them after me."

"im assuming Duncan is your step-father!?" said Xanon, "what kind of basterd does this?"

[Prater] looks stares into nothing," The kind that deserves to die........."

[Xanon] nodes her head "i agree, and if you ever need help just call me!!"

"Thanks Xanon."

"Your Welcome"

[Prater] goes back to try to fix her hair.

Dashiva listened to the entire story silently. When Hounds stood, he asked, "Would you like me to go take care of them?" He stood easily, looking eager for something to do. "These people are legal game, with their actions. I'll go right now, if you wish."

[Prater] stops fixing her hair begind to twirl the ring on her finger. "It's not time yet." She looks out the window, "But it's close."

Dashiva took a deep breath, then nodded. "Of course. Everything in it's proper time. I will be in a nearby building- a Bushido complex I prefer to use for my training." Dashiva rose, then left the room.

Ellismere follows slowly, checking every step makeing sure no one's following.

[Josyln Gate] enters into the complex, and sees Dashiva.

Dashiva finished a quick maneuver, and spun around to greet her with a bow. "Hello."

Joslyn gives a smile, and settles down on the floor. "I hope that you don't mind if I watch awhile."

"Not at all. Do you know any forms of fighting?" Dashiva turned back to the large pole that he was maneuvering around, alternating between catching it in throw-positions and slashes from his sword.

Joslyn looks down, "Not exactly. My best friend, he taught me to defend myself, that's pretty much it."

"Almost the same here," was the reply. "I taught myself martial arts, though it isn't any real form, just one I made up. Its pretty effective, though. But my magic skills, as slight as they are, were taught to me."

"Magical skills? I can heal, that's it." Joslyn puts a hand to her face and wipes a tear away.

Dashiva nodded and said, "Yeah. Thats about it for me too, though I could probably start a small camp fire if needed... Useful enough." He caught the motion of her hand from the corner of his eye, and skidded to a stop from his routine. "Something wrong?"

Joslyn looks up regaining her composure. "Yes everything's fine."

Looking reassured, he started up his practicing again. "Thats good. Too bad healing is only physical... I've never gotten good enough to provide any deeper healing, like for the mind... That is what is truly valuable..."

"Yes it is........." Joslyn continues to watch Dashiva.

A few minutes later, Dashiva stopped again, panting. "Whew... Too fast, I think... I'm done for today!" He grinned and took a seat near the wall.

Joslyn didn't see Dashiva stop, she was lost in her thoughts. She began to twirl the ring on her finger.

Dashiva peered over curiously for a moment, then leaned his head back against the wall and closed his eyes. After a moment, he commented, "A nice ring there. Where'd you get it?"

Joslyn gives a start at the question. "Oh my best friend, Brandon........"

"Ah. Is he well?" he asked hesitantly.

Joslyn smiles and answers looking at Dashiva, "He's very well."

"I'm glad to hear it... I guess you don't get to see him much anymore, now that you're running from your father..."

She looks down at the mention of her step-father." Yes, it is hard. I miss Brandon so much." Joslyn stumbles over her love's name. She makes two fists, and clenches until her knuckles turn white," Duncan........" She whisphers.Joslyn unclenches her fists and sighs deeply, "His time will come and I'll must be ready."

"You'll be ready, and well protected. Hopefully, you will be able to return soon... My apologies for bringing it up."

Joslyn looks at Dashiva, " There's no apology needed, I think 'bout it everyday. It's ok." She gets up and stretches, "I think I'll practice a bit."

Dashiva smiled, and just watched her stand.

Joslyn takes her coat off, removes on her daggers, adn her sword that was attached to her back, her boots,and stockings. She strenched a little more then took off into a cartwheel, then a back flip. She landed a bit off and she shook her head.

"mind if i watch?" said [Tyra] as she steped from the shadows.

Dashiva shrugged, but just closed his eyes and leaned against the wall, half asleep.

Joslyn smiles at Nalyth. "Sure."

[Tyra] watches Joslyn for a while and is impressed, "it looks like your well experienced"

Joslyn blushes, "Thanks. Not really. I'm a bit rusty from my travelling but I can still do some 'tricks'."

"Well you probably know more 'tricks' then i do." said [Tyra], "when i fight i just depend on my abnormal strength and speed, but when it comes to real fighting i know very little"

Flaming Moon walked into the room just in time to get kicked by Joslyn as she took a backflip, she stumbled backwards and put her hand up to her mouth feeling a little dripple of blood, "well, you certainly have enough strengh." Flaming said through her fingers.

Wolf Moon walks in just to see someone get kicked in the face. She retreated to an empty table and took out her note book. Hopeing no one would notice her. She looked around the room noticing the many people. She remembered how there was little people in her village in her child hood. She took a pencil out of a pouch made up spun grass and started writing what she saw not wanting to miss a minute of it.

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