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2005-10-26 21:19:40
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welcome- i'm trav
so you want to be a cartoonist or an illustrator?

well i have some advice:
1. grow a thick skin and learn to take critism and advice. Some of the toughest critics are your best teachers- everyone in the world can tell you how great your are, they are easy to please....yet when you get praise from your toughest critic than all your work becomes worth it.
2. always read the contract
3. never show them an attitude - if your hard to work with you'll never get the same client twice
4.How bad do you want it. yup are you willing to give up spare time, video games, parties, and all sorts of social events to learn your craft. That's what will divide a successful artist from someone that just talks a lot.

I have been in the industry for several years now and though i do not know everything and I to am constantly learning and improving my own work. I still can give a little of that information to you to make that goal a little easier to achieve and also show you what to watch out for.

Due to this being the internet and deadlines are hard to hit - we will make these lessons ongoing- so if you are late that is fine- if you only do one that is fine- the key is being able to learn- from it. and i might make you do it over and over but you will learn from it- most art (i said most) never comes from first sketch but a series of sketches) alsp i will speak my mind- do not think i am singling you out-but most people that elect to take this class come here to learn and learn you shall

the forge
this is a piece for an upcoming novel

So if you are in let me know... just through a yah out there and watch this wiki. We will start a new class in about a week depending on the size. My classes are questioned based so i will put up a few illustratons and we will discect them - this lets you ask questions and makes things a little easier for you see how I choose to do things - I will not show step by step- what i will show is developing your own styles and getting your feel for your work and not someone elses.

we will deal with the following subjects-
tools of the trade
layouts vs pin ups
spot illustrations
ink & pencil techniques
finished illustrations

to see the varies illustrations i am now showing please go here

page 1 inks the brokenmoon: art by trav
page 2 pencilworks wooden homes:more art by trav
page 3 spot illustrations brokenmoon: spot illustrations

It has been a bit since we last talked- it is interesting to see how far people are willing to go before they move on - which is fine- i am putting together the next lesson- but i would suggest many of you take a look at the first lesson and continue to review it-

Lesson 1 brokenmoon:lesson 1

prof trav-

also my book is almost out!

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2004-05-20 [travs the bean]: use your elftown home

2004-06-04 [lusci0uz X playmate]: im so confused *hides*

2004-06-04 [travs the bean]: about what?

2004-06-04 [lusci0uz X playmate]: everything -.^

2004-06-17 [Hefru_Maru]: ok so what is this exactly?

2004-06-17 [Perplexity]: Go to the link above for brokenmoon: lesson 1

2004-06-18 [Hefru_Maru]: kkk

2004-07-07 [Accio]: im lost.... then again i was never here.... hmm.... ah good art work.... yoo bad mine sucks hehe.

2004-07-30 [Nostradamia]: yay. i posted me work... im at summerhouse has no scanner no PHOTOSHOP! i iz very lost.... well. hope you don't mind the quality. :S

2004-09-04 [Evilmonk]: Hope you don't mind...I was going to ask some of those questions now...if it's ok?

2004-09-05 [travs the bean]: askaway monk and if you guys want to join the lesson set up a wiki in the assignment section

2004-09-06 [Igorina]: Bah, Travis need some help...are my pictures in my assignment still not working? LittleSister said I needed to upload 'em to my house but (showing my blatant ignorance here) I don't know how to load all three of 'em up there :(

2004-09-06 [Teea]: you donĀ“t have to load them all at once to your house. Short help: 1. upload them normaly to your house 2. copy the url 3. delete the pictures (if you want to)...even if the pictures are deleted, the url will remain and the picture will be shown here when you paste the url to your assignment page :) Then you can start over. Load,copy URL,delete, paste here ^_^ hope that helps. If not, contact me.

2005-05-24 [Talvikki]: is this still going on?'s been a long time since i did any work for it *hides* but i guess i'm willing to try again :b should have more time now school is over. except i'm leaving for a two weeks trip on thursday, so it might be a while before i can get anything done actually :D

2005-05-24 [travs the bean]: it is always going on- people go at their own pace- i am working on a second lesson- but people really need to complete the first exercise and all the corrections discussed- but i am always around and more than willing to continue- so welcome back and i look forward to seeing new stuff

2005-05-25 [Igorina]: yeah I'll have something in my little section before too long...I really want to get on that next lesson ;)

2005-05-25 [Talvikki]: yay, cool. i'll take a notebook with me on my trip and maybe i'll have something to show when i get back :D

2005-05-25 [Talvikki]: yeah like [Igorina] said I think we're all looking forward to moving ahead...i guess we all have to make sure we have solid foundations first though :|

2005-05-26 [Igorina]: true that...the nice thing is that this set-up allows you to work at your own pace without having to worry so much about the deadlines.Though master bean I think we ought to tie in a deadline of some sorts with one of these lessons to give tha kids a taste of what it's like to draw for a living and having to have work in by a certain time. Though I'd be the last one to say I'm good at remembering deadlines ^_^

2005-10-04 [Silver Wind]: Hi, is it still possible to jump in and join the classes?

2005-10-04 [travs the bean]: it sure is- the classes are set up to go at your own pace - on an individual level - so they are always open-

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