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Welcome to the Incredible world of the Broken Moon, a fantasy novel published by Travis Hanson [travs the bean] and Aimee Duncan [Igorina]

This wiki is dedicated to those that have bought the books and supported us in making a dream reality. So if your up to chatting about the Bean and his wild adventure in the world of the Broken Moon please, by all mean's do so.

if your looking for the writing contest, the rules are posted below:)

Yet let's keep the Spoilers on this page to a minimum shall we? That way if anyone comes by we wont ruin the book for them.

The book was adapted from a web comic that Travis Hanson created many years ago. Having gone through a few different versions and some major and minor setbacks, he was able, with the help of a very talented Aimee Duncan, to come up with an illustrated novel format that you see now. Instead of throwing in the towel they were able to keep the dream alive and really expand on the incredible world of the Broken Moon.

So why a wiki? Well Aimee and I love the world of Fantasy and we felt that it was important to share it. We actually met through elfwood and elftown many years ago and have been working together ever since. We both love to encourage writers and artist to play in their imaginations as well and have offered opportunities for others to write with them. Due to this several characters created by others specifically for the Broken Moon World have found their way into the books. We have found that it is with our fans that our world grows.


So what is the Bean's Song?

Well for one you will have to read the book:) which you can buy at or (I sell and ship to anywhere in the world). 

Bean's Song is the story of a young lad named Bean, who lives in a inn that is nestled in the huge forest of Darkleaf. He is nothing more than a washer of dishes and when a rat falls into a stew he is sent on an errand to retrieve mushrooms. In collecting his prize he is kidnapped by a dark Red Rock Troll, seduced by a weapon he cannot get except through the help of a young lad named Bean.

you can read the first chapter here


So come join our adventure, chat about the stories or ask about the future. Tell us what you think, because that is the only way we can make it better.

brokenmoon sign up sign up here if your a fan! or want to be one:)
brokenmoon spoiler page come here to chat about the book, ask questions from the writers or voice your opinions. Talk about the characters or speculate on what's gonna happen
brokenmoon spoiler book2

Book 2 is due to release in January and the adventure of our young dishwasher, will continue.

Bean Leaf Press Writing Contest:
Want a chance to be published??

Are you a highly motivated fantasy writer? Do you love to write short stories? Would you be willing to work with an editor and illustrator to polish that story and see it published with the works of other fantasy writers? Bean Leaf Press is looking to publish a collection of short stories, showcasing the artwork of Travis Hanson. The stories will revolve around a common setting and theme, using the characters and settings from the World of the Broken Moon. To get a book go here .


In order to qualify, submit a short fantasy story, based upon Bean’s Song. The first round of qualifiers should have their submissions postmarked or emailed by November 1st, 2006.

Initial submissions will not necessarily be published, but will be used to judge your aptitude as a writer. Short stories should be set in the world of Bean’s Song, and you are free to use characters or places found in the World of the Broken Moon. Use your imagination to write about events that might have happened—or shaped the life—of any one of the characters just before the first chapter of the book.

The initial submission will need to be short, no more than three pages long (12 point, NYT single spaced font), so it will only be a glimpse—a day in the life—of a character. Your ability to follow instructions is a factor in whether or not you’re considered for publication. Because the final stories are illustrated, submissions should be minimally descriptive, as the illustrations will show the characters and settings. Don’t spend time describing the character’s hair or facial features, unless it is directly relevant to your story, else you won’t have space for a story. Submissions should demonstrate something noteworthy: set up a conflict, provide a simple resolution, leave us wondering about some hidden intrigue, or show off the cleverness of the characters you've read about. Your ability to create something interesting from such limited guidelines will be your greatest selling point.

Bean Leaf Press holds itself to high standards of quality storytelling and positive artistry. There is to be no sexual content, vulgarity, obscene language, or undue graphic violence. Remember that the rating should be for audiences of PG/PG-13, such as is found in the family-friendly Harry Potter series. I know it’s a novel concept, but we believe strongly in providing fun, uplifting, and inspiring stories that need not pander to the baser elements of the human condition.

We will be choosing several writers to participate in this first project. If you are selected as one of the writers for the story collection, you will receive a writer’s packet filled with details about a new setting tied to the world of Bean's Song, but located in a different area of the world of the Broken Moon. You will also receive a contract to sign, giving the rights to the story to Bean Leaf Press, and a nondisclosure form, requesting that any story materials within the packet remain under your personal scrutiny alone—and that it not be distributed to the general public. If you want your submission returned, please include a self addressed stamped envelope.

Eventually this new setting will be the source of a new Series of books coming from Bean Leaf Press, so writers will comply to “continuity issues” that are managed by our continuity editor. The actual short story submission will be slightly longer than your initial submission, probably around five pages. You will get to work with an editor to polish the final draft. You will be expected to write and finish your story on given deadlines, with the goal of publishing the collection before next summer (which is a tight schedule).

Since Bean Leaf Press is still a small outfit, we have limited resources and are still struggling to reach that “impossible dream” of profitability. We are committed to giving back to the community by helping new writers have an outlet for their creativity and become known. Once published, contributors will have their names featured prominently in the story credits. They will also receive 2 copies of the book for their own personal use, as well as 2 limited edition prints as payment for their contributions. Contributors will also receive strong consideration for future projects with the publishing company, with the hope that as the company becomes more profitable, so will your further contributions.

Begin your story today and make the World of the Broken Moon a reality… Adventure is lurking just within the nib of your quill. November will be upon us shortly, so get those stories in NOW!

Send submissions to:

via Email


via Mail:
Bean Leaf Press
P.O. Box 6095
Moreno Valley, CA 92554


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the brokenmoon: art by trav
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2007-02-15 [travs the bean]: hey we'll still look at submissions:)

2007-02-16 [Yuriona]: Really? I'm moving house in a couple of weeks but once that's done and we're settled in I may give this a shot. :)

2007-02-16 [travs the bean]: really- we'll go through the contest subs first and then look through the rest

2007-02-16 [Yuriona]: I'll keep that in mind then. :)

2007-02-16 [Talvikki]: w00t. so will i :)

2007-04-14 [Melocrie]: Hey how is this coming on? I haven't heard anything yet about this contest since I send in my submission.

2007-04-27 [travs the bean]: book 2 is going to press next week- and i have had to put the contest on the back burner due to a few funding issues- it has been a pain- but i will try to figure out a way to make things work

2007-04-28 [Melocrie]: Alrighty, I have faith you can do it ^^

2007-05-10 [travs the bean]: Book 2 went to press today- it is done and i will have copies in about 3 weeks

2007-05-10 [Yuriona]: When does the preordering open again?

2007-06-19 [travs the bean]: BOOK 2 is done and printed, in my hands and is shipping all over the place- it is finally done done.... ahhhhhh

2007-06-19 [Yuriona]: YAY!! Congrats!

2007-06-20 [Lothuriel]: I have to wait until my new credit card comes in *sighs* The old one expired over a month ago and the bank has yet to produce a reason as to why they have been soooooo sloooooooow getting me the new one. *taps pen on desk* I'm waiting Bank...

2007-06-22 [Melocrie]: Darn I can't buy it.. I don't have a credit card T_T
Travis, do you perhaps accept something like Paypal..? I really wanna buy your books.

2007-06-22 [travs the bean]: i accept paypal- just gor through the order process to figure out the shipping and the send it to my paypal account at

2007-06-23 [Lothuriel]: Ah, awesome then!

2007-06-29 [Melocrie]: Cool, I will order both books as soon as I have my salary ^^

2007-06-29 [Yuriona]: WHEEEEEEEE!! Got mine in the mail on Wednesday! XD XD XD

2007-06-29 [Lothuriel]: Rub it in, lol!

2007-06-29 [travs the bean]: enjoy it yuri:)

2007-06-30 [Yuriona]: I got the colouring book too! :P *hides it from the kids*

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