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2005-07-12 [bluefarie]: thanks..[soul)(fries]...

2005-07-26 [bluefarie]: thanks [im sin so the good can repent]!

2005-07-26 [bluefarie]: oh, yeah..i forgot to thank you too! thanks [FiSHr.]!

2005-08-04 [predator elder21]: ok ill vote for u ^^

2005-08-04 [bluefarie]: thanks...! much apriciated!

2005-08-04 [predator elder21]: ^^ no prob. dave voted 4 u so no reason y i shudnt seeing as dave knows what hes doing.

2005-08-04 [bluefarie]: ^-^

2005-08-04 [predator elder21]: ^^

2005-08-04 [bluefarie]: i put my name on your wiki also..

2005-08-04 [predator elder21]: kol thnx ^^

2005-08-04 [bluefarie]: your welcome..

2005-08-19 [the_duder]: she volunteered in art stuff and loves elftown....eghh... why not let her be one

2005-08-19 [bluefarie]: thanks! would you like me to add your name to my list??

2005-08-24 [Artsie_ladie]: Could you please add my name to your list of supporters? :D

2005-08-24 [bluefarie]: sure...thank you for your support!

2005-09-28 [Fizban]: umm...sure i support you as a guard...maybe one day we can be guards together lols:)

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